Why Golden Retrievers Make Great Hiking Dogs

You may not know this about Golden Retrievers Make Great Hiking Dogs, but they’re one of the best dogs for hiking. These intelligent, friendly, energetic dogs make ideal companions on the trail because of their willingness to please and their love of exploration. Their medium size and build are also advantageous for hiking: They’re neither too big nor too small, so you don’t have to worry about a heavy jacket or harness that chafes after a day of exertion in the woods.

Indeed, if you want your dog to accompany you on hikes involving strenuous uphill climbs and treacherous terrain, there’s no better choice than a golden retriever. In this article, we explore why that is so – plus some tips on how you can also train your golden retriever as your perfect hiking partner.

Why Golden Retrievers Make Great Hiking Dogs

1. They Are Easy To Train

A good hiking companion is one that you can trust to know their place in the hiking party – which means you don’t have to worry about the dog stepping on your toes or stepping over a rock and twisting an ankle. Proper training is one of the good ways to ensure your dog knows where they stand at the hiking party. Golden retrievers, in particular, are known for being highly trainable.

They respond well to positive reinforcement so that you can encourage your dog’s cooperation with treats, toys, and praise. Moreover, they are eager to please and learn, which means you can accelerate the training process with simple tricks and games.

2. Their Intelligence And Trainability

Golden retrievers are exceedingly intelligent and trainable dogs, making them excellent companions for people who enjoy hiking. This breed is also known for having an extremely good temperament, which is another great reason to choose them for hiking. Golden retrievers are known for being sweet, kind, gentle animals happy to be around their humans. While there are many breeds of dogs known for being good companions, golden retrievers are a particularly good choice.

3. Start Small

If you’re hiking with a golden retriever puppy, you’ve got some leeway in terms of the length of your hikes. However, it wants to help if you keep in mind that puppies are still puppies, so you need to start small. In other words, you don’t want to go on long runs with a golden retriever puppy. Instead, you want to start with short excursions and work your way up from there as your puppy grows and becomes stronger.

Once your puppy is fully developed, hiking will become second nature for them. As long as you remain mindful of your dog’s limitations and keep the hikes relatively short, there’s no reason your dog can’t accompany you on any walk you want to go on.

4. Benefits of Golden Retrievers Dogs For Hiking.

Why Golden Retrievers Make Great Hiking Dogs

Golden retrievers are an incredibly versatile breed, which means they are great companions for hikers and people who enjoy a variety of outdoor activities – such as dog show competitions, flyball, tracking, and other sports and hobbies. Golden retrievers have a medium build and size, making them suitable for most outdoor activities. They are one of the most popular breeds for people who enjoy hiking, trailing, and backpacking. Golden retrievers are friendly, affectionate dogs that enjoy being with people. 

This makes them great hiking companions: They will happily explore the trail with you and are friendly towards other hikers and dogs they meet along the route. The breed is also energetic and athletic, which means they will happily keep up with you on challenging hikes.

5. Tips for Hiking with a Golden Retriever.

Why Golden Retrievers Make Great Hiking Dogs

If you want to hike with your golden retriever, you can do a few things to make the experience as safe and relaxed as possible. The first thing is to make sure that your dog is vaccinated and properly identified. You also need to confirm that your dog has the right gear. Your dog will need a good collar and leash, plus a harness in case they get tired out, and you need to drag your dog out of danger.

Your dog will also need a good pair of hiking boots. Boots can help save your dog’s paws from sharp objects and other hazards while hiking. They also help protect your dog’s paws from hot and cold surfaces. When walking with a golden retriever, remember to only give your dog water from a bottle or bowl. Using streams or puddles for water can result in your dog becoming sick.

6. Golden Retrievers so Good At Running And Hiking.

If we look at how a golden retriever moves, it is easy to see why this breed is good at running and hiking. The golden retriever has a relatively longer leg than most other breeds, which means that they have a longer stride and are more efficient at covering the ground.

Their slightly heavyweight build means that they don’t tire out as quickly as a smaller breed, which means they will keep up with you for longer. These characteristics make a golden retriever a great companion for an athletic person who enjoys challenging hikes.


Hiking is an excellent way to exercise and connect with nature, but it can be hard to enjoy the trail if you have to drag a dog behind you. Golden retrievers make great hiking companions because of their friendly temperament, athleticism, and ability to keep up with you for long distances.

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