6 Ways to Fold the Nuna Stroller in 10 Seconds or Less

What's the one thing you can't live without at home? A stroller, right? You probably know how functional a stroller is — if you have two kids or more than one, you need one! Whether it's to take your little one for a date to the park or a quick trip to the grocery store, a stroller is an essential part of any mommy or daddy's family. But what if you only have one baby? Or maybe you don't have any children, which is just too much now.

You still need a stroller, but something smaller would be perfect for when baby number two arrives. Fold the Nuna Stroller in 10 Seconds is easy and fun. It makes it easier to move from place to place and helps keep the stroller compact, so it fits in your car or storage space quickly.  Here are six easy ways to fold the Nuna Stroller in 10 seconds or less.

6 Ways to Fold the Nuna Stroller in 10 Seconds or Less

Get to folding faster with the Nuna fold & go stroller

The Nuna stroller is a regular stroller with a convenient fold-and-go feature. The Nuna fold & go stroller has a sunshade, rainfly, and a removable infant car seat with or without the infant's feet. Unfold the handle, push the footrest out, and you're ready to go. Check more best double stroller.

Fold and get out in just a few seconds

If you're folding the stroller in a hurry, the Nuna's quick-release wheels make it easy. Just lift the circular stand, and it pops right out. You might have to work a little more complicated with other strollers since they have more parts to remove, but it's so easy! If you're not in a rush and want to take your time with the folding, the Nuna's side-by-side folds make it easy to do one-handed. 

Easy removal of the insert

6 Ways to Fold the Nuna Stroller in 10 Seconds or Less

The best thing about the Nuna's removable infant insert is how easy it is to remove. All you want to do is push the two red buttons on the front, side and the back, and the insert slides out very quickly. No tools are required! You can either put the insert in the washing machine gently or throw it in the trash (yuck). It's also easy to rinse out after using the stroller, so you don't get any extra dirt on your baby's clothes.

The easy seat adjuster

If your baby isn't mobile immediately, you might want to hold them in the stroller seat until they can stand independently. The easy seat adjuster on the Nuna allows you to adjust the position of the infant seat, so it's easier to sit or stand while your baby is in the stroller. It's easy and quick to use! Just push the button, and your baby's feet will stay in place.

Fold with a Push of a Button

6 Ways to Fold the Nuna Stroller in 10 Seconds or Less

One of the easiest ways to fold the Nuna stroller is to push the button and let gravity do the work for you. It may sound like a cliché, but it's true: The more force you use, the easier it is for the stroller to fold. When you first get the stroller, you'll want to practice pushing it with a little force so you're used to methods of operation.

Once your baby is used to it and is old enough to walk unaided, you can lower the tension on the lever to make the stroller easier to fold. Once you get the hang of it, you can push the button, and the stroller will automatically fold, and you won't have to touch it or feel self-conscious about leaving it out in the rain or dirt.

Put It in Your Car and Go!

Now that you've folded and stored the stroller, it's time to put it in your car and get out of the house! If you keep the stroller in the garage, it will probably get dirty, muddy and used up before your baby is a year old. When you get a car seat, always keep the stroller with it. The two together are like a real-life car. Like a car needs a driver and a car seat, the stroller needs a parent and a baby.


The best strollers for every situation. No one stroller fits all cases. Some strollers are better for longer walks and some for quick trips to the store. The Nuna stroller is one of those versatile strollers that can be used for just about anything. It's easy to use, folds up small and doesn't take up much space in the trunk of your car. If you're looking for a small stroller that you can take anywhere with you, the Nuna is perfect for you.

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