How to Choose the Best Jogging Stroller?

Are you thinking of buying a best jogging stroller so you can jog or run and take your baby with you safely? Maybe you have seen them around town and even though you do not run, you think you might like to get one. There are so many different jogging strollers available today with a wide range of features that it would be a good idea to narrow down the field before you invest in the best jogging stroller.

Before we get started, know that most jogging strollers have three wheels, but not all three-wheeled strollers are joggers. True jogging strollers have large wheels that can vary in diameter from 12″ to 20″ or more. The larger wheels offer more stability than the small wheels on regular strollers, making them great for jogging.

How to Choose the Best Jogging Stroller?

How to Choose the Best Jogging Stroller

The 5 questions below are meant to help you decide what general things to look for when shopping so you can quickly eliminate strollers that do not meet your needs.

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How Much Do You Jogging or Run?

Are you an avid jogger? Do you run long distances? If this is you, then consider a jogging stroller that has a larger fixed front wheel. These offer greater stability and less resistance than the models with the smaller front wheel.

If you don’t jog long distances or go over really rough terrain, then the models with the smaller swivel front wheel that can be locked into place when jogging will offer you greater maneuverability.

If you do not run or jog but think you would like a stroller that would allow you to walk more easily over uneven surfaces, then the best jogging stroller would be a good choice. You would not need the really large wheels, and a swivel front wheel would work best.

Where Do You Jogging?

If you jog over rough or difficult terrain, you will want the larger fixed front wheel and wider tires as it offers much better handling under these circumstances. Also, look for something with a suspension system. If you jog mainly on sidewalks or smooth paths, then the locking swivel front wheel and narrow (standard) tires will do just fine and also allow you to get around town more easily.

How Tall Are You?

If you are very tall or very short, you may consider the best jogging stroller with an adjustable handlebar. It is very tiring, not to mention not as safe, to run in an uncomfortable position if the handlebar is too high or too low. Keep in mind that the fact that it is adjustable means it will not feel as sturdy and may wiggle a bit as you run.

The handlebar should be about elbow high when you are standing straight up for optimal comfort. Try some out in the store to see what works best for you. Reviews and buying guides of top-rated best travel stroller system.

Will This Be Your Only Stroller?

If you want to have only one stroller for both jogging and everyday use and you do not need the fixed front wheel, then go for one with the swivel front wheel as they usually fold a bit smaller and are much easier to use around town. Make sure it has sufficient storage for your baby bag and anything else you need to take with you on an outing. If you need the fixed wheel jogger, then, in addition to the best jogging strollers, consider picking up a light-weight umbrella stroller for everyday travel.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Jogging strollers range in price from around $150 to well over $800. Generally speaking, the better quality strollers are pricier, but you can get a quality jogging stroller for between $300-$500. The more expensive strollers usually have good resale value and, if you take your baby jogging with you, that is the time you will not have to pay for childcare while you get to exercise.

Important Jogging Stroller Features

Finding the best jogging stroller for your family’s active lifestyle can keep parents fit and have everyone enjoying the outdoors. Now that you have decided on the basic features you need, it is time to look at some of the other things that will help you make the best decision for you and your baby. The answers to the questions below will give you the main things to look for in a quality jogging stroller.

What Safety Features Does It Have?

Safety is the biggest factor and is the main reason for the existence of the jogging stroller. In the US, baby products that are Safety Certified by the JPMA have passed rigorous safety tests and have been deemed safe for their intended use, so look for JPMA Certification.

It should have a 5 point harness (like in a car seat) to minimise injuries in case of an accident while you are running. Make sure it has a parking brake that you can easily set and unset and that holds the stroller firmly in place. A safety tether on the handle can be placed around your wrist when you run or jog. The idea is that if you fall, the stroller and your baby will not keep on moving, possibly into traffic or other dangers.

What Is the Frame Made Of?

While there are different materials used for the frames of strollers, a jogging stroller needs to be lightweight and strong as they take the beating as you run. Some strollers are constructed of the metal tube (usual steel) connected with plastic joints. These are durable (although the steel may rust is some climates) but the steel makes them heavier. A lighter material is aluminum or aluminum alloy. It is more expensive, but the frame is usually welded together producing a jogging stroller that is strong and lightweight.

Does It Have a Suspension System?

When you are running, even on smooth surfaces, there is quite a bit of up and down movement in the stroller. A good suspension system will minimize the strain on your arms and will give a more comfortable ride for your baby. Some models have adjustable suspension so that as your infant grows, you can adjust the ‘shocks’ to match the increase in weight to reduce the bounce of the stroller as you run.

Does It Protect My Baby from the Weather?

The stroller should have at least a sunshade or canopy that can be extended to shelter your infant from the sun and can be folded back out of the way when not needed. If you live in a cold or wet climate, you may want to find a stroller that comes with or has accessories that can keep out the rain, the wind, snow or insects.

What Type and Size Are the Wheels?

Best jogging stroller should have inflated tires, like those on a bicycle, for a smoother ride. You can get wider tires, similar to those on a mountain bike, for really rough terrain, but in most cases, you will be just fine with the standard tires. You will have to remember to check the pressure in them regularly. If they are not inflated properly, the can be damaged and can make the stroller more difficult to push. A bicycle tire pump will work just fine. Look for alloy wheel hubs as they are lighter than steel and don’t rust. Plastic wheels are just not strong enough for jogging.

How Large and Heavy Is the Stroller?

Make sure you know the dimensions of the stroller so that you can find out if it will fit in your vehicle. It is not just a matter of the size of the trunk being large enough; there also has to be enough clearance to get the stroller in and out of the car easily. On some strollers, the wheels pop on and off easily for fitting into small spaces, but this could be a pain in bad weather.

Due to the metal frames and wheels, these strollers are heavier than the umbrella type stroller and can weigh over 25 lbs. This weight is quite manageable for most people. Note that when you add the weight of your child, the diaper bag, and your running gear, this can add up to a substantial weight to be pushing ahead of you as you run.

How Much Storage Space Does It Have?

When you go jogging, you usually have a few things that you take with you. You now will also take all the necessities for looking after your baby, so you need some storage space. Most jogging strollers have a basket under the seat that you can stow things such as the diaper bag. Most will also have a zippered pocket for your keys or other small items.

How to clean stroller from dust

A high recommendation from me is always using the vacuum cleaner on the tile floor to keep the store clean for getting rid of allergy and asthma.

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You may think that you can just hook some items on the handlebar and off you go. If you are just toddling around town, that might be OK but if you are jogging you must be careful about too much weight in the wrong places throwing off the balance of the stroller and undermining the safety features designed into the stroller by shifting the centre of gravity. Answering these questions should point you in the right direction when deciding on the best jogging stroller to get for you and your baby.


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