How To Close A Doona Stroller – 7 Easy Steps

When you first buy a stroller, you might wonder if it’s the right one for your family. After all, everyone has their own unique needs and wants when it comes to shopping for baby gear. Fortunately, after trying out a few strollers, we know which ones are right for our growing family and us! Read on to learn how to close a doona stroller - 7 easy steps.

How To Close A Doona Stroller - 7 Easy Steps

Use your foot to steady the wheel

If you’re using your foot to steady the handle when pushing the stroller, you’ll need to take extra care to ensure that your baby doesn’t fall out. Some strollers have a brake that you manually engage by lifting your feet off the ground - be sure to put your baby down first when you’re done. This might sound like a simple thing to do, but the fact is that when your baby’s feet are dangling in the air, it’s tough for them to get a good grip on the stroller handle. Avoid this by keeping your baby’s feet close to the ground while pushing the stroller. Check more best double stroller.

Push in the read safety lock button

Most strollers have a “read” safety lock button on the handle that you must push to lock your baby’s straps in place. While this is a helpful feature, it’s also a potential entry point for bacteria and germs, so ensure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling your baby. Some strollers also feature a “check” safety lock button, which you must push to release your straps.  Make sure that you know which control your stroller has so that you can be on the safe side.

Parents of young babies should also be aware that some strollers have a “shrink” safety lock button, which you must push for your straps to release. This button is meant to prevent your straps from getting stuck in the stroller’s cupholder. If you don’t mind a smaller cupholder, some strollers also have a “no-pedal” safety lock button, which you must lift for your baby to stand up. This button is probably the safest because it doesn’t have an exposed stem and is, therefore, less likely to cause any damage to your baby’s feet.

Pulling up grey Stroller wheel release

How To Close A Doona Stroller - 7 Easy Steps

Once you’ve determined which stroller your family wants to use, you’ll need to figure out how to release the stroller’s wheels. One method is to use your hand to gently pull on the outer rim of the wheel while grabbing the inner edge with your other hand. If you’ve never done this type of task, it might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but don’t worry - it gets easier with time.

When you’ve achieved the desired position, lift your hand off the stroller’s wheel, and the stroller will come free. Another method is to use a wheel stand. These are typically attached to the back of the stroller and allow you to quickly lift the stroller and place it down again. If you’d like to avoid the back of the stroller, some strollers have a stand that clips into the front pocket of your jeans.

Choose A Stroller That’s Right For You

After you’ve determined which stroller works best for your family, the next step is to choose one that’s right for you. There are a few things to consider: your child’s weight, how often you’ll use the stroller, and how you plan to transport your baby. For example, if you plan to use the stroller frequently, go with a stroller that’s easy to fold and carry. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a stroller that you can put away when your baby is napping, choose a stroller with a removable inner panel. This will allow for better air circulation and comfort on those hot summer days!

Be Creative

How To Close A Doona Stroller - 7 Easy Steps

Of course, customizing your stroller to your needs is only half the battle - you also need to be creative in the way that you store your stroller. One way to go about this is to use things already in your house - chairs, couches, and sofas work beautifully for this purpose. If you don’t mind adding a few more items to your registry, you could also try using bookcases and cabinets. These are often big enough to fit a standard stroller and provide excellent structure and organization. A great way to store your stroller is to keep it off the floor and out of the way while using other appliances and devices.

Focus on Closing

Last but not least, when it comes to closing your doona stroller, there are a few different techniques that you can employ.If you’re using a manual close, you’ll need to use care when closing the canopy. Avoid closing it too hard or too tight, as this may cause your baby additional strain and discomfort. As for the straps, keep them as fast as possible around your baby’s body but not so tight that they’re unable to breathe.

If you’re using a close with an automated closing system, ensure your baby is in the stroller before you push the close button. Once your baby is in the stroller, close the door gently and slowly, keeping your attention on your baby at all times. Once your baby is in the stroller, and you’ve released the door, you’re finished - relax and enjoy your new baby!

Be Prepared

How To Close A Doona Stroller - 7 Easy Steps

In addition to the above, when shopping for a stroller, make sure that you’re aware of current safety standards and the latest in baby gear and health news. Consider whether the manufacturer has been in business long enough to maintain quality control over their products or if they make baby products in large quantities. If you’re concerned about SIDS, look for strollers that have been proven to reduce the risk.


The final and most important thing you need to do when you’re ready to purchase a stroller is to be prepared. Ensure that you know what to look for and how to use various strollers to close a doona stroller - 7 easy steps. When you’re ready to purchase your stroller, don’t just look at the price - consider how often you’ll use it, how often you’ll travel with it, and how you plan to store it. Make sure that the stroller you choose is suitable for your family and your needs!

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