6 Simple Steps to Clean Your Bob Stroller

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that cleaning your Bob. Bob is one of the most important and straightforward steps to help keep it clean and running smoothly. The dirtier your Bob Bob, the more likely it is to get dirty. Parents whose kids run around all day are likely to have a messier   than parents whose kids aren’t so active.

When you have little ones, like any other parent, keeping track of everything and remembering where everything is can be difficult. A clean, well-oiled Bob Bo helps keep everyone’s sanity too! You can see why you should keep yours clean.

6 Simple Steps to Clean Your Bob

They’re a lot of work and time

First, you must clean your Bob stroller as soon as your kids can push it. Of course, this is true for all strollers, but it’s especially true for the cheaper models that don’t come with a canister. If your little one starts to “walk” (rather than just being able to stand still) before they’re ready, the stroller will get dirtier and dirtier as they age. Check more best double stroller.

It’s essential to clean your Bob stroller when your kids are young so they don’t get spoiled by their parents and develop bad habits that will affect them as they get older. When your kids get older, it’s essential to clean your Bob stroller more often, not less. You don’t want your oldest child to inherit a dirty stroller and then be forced to clean it themselves!

They’ll grow out of you

Children’s strollers vary in size, but most weigh between 15-25 pounds. That’s a lot of strollers! Plus, if your little one outgrows their stroller, chances are you will too! A good rule of thumb is to get a new stroller every three to five years. Natural Materials has warranty coverage on all of their strollers for a reason, and it’s not just for the quality of the ride—it’s for the work that goes into keeping it clean.

They’ll get dirty

6 Simple Steps to Clean Your Bob

Dirty strollers are a common sight on parenting blogs. It’s just part of being a parent. But dirty strollers are less effective than they look. Yes, your little ones will be more diluted in their stroller than yours. But their dirt won’t be nearly as effective as yours is going to be. How does your stroller look? If your answer is “Not as dirty as mine!”—trust us, it’s not a good look. Strollers come in different sizes and shapes, but most have a main compartment, a footrest, and a handle.

Most dirt and grime will get into your Bob stroller through the main room and the footrest. That main compartment will likely be where your kids keep their toys and clothing and where you keep your wallet, keys, phone, and other important stuff. And the dirt and grime from their toys, clothing, and wallet will get tracked into your stroller through the footrest. Depending on where your Bob stroller is located, this could end up being worse for your stroller than just letting it sit in the dirt.

It would help if you changed them often

One of the biggest things to remember about cleaning your Bob stroller is that you need to change it often. Most models use a Drybag system to keep the water out, but the bag eventually fills with water. When you don’t remove the bag from the stroller and then put it back in the stroller, dirt will get tracked through the opening between the bag and the stroller.

It’s important to remember that your little ones will probably “outgrow” their stroller before they outgrow your ability to clean it. So, while cleaning your Bob stroller more often than your other clothes is essential, it’s even more important to change it frequently.

It affects your hands and wrists

6 Simple Steps to Clean Your Bob

Like regular clothing and shoes, dirty strollers cause problems for your hands and wrists. The means of gripping and operating your Bob stroller interact with the dirt and grime build-up. As your child’s stroller rider, you must be careful not to allow your hands and wrists to get dirty. You can wash your hands and wrists daily with soap and water, but if you don’t wash them frequently enough, you’re also at risk of developing dirt and inflammation. Put: when your hands get dirty, so do your Bob stroller’s wheels, handle, and your child’s growth.

You don’t have to keep it very dirty to be effective

When keeping your bob stroller clean, we don’t usually recommend starting with the least-dirty stroller. But if you have a baby on the way or haven’t been able to keep up with the rest of the family yet, the “no-puke-allowed” rule also applies here if your little one starts to cry after riding in the stroller for the first time, congratulations! You’ve officially done the “no-puke-allowed” rule the right way. If not, clean the stroller until your baby can sit in it with no pushing or pulling. Eventually, you’ll be able to use it again and again without feeling sick.


We hope that these tips and advice from our experience helped you clean your Bob stroller. If you’ve other questions or suggestions, please comment below and let us know. We love hearing from parents and can help you out with any questions or concerns you might have.

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