How The Group Hiking Trip Led Me To Change My Relationship With God

If you’ve ever considered changing your relationship with God, I invite you to join us on a group hiking trip. If you’re obsessed with learning about the group hiking trip, you can read about our adventure here. It’s excellent to think how much can be known from a group of friends who go on a hiking trip. This article is about how my group of friends changed my life and led me to change my relationship with God.

How The Group Hiking Trip Led Me To Change My Relationship With God

How the Hike Transformed My Relationship with God.

Over the past some years, I have developed into increasingly dissatisfied with my relationship with God. I needed to go on long walks with my dog and spend hours talking to Him, but I felt enjoyed. He wasn’t listening to me. It was frustrating because I knew that there was so much more that I wanted to say to Him.

Then, last summer, I took a group hiking trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was one of the good experiences of my life. During the hike, I started to connect more with God than ever before. We hiked for hours through forests and over streams, and it felt like we were talking directly to each other. Before go hiking trip must be ware hinking shoes.
As we walked, I started to feel a deep sense of peace and calmness wash over me. It was as if all my struggles and concerns were forgotten for a little while. I could feel His presence near me constantly, making me feel incredibly connected to Him. Since returning from the hike, my relationship with God has completely changed. When I talk to Him, I feel like He listens to me. And even though He may not always answer.

The Story of the Group Hike.

When I was planning my hike, I was nervous. It was my first time going on a group hike, and I didn’t know what to expect. But the more people I met along the way, the more comfortable I felt. In fact, by the end of the hike, I felt closer to God than ever before. Here’s why:

The hiking trail led us through a few of the most beautiful scenery in Utah. Every step we took brought us closer to nature’s beauty, and we were able to see things that we would not once have seen if we had stayed on the pavement. We also had the opportunity to talk with other hikers about their experiences and beliefs. This permits us to connect on a deeper level and learn a lot about God.

Ultimately, this hike helped me to better understand God’s role in my life. He is always there for me, no matter what happens. And because of this experience, I’ve been able to change my relationship with Him for the better.

The Biggest Change.

How The Group Hiking Trip Led Me To Change My Relationship With God

It was a bright, clear day when I set out on my first group hiking trip. The group consisted of around 15 people, all strangers. We were all there to bond over a weekend away and hiked some of the most picturesque trails in the area. 
Initially, the trip was fun and exciting. We hiked all day, stopping for lunch and occasional breaks. Everything felt good--we were all working together and having a great time. But as the days went by, something started to change.

We started to argue more and more. Our conversations turned sour, quickly into arguments about trivial things to serious issues. Some group members began to distance themselves from me, gradually ceasing to talk to me altogether. It was like they had found someone else they could relate to better.
By the end of the trip, I was feeling isolated and alone. I had lost touch with my true identity--the person I used to be before this group hiking trip. And worst of all, I realized that I no longer felt close to God either.

Build a Support System.

If you’re anything gets me, you love spending time outdoors. Whether hiking or exploring a new city, I’m always looking for an excuse to get outside and explore. But even though I love spending time outdoors, I didn’t appreciate my time with God until I took a group hiking trip. Before the hike, I felt almost entirely disconnected from God.
But on the walk, I started to feel His presence more and more. I realized that if I wanted to continue enjoying time with Him, I needed to start building a stronger relationship with Him. And that’s what led me to exchange my relationship with God.

Share the Food.

How The Group Hiking Trip Led Me To Change My Relationship With God

I never thought I’d say this, but group hiking trips are a great way to connect with God. I’m not talking about the cheesy nature hikes that churches often sponsor. I’m talking about real, honest-to-goodness hiking with like-minded people. For me, this trip was a chance to reconnect with my faith. I’ve been drifting away from my religion for years, and I wanted to see if group hiking would help me get back on track. And it did!

The hike was challenging and rewarding at the same time. We hiked through beautiful scenery and discovered landmarks we would never have seen on our own. But what got me thinking was the food we ate along the way. We cooked over a campfire every night, and it was amazing how much flavour we could pack into simple meals using only things we had in our supplies.

And then there were the snacks -energy bars, trail mix, dried fruit - which allowed us to say about God and His Word more than ever before. I can honestly say that this hike changed my relationship with God for the better. Not only did I learn more about Him.


After completing my first group hike, I realized that I had a much different relationship with God than I did before. The trip taught me that hiking could be an incredibly spiritually fulfilling experience, and it also displayed to me how key it is to connect with nature.

Since then, a lot has changed for me; now, I am more open-minded about spirituality and believe that there is something sacred in all things — even in the simplest of things.

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