The Ultimate Guide to Joshua Tree Hiking Outfits

You probably can’t get the thought of hiking in Joshua Tree National Park out of your mind. The park is an extremely popular destination for people that love exploring the great outdoors and getting in touch with nature. If you’re one of the countless people who desire to hike the trails of this fantastic national park, you might be wondering what type of clothing you should wear to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Luckily, we have put together this ultimate guide to Joshua Tree hiking outfits, so you know exactly what to bring with you on your trip. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or fiftieth time hiking; these tips will help you find and feel great while doing it!

The Ultimate Guide to Joshua Tree Hiking Outfits

What to Wear Hiking in Joshua Tree

When hiking in Joshua Tree, the first thing you need to make sure you’re wearing is the right hiking shoes. A good pair of shoes will get your toes from getting squashed, keep your ankles supported, and help prevent blisters. If you’re going on an everyday hiking trip, you may want to invest in specialized hiking footwear. These typically have extra support and padding to keep your feet feeling fresh even after a long day of hiking.

Hiking shoes are good for rocky trails and hiking in general, but if you’re planning on hiking in a desert environment, you’ll want to make sure you have a pair of sandals or water shoes for wading in water areas. If you plan on wearing hiking boots, make sure they are broken in and fit you properly. On a long hike, wearing brand new boots can lead to blisters and discomfort, which is no fun!

Hiking Shorts

If you’re hiking in cooler temperatures and during the fall or spring months, you’ll want to bring a pair of hiking shorts. Hiking shorts are usually made of lightweight, quick-drying material, and they fit loose, making it easier to hike with a backpack on.

If you’re walking in the summer, hiking shorts may be too warm, so in this case, you would want to wear lightweight, non-cotton shorts. Hiking shorts are great because they’re loose and light, keeping you cool in summer. They’re also great for multi-day hikes, thanks to the fact that they dry quickly.

Comfortable Clothing

If you’re hiking in the summer months, you’ll need to bring lightweight and comfortable clothing to stay cool and easy to walk for hours on end. If you’re hiking in the fall or spring, you’ll need to have a few different layers to stay warm enough but not too hot.

A good pair of hiking pants made of quick-drying material is a necessity. For the top half of your body, you’ll want to bring a lightweight fleece or sweater and a lighter-weight long-sleeved shirt that can be layered underneath the shirt if it gets a little chilly.

A Lightweight Jacket

The Ultimate Guide to Joshua Tree Hiking Outfits

If you’re hiking during the fall, spring, or early summer months, a lightweight jacket is good to bring with you. It will help keep you warm without being too hot, and it will dry quickly if it gets wet. A waterproof jacket is a good way if you’re hiking in the spring or fall.

This will help keep you dry if there happens to be a rainy spell while you’re on the trail. A good pair of hiking gloves will give protect your hands from the cold, and they’re also useful for keeping your hands clean if you need to wade through water.

A Darker Shirt

If you’re hiking in the summer months, you will need to consider wearing a darker shirt. A darker shirt is great for blocking out the sun’s rays, and it will also prevent your shirt from getting as dirty as it would if you wore a light-colored shirt.

A darker shirt is also a good idea if you’re hiking in the fall or spring, as it will help keep you warm. In cooler temperatures, wearing a darker shirt is easier than layering and taking off multiple layers if it gets too hot.

Hiking Socks

If you’re hiking in the summer, hiking socks will keep your feet from getting too hot and feeling too squished in your shoes. Hiking socks will keep your perfect warmth and dry if you’re walking in the fall or spring. If you’re hiking in cooler temperatures, you may want to wear both hiking socks and a heavier sock underneath.

Hiking socks are usually made of synthetic material, which dries quickly. They also tend to be thick, perfect for keeping your toes warm in cooler temperatures. They also don’t hold in too much heat if you’re hiking in the summer months.

Hat and Sunglasses

The Ultimate Guide to Joshua Tree Hiking Outfits

Since you’re hiking in the desert, you’ll want to be sure to protect your eyes and face from the sun. A wide-brimmed hat will protect your neck’s front and back from the sun, and sunglasses will protect your eyes. A bandana is also a great thing to cover your face if you get too sweaty or encounter an area with a lot of dust, such as during a desert storm.

Handbag & Water Bottle

Bringing a handbag with you on your hike is a good idea if you don’t want your hands to get too dirty from carrying a backpack. A bag will also allow you to bring more with you on your hikes, such as snacks or a change of clothes for the end of your walk. A water bottle is a great thing to bring on your hike. You can either bring a regular water bottle or a hydration water bottle that allows you to drink from it without stopping and opening the bottle every few minutes.


The ultimate guide to Joshua Tree hiking outfits isn’t complicated at all. It doesn’t involve expensive equipment, special skills, or any sort of physical exertion. It involves just wearing comfortable clothes that will protect your skin from the sun and allow you to move freely, along with a sense of adventure. That’s all you need to enjoy your Joshua Tree hike.

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