Top 3 Best Double Stroller Reviews For Infant And Toddler

Double stroller for infant and toddler – If you have two small children, it can be difficult to go shopping, jogging or even to roam around. The best solution is to carry your little ones in a double stroller. However, you need to make the best choice as it not only saves you money and time, but also ensures your children’s comfort and security.

There are myriad products in the market, and deciding which one best suits your children can be a daunting task. This is precisely why we have gone out of our way to interview parents and put together top 3 double stroller reviews to help you get only what is best for your child. Every parent had a different set of requirements. No double stroller scores a 100%. We have however used our experience and feedback from fellow parents to create these top 3 best double stroller reviews:

Top 3 Double Stroller Reviews

Here is the top 3 best double stroller:

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

The BOB is suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities, for instance going to the zoo, shopping, or even jogging. It has reclining seats that are newly designed, and the headrest has some extra padding. It also has a front wheel, meant for pivoting. The front wheel ensures easy steering. The suspensions result in an easier ride. The aluminum and the Chromoly frame is lightweight and foldable. The BOB is made of highly durable fabric that is also stain resistant, easily gets clean and is waterproof. There is a range of colors to choose from- navy blue, orange and black.

The BOB has efficient storage options. You can store a number of items- keys, wallets, and even bottles. They are great safety features that are built-in. The peekaboo windows allow the children to enjoy a view of the environment as they travel. The BOB takes the crown, as it is not only easy to use but also has many great features.

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Britax is a USA product. It's Click & Goes system makes it very compatible with car seats. The design, which is elegant, lightweight and simple, makes maneuvering very easy in small spaces or where it is crowded. It easily goes through standard doors. The seats are supportive and padded with a range of options to choose from for reclining. Storage is made easier by the presence of a large basket. The handlebar is adjustable and has foams on the grip. The Britax has an all wheels suspension and a swivel wheel all meant to ensure comfort and ease. It folds flatly, thus can easily fit in your sedan trunk. Some great features like the adjustable handlebar, the large storage bucket, ease of use and comfort make it take the bronze, and is a great option for many parents who frequently take their children for outdoor activities.

Zoe XL2 DELUXE Double Lightweight Twin Umbrella Stroller System

Zoe XL2 DELUXE Double Lightweight Twin Umbrella Stroller System

The Zoe XL2 DELUXE is a product from Pacific Cycle. It is durable, stylish, affordable sturdy, and lightweight.

The swivel front wheel makes it very easy to use. It has an aluminum frame that is lightweight. The tires are thick with a spring suspension. All these results in smooth riding. The Schwinn provides storage for the parents, as it comes with cup holders. Children are also catered for when it comes to storage, as there are a cup and snack holder for them too.

The adjustable canopies and handlebars prove very helpful. Since the Schwinn can be folded, it easily fits anywhere. The built-in speaker keeps your child entertained. The Schwinn is very affordable. The impressive features make it a worthy purchase, and it takes the bronze.

How to Choose the Best Double Stroller?

This is the concise guide which puts together effective tips to help you get the right double stroller for your needs when you go looking for one. Know how to make the right purchase whether you are looking for the tandem or the side by side stroller. From the comfort of your kids to your own convenience, there are many factors to consider in a double stroller purchase. The tips in this guide cover all these factors.

Get the real value for your money by getting the information on what you should look out for when selecting among several double stroller models. The different models have different advantages, but not all are right for you and this guide helps you identify that difference. With this information, you move easily through the many offers and make a wise choice in your selection of a double stroller for your children.

When having or expecting more than one toddler, how to choose the best double stroller for infant and toddler becomes a pertinent question. This is because at one point and most likely several times you will need to go out and with both kids too. The double stroller becomes necessary in this case as it allows you to move with both kids safely and conveniently. However, your choice of the double stroller determines the ease and comfort you will carry this out as well as the welfare of the children during the trip. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when shopping for the double stroller.

Storage Space Available

The storage space in this sense affects both your needs and the kid’s too. Ensure the double stroller comes with a storage bag for the kid’s necessities like napkins, a change of clothes and such like. It should also have a place the parent can place mobile gadgets like your phone, and other even provide a cup or bottle holder. The kids should also have a snack section. This ensures even in long trips you can carry all the essential supplies you need and can afford to carry a snack or two. It also ensures your hand is free for comfort while pushing the stroller and you do not tire quickly.

Weight and Size of the Stroller

There is an important consideration since it determines the number of things. First, a heavier and larger sized trolley will be cumbersome to push and carry since it occupies a lot of space and requires more effort. A medium sized and lightweight stroller is good since it will provide enough space for the comfort of the children at the same time easier to push and carry around when not in use.


For the comfort of your kids especially when they are sleeping ensure your stroller can recline all the way. It is also important to ensure when it does so you can still see ahead and in the case of tandem double strollers, the kid in front should not affect the one behind when reclining.


The ease of moving the double stroller around is important. Wherever you will be there will be need of making turns, pulling back up and getting through entrances. In this regard, the turning of the wheels is important so ensure the trolley has a good turning mechanism and a smooth drive. For entrances, the size of the stroller matters. Pick one that can go through standard doors easily.

Another factor to consider is the ease with which you can fold up and unfold the stroller. This is important for journeys that will involve carrying the stroller for use later. You can check on this aspect at the shop by folding-unfolding and push around various models before purchase.


The cost of any stroller is a considerable investment. As such you have to get one that will serve you at least for even three years so that even when the kids grow you can still use it and not have to purchase others. Durability is thus an important factor on how to choose the best double stroller.

Different Types of Double Stroller for infant and toddler

There are different types of double strollers that enhance convenience and flexibility to parents with little kids. They make almost any activity that might involve young kids more achievable. It is, however, important to choose the right type of a double stroller that will best serve your family. There are a variety of double strollers from the high-quality products with high-end price tags to the standard quality with low prices but sufficiently serving their purpose. The variety of double strollers in the market today is of high quality, more compact, lighter, less bulky and easy to maneuver. Some of the common types of the double strollers in the market include; tandem, twin, umbrella, all-terrain and Jogging strollers. They can be classified according to the sitting arrangement and the specialty of the double stroller.

Twin strollers are also referred to as side-by-side strollers that are most ideal for twins. This type of double stroller is designed with two seat side- by- the side that can fit two car seats. It has enough arm and leg room that can allow the kids to see their surroundings, face and even talk to each other. This is particularly important when children are growing, the side-by-side sitting arrangement gives enough room leg for the kids as they grow. Additionally, this type of double stroller gives the parent (rider) the better view of the front seat hence they can monitor both kids simultaneously. The stroller offers more comfort since the two seats can be fully reclined to provide comfortable sleeping space simultaneously or independently.

Tandem Strollers

Tandem strollers have two seats with one behind the other. The backseat has more flexibility than the front seat; it can be fully reclined. It is narrow thus offering easy maneuvering through streets, doors, and crowds. However, movements in bends and sharp corners is a challenge due to its extended length. The stroller is much easier to maneuver and the rider is accorded more convenience.

All Terrain Double Strollers

All-terrain double strollers are also referred to as sport utility strollers that are specially designed for outdoor activities and movements. They are ideal for long walks, hikes, and movements off the road or pavements. They are equipped with tires that are pumped up and can handle the outdoor environment. Most of the all-terrain double strollers are fitted with an infant car seat and an accompanying adapter accessory.

Umbrella Double strollers 

This is the smallest, simplest and smartest of all double strollers. They acquired the name due to their curved double handles; they can also be easily folded like an umbrella. Umbrella double strollers have clothes sewn on a basic frame, they weigh less and are extremely compact with minimal features. This makes it more portable and ideal for short trips.

Double Jogging Strollers

Double Jogging Strollers are fitted with fixed wheels that make it ideal for jogging and not for daily activities. It is best for parents who love jogging and want the company of their children. They have enhanced suspension systems, thick rubber grips and rubber tires for smooth rides. They have increased leg and back supports that make it suitable for jogging.


The choice of strollers is entirely dependent on the need for the stroller. As evident in the overview, types of the double stroller for infant and toddler are designed for different purposes that serve the needs of different families.