How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller in Just 15 Seconds!

When you hear the word stroller, your first impression might be that it’s probably something bulky and cumbersome. After all, how would you possibly transport a baby in it? Consider this: A stroller is one of the most accessible and miniature technical devices you can own! All you have to do is stroll into a store, pick out the best one for your needs, and set it up in no time. But how to fold a baby trend stroller in just 15 seconds or less? If you know where to look, there are hundreds of ways to fold a stroller. So, here are genius tips on folding your baby trend stroller in just 15 seconds or less!

How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller in Just 15 Seconds!

One-Touch Brakes

One of the most important things you will be able to do when folding a stroller is to make sure the brakes work. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to forget because we all have different preferences regarding how we fold our strollers. Some of us like to manually close the stroller’s brakes, while others prefer to leave them unlocked. What’s important is to make sure the stroller has working brakes!

If they don’t, you will be dealing with some pretty steep hills and hard turns. Not to mention, you’ll probably reverse the stroller a lot! A sound brake system is essential for anyone who wants to keep their stroller running smoothly and safely. Check more best double stroller.

Large Storage baskets

One of the best things about strollers is that they’re so versatile. You can use them for carrying almost anything! When it comes time to fold your stroller, you don’t have to go too crazy with the storage options. A simple basket is probably all you need to hold your items when you’re done with them. There are a few types of baskets you can use for strollers. Some strollers come with a parent tray, which is great when you plan to use it on the go.

Other strollers have a single basket that can be used for various things like cleaning the car or grocery store shopping. You can also use baskets as out-the-door storage options if you’re going out for the day or coming home from work.

Adjustable Footrest

How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller in Just 15 Seconds!

If you’re like many parents who find that their baby’s weight is off-kilter while in the stroller, there’s an easy fix! Footrests! There are so many types, materials and uses for footrests that it’s almost overwhelming. You can use them as extra seating or as a step for your baby. Some strollers come with an integrated footrest; if not, you can easily add one at home with a bit of hardware and silicone.

Removable Bumper Bar

If you’re like me and don’t like to carry around a ton of extra weight when you’re out and about with your baby, a removable bumper bar is a life saver. It’s often the only way to go for parents who enjoy dirt and sand allergies and parents with a relatively small child. A removable bumper bar is easy to put together and takes very little space. It has two curved arms that fit easily into the grooves on the top of your stroller. Most of all, it allows you to remove the bumper entirely if your child is allergic to it or if you’re running out of space in the cart!

Large Canopy With Visor

The canopy on your baby trend stroller is one of the stroller’s most helpful and versatile parts. There are so many uses for a roof. It’s ridiculous! You can use it as a shield against the sun, shade your baby during the day, or keep them warm and toasty at night. A large canopy with a visor is perfect for parents who have trouble seeing their baby enough to fold the stroller in 15 seconds or less. Most shelters are large and have a convenient handle that lets you transport your little one in the stroller with one hand!

Multiple Recline Positions

How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller in Just 15 Seconds!

Like many parents who like to let their baby yoga in when they’re newborns, you might find that you’re uncomfortable walking in just one position for too long. Many baby gear comes with recline positions, but many strollers don’t. A stroller with multiple functions is a must if you have a bad back or like to have a bit of flexibility. Many strollers have a fixed position that you can’t adjust to one of the recline positions. But, many others have multiple places you can flip between with a push of a button!

Gravity Folder With Minimal Effort

If you’re like most parents who find that the initial setup of their stroller is a pain in the neck, this is one genius trick that will help. There are many different folding mechanisms, but the gravity folder is one of the easiest to use. All you have to do is open the lid of the stroller and push the bottom section in. Then, push the rest of the stroller up using the footrests and canopies as leverage. It’s so simple. You’ll never even know you’re doing it!

Use Latch To Lock In Place

If you have a rock or hard place in your heart that insists on moving, this is the quickest and easiest way to get your baby trend stroller fixed. A latch is a button-activated system that keeps your baby’s stroller locked. It’s so simple to use, and yet it stops parents from having to do the heavy lifting. Latch automatically latches your stroller to keep it from moving, even if you have to step on the gas or the brake to get it moving.

Includes Convenient Carry Bag

How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller in Just 15 Seconds!

It’s always nice to be able to take your baby trend stroller with you when you’re on the go. This is especially true if you have a little one who loves to sit in their stroller. A convenient bag is yet another way to make your stroller easy to transport. Many backpacks come with features like a mesh pocket that can hold your phone or keys, a big enough slot for your keys and passport, and many pockets for your little one’s items. You can also pick one with room for extra things like a changing mat or a car seat.


The best way to fold a baby trend stroller is the same way you lay it out. Start with a firm but gentle grasp of the handle and then slowly but surely, pull the stroller in one direction while rotating the wheel in the opposite direction until it’s upright and locked in place. Once you’ve adjusted it the way you like it, all you have to do is store it in the bag and forget about it! The only thing that will ever be more challenging than folding your baby trend stroller is getting it back into the bag after using it.

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