How to Close a Vista Stroller: A Quick and Easy Guide

When travelling with a baby, you may want to bring various stroller types. This way, you have a means of quickly transporting your infant from one location to another. However, the best strollers aren’t the easiest ones to transport. We love this list of 6 tips how to close a vista stroller. It offers some great insider tips that will make completing your vista stroller easier when you return home. You can follow these simple steps and know exactly how to approach a vista stroller:

How to Close a Vista Stroller: A Quick and Easy Guide

Lock the stroller using the foot peddle

One of the best things about this stroller is its easy lock with the foot peddle. After using the stroller, place your foot on the pedal and push. This will lock the stroller mechanism so that it can’t be opened. If your vista stroller doesn’t have a foot pedal, other means, such as a strap, will do the trick.

Take the seat off

Once your baby is safely buckled in, you can easily remove the rear wheel to give your back some much-needed TLC. If your stroller doesn’t come with a rear wheel, it is highly recommended that you remove it so that you don’t get a twisted neck from carrying it around. Check more best double stroller.

Take all your stuff out of the bottom

How to Close a Vista Stroller: A Quick and Easy Guide

When you’re taking your stuff out of the bottom of a stroller, you’re actually taking the baby’s things. This includes the straps, car seats, & more. You should remove everything from the bottom of the stroller, including the handlebars and the handlebars. This will keep your baby from falling off the seat and breaking his or her back. Other than that, you should allow space in the bottom of the stroller for toys, books, toys, and other items that your baby will use.

Press down with your left hand on the thumb button

This will cause your baby’s left foot to press down against the pedal with sufficient force to lock the mechanism. This will ensure that your baby’s right foot doesn’t accidentally get stuck in the stroller.

Press in on the large button on the centre of the hand rest

This is your baby’s seat. There’s no sense in keeping it attached to the stroller, so it’s best to remove the heart and put it somewhere safe. Some parents place their baby’s blanket or stuffed animals on the top of the seat to protect it from dirt and damage.

With both buttons pressed, press the hand

How to Close a Vista Stroller: A Quick and Easy Guide

This will cause your baby’s left hand to rest on the large centre button on the stroller while your right-hand holds the small one. This will protect your left hand from getting “in a jam” while you close your vista stroller while also helping your baby press down with sufficient force on the peddle to lock the mechanism.


The best strollers aren’t the easiest ones to close. They are the ones that lock when you’re done using them, have a comfortable seat, and are easy to store. When you’re ready to close your vista stroller, we hope these tips help!

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