4 Ways to Make Your Vista Stroller Double – Step by Step

It's time to say goodbye to that rugged plastic stroller and hello to a new generation of foldable strollers. Nowadays, you can find almost every folding stroller on the market. It can be challenging to know which ones will be worth your hard-earned cash and which ones will leave you feeling like you're buying a lemon. We tested ten folding city strollers over two weeks, from small and cheap to pricier ($150) models. While some offer only a few valuable functions, others are so stylish that they're almost worth it. If you're looking for the perfect balance between price and quality, here are six ways to make your Vista Stroller Double much better.

4 Ways to Make Your Vista Stroller Double - Step by Step

Double the fun with a canopy

If you're buying a folding stroller, get ready for a lot of exposure to the elements. Your baby will love being able to take a nap in the rain or snow, and you can keep an eye on them from the comfort of a warm seat. Some models come with a rain cover that folds away easily and securely, making for easy rainy-day transport. Others have a canopy that shades your little one from the sun, making for a more comfortable ride in the high summer heat.

Some of the best models on the market come with a removable canopy that you can take care of on the way to and from the baby's room. This lets you shield your little one from the harshest weather and focus on the critical things: your baby's health and happiness, of course! Check more best double stroller.

Don't sacrifice security for style

4 Ways to Make Your Vista Stroller Double - Step by Step

Style is king in the stroller world, and it's often at the expense of your child's comfort. Thicker fabrics and built-in anti-theft sensors are nice touches, but they often make the stroller less stable. This can affect your child's movement and make them feel more restricted in their wheeled mobility. On the other hand, shoes with thick soles prevent your little one from having a Jingling Jaws upon leaving the stroller. And extra-large wheels, instead of being a bane to your little one's delicate feet, add an extra layer of confidence for your child as they learn to walk.

Make your stroller harness

The ability to adjust the supports and angles of your stroller from the comfort of your couch is a huge bonus. You can make your harness with a sewing machine and some old clothes. This way, you control the security and support of your stroller and can personalize it to your specific needs. Horseshoes, cloche hats, and gloves with long handles make for great holds, and you can adjust the length and angle of these handles to suit your child's needs or the weather.

Choose from several reclining options

Many strollers offer several reclining positions, but you can buy a single model with just one place. The most common choice is the "front-facing" position, which is suitable for when your child is a newborn, and you want to shield them from the sun. Others, however, offer a variety of positions that let you adjust the support to suit your child's needs or the weather. Jogging strollers, in particular, come with a few reclining functions that let you "jog" with your baby during the day. If you're not a runner, this option is only for you, but most parents will find it beneficial on multiple levels.


Strollers come in many forms and sizes, and it's essential to consider your needs when buying one. The best strollers can meet the needs of both parent and child while still being affordable. To help you find the best folding city strollers, we've rated them based on their features, quality, and value. When choosing a new stroller, remember to choose one that offers the best balance of price and function.

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