7 Fantastic Hiking Trails You Can Visit for a Unique Adventure

Hiking shoes are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. Hiking provides you with an excellent cardiovascular workout. It’s also a way to explore a new area or challenge yourself differently. From the jungles of Southeast Asia to the snowcapped peaks of Europe, there are endless opportunities for exploration and adventure when you venture into the great outdoors.

Whether you’re looking for short day trips or long treks that take you far from home, we’ve got plenty of recommendations for some of the most beautiful hikes in the world. Keep reading to discover seven fantastic hiking trails you can visit for a unique adventure!

7 Fantastic Hiking Trails You Can Visit for a Unique Adventure

Kungsleden, Sweden 

Kungsleden (Swedish for “the Huntsman Trail”) is a stunning 10-kilometre-long nature trail that meanders through the forests of Sweden’s “Forest of the Gods.” The course starts at the Skogskyrkogård (Forest Shrine) in Karlstad and winds through various ecosystems, including spruce and pine forests, boggy wetlands, and taiga forests.

The path is often forested, with ginkgo and robin’s-egg-blue lakes and meadows dotted with fjords, spires, and waterfalls. The trail is primarily gentle and flat, with some steep climbs, but it’s well worth it.

Kalalau Trail, USA

7 Fantastic Hiking Trails You Can Visit for a Unique Adventure

The Kalalau Trail, is a 1,600-kilometer trail that snakes through the Hawaiian islands. It’s a rugged wilderness trail with very few road or path connections, and it isn’t easy to access by car. The course is known for its surfing waves, coral reefs, and beautiful beaches, so you’ll enjoy the views on your way to and from the destination.

The trail is challenging in spots, with long, strenuous climbs and descents, and it’s often remote, so you might have to forgo a hotel stay and make do with a hammock in the trees or a campsite.

South Maroon Peak

Admission: Free Where to Go: Moili’ula Slough and South Maroon Peak This is one of the few trails that links two ecosystems, coral and mountains. The trail starts in the coral environment, taking you along a beautiful path through the reefs to the hills. You can access this trail by boat, but it’s easier to walk. Few trails lead directly to the crater of the island’s largest volcano, so this is a great way to taste the island’s culture with its spiritual and environmental values.

Buckskin Gulch to Paria Canyon via Wire Pass Trailhead

7 Fantastic Hiking Trails You Can Visit for a Unique Adventure

Admission: Free  Where to Go: The trailhead is located in the mountains above Moili’ula Slough. This trail begins at the Buckskin Gulch Nature Preserve, located above Moili’ula Slough. The trail follows the creek, past waterfalls, and various ecosystems before arriving at the Devils Garden, a popular hiking destination. This trail is a classic, with challenging sections and beautiful views. It’s also a good test of your hiking and water-saving skills.

Tour du Mont Blanc

Admission: Free Where to Go: The Tour du Mont Blanc is a four-day, 14-kilometre trek from the village of Merval in the French Alps to the top of the Mont Blanc massif. You can choose between an overnight or a four-day tour version with a summit visit and an Alpine descent.
Hikers must be in good physical condition, with plenty of trail-running experience, and be willing to embrace the challenge. Check more best hiking shoes.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

7 Fantastic Hiking Trails You Can Visit for a Unique Adventure

The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage road that kicks off every New Year’s Day in Spain and Portugal. It’s a route of 1,100 kilometres (621 miles) that requires you to walk or ride through 11 different countries. This is the equivalent of about 52 miles per day, or 11.2 miles per hour, for a month.

The route is known for its beauty, but it’s also hot and humid, with frequent showers and no sun protection. You’re likely to encounter bandits, beggars, and other travellers looking for a handout.

The Jordan Trail, Jordan

7 Fantastic Hiking Trails You Can Visit for a Unique Adventure

The Jordan Trail is a 6-kilometre (3.7-mile) walk that links the community of Aqaba in the north with the city of Aqaba in the south. This is a backpacker’s dream walk. It’s an excellent path for those intermediate to advanced hikers looking for challenging but sustainable hiking.
The trail is relatively easy and strenuous at times, with forest, desert, mountain vistas, and pool and waterfall views. It’s also home to several archaeological sites, including a rock-cut fortress and water system.


Hiking isn’t just for the weekends. Expend a little time getting to know your destination, and you’ll likely discover that hiking is one of the best ideas to explore a new area. The best part about hiking is that you can do it virtually anywhere. 

Whether you choose to go on a short day trip or a longer trek, there are plenty of options for experiencing nature outside of your home city. Hiking provides a great cardiovascular workout, teaches you something about your environment, and takes your mind off the stresses of daily life. Hiking is also a great way to relax, especially in the company of a friend.

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