Different Types of Double Baby Strollers

There are different types of double strollers that enhance convenience and flexibility to parents with little kids. They make almost any activity that might involve young kids more achievable. It is, however, important to choose the right type of a double stroller that will best serve your family.

 There are a variety of double strollers from the high-quality products with high-end price tags to the standard quality with low prices but sufficiently serving their purpose. The variety of double strollers in the market today is of high quality, more compact, lighter, less bulky and easy to maneuver. Some of the common types of the double strollers in the market include; tandem, twin, umbrellaall-terrain and Jogging strollers. They can be classified according to the sitting arrangement and the specialty of the double stroller.

Types of Double Baby Strollers

Tandem Stroller

With a tandem stroller, you have one seat in front of the other. I like that they are narrower than a twin, but if they aren’t well designed, they can still be hard to steer because of how long they are. Also, some of them the child seated in the back have their view obstructed by the front seat, so some children may not like that.

Double Stroller

Double jogging strollers are best for if you are active, and want a stroller to use primarily outdoors and for running. The large wheels make for a smooth ride for those little passengers and easier pushing for you, but these strollers are often very hard to turn and navigate in tight spaces.

Convertible Stroller

Last you have convertible strollers, which are a single stroller that has a second seat that can be attached. These are generally the smallest and easiest to manoeuvre, so if you want something that can be used around town this may be the right style for you. The disadvantage is when you are using it with both seats storage may be very limited, and the child seated in the second seat may have a pretty limited view because of being right in back of the front seat.

All Terrain Double Strollers

All-terrain double strollers are also referred to as sport utility strollers that are specially designed for outdoor activities and movements. They are ideal for long walks, hikes, and movements off the road or pavements. They are equipped with tires that are pumped up and can handle the outdoor environment. Most of the all-terrain double strollers are fitted with an infant car seat and an accompanying adapter accessory.

Umbrella Double strollers

This is the smallest, simplest and smartest of all double strollers. They acquired the name due to their curved double handles; they can also be easily folded like an umbrella. Umbrella double strollers have clothes sewn on a basic frame, they weigh less and are extremely compact with minimal features. This makes it more portable and ideal for short trips.

Double Jogging Strollers

Double Jogging Strollers are fitted with fixed wheels that make it ideal for jogging and not for daily activities. It is best for parents who love jogging and want the company of their children. They have enhanced suspension systems, thick rubber grips and rubber tires for smooth rides. They have increased leg and back supports that make it suitable for jogging.


The choice of strollers is entirely dependent on the need for the stroller. As evident in the overview, types of the double stroller for infant and toddler are designed for different purposes that serve the needs of different families.

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