Best Hiking shoes for men and women -Review and Guide

Best Hiking Shoes for Men & Women

There are many factors to consider when shopping for the best hiking shoes for men & women. The shoes need to provide comfort, stability, and durability that are constructed to last a long time. Being able to hike on a regular basis in different types of terrain is always a fun adventure.

 It is important to find the best hiking shoes that men and women can enjoy and feel comfortable wearing for long periods of time. Not every brand of hiking shoe can meet the qualifications for a long journey through hiking trails and rough terrain. It is a good idea to review each product to ensure you're purchasing the best fit for your hiking needs.

best hiking shoes

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Why Do You Need Hiking Shoes? 

It is a good idea to purchase hiking shoes when walking or hiking through nature. The hiking shoes are designed to keep you stable and able to cover a wide range of terrain during your hiking journey. Hiking shoes are equipped with solid gripping to keep your balance when walking on uneven land. The hiking footwear will keep your feet drier than normal athletic shoes. These types of shoes will keep your feet protected from rocks and other harsh debris that could cause injury while walking through the woods.

A good quality hiking shoe will be lightweight, which allows you to walk for long periods of time without causing leg pain. Each hiking shoe is designed for this type of walking through uneven terrain. It is constructed to keep you safe and steady while hiking through the forest. The hiking shoes are made for handling the slippery hills, rocky paths, and unexpected debris that covers your path.

The Top 20 best Hiking Shoes for Men and Women Reviews

1. Keen Targhee 2 Men's Hiking Shoes

Best Hiking shoes for men

Keen Targhee 2 Hiking Shoes is a recommended product for men. It is a good quality hiking shoe that is made to handle any type of hiking adventure. It is designed to fit comfortably and keep your balance during uneven woods and trails. It comes in a wide range of colors to fit your hiking apparel.


The Keen Targhee 2 Hiking Shoe is beneficial. It will keep your feet dry and odor free while hiking on trails. The strong material will last a long time and are not easy to puncture.

  • The shoe comes with water-resistant coating to repel wetness.
  • It has breathable material to prevent odor and sweat build-up while walking.
  • The durable fabric is hard to tear because of the strong leather material.


The hiking shoe is completely waterproof. It will let you walk through any type of land without worrying about changing the weather. It is designed to keep your feet dry with every step you take. The shoe has a breathable component that keeps your feet from becoming sweaty while it is being protected from moisture or dampness.


The shoes are made of strong leather and textile. This type of material is used for extreme durability and will last a long time. This type of shoe can be worn in hard outdoor terrain without falling apart or becoming weak. This shoe is made for climbing and frequent hiking adventures. It is a shoe that will not fall apart easily and can take a beating on rocks, sticks, and other debris.

The hiking shoe is equipped with Clean sports NXT that provides a long-lasting resistant to odor. The odor control shoe will keep your feet from becoming smelly and will keep your shoes smelling fresh. The odor resistant shoe is a great option to have when hiking for long hours in a variety of climates and temperatures. The shoes will be odor free even after you have worn them for hours at a time. It is a recommended option to consider when purchasing quality men hiking shoes.


  • Leather and mesh.
  • Vibram sole.
  • M-Select moisture-wicking mesh lining prevents odors.
  • The shoe comes with water-resistant coating to repel wetness.
  • Air cushion heel absorbs shock.

2. KEEN Women’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe

best hiking shoes for men

The KEEN Women’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe is highly rated hiking gear at its finest. With 10 colours to choose from and 14 sizes, the Targhee II is made of durable leather and fabric on the outside, a rubber sole, the “KEEN Dry” waterproof membrane, and a breathable mesh tongue.

This hiking shoe from KEEN is a wonderful choice for women who want excellent arch support, the waterproofing needed for wet terrains, and a rubber sole that guarantees durability. The insole is removable, which is a feature that is perfect for those who need to insert their own insoles for podiatry or comfort reasons.

However, the removable insole that comes with the KEEN Targhee II Hiking Shoe is very comfortable, with a shaft that measures approximately 3 inches from the arch. This provides a customised fit that is designed for hiking in different terrains.The waterproof design ensures that your feet will not become soaked, featuring the rubber soles, waterproof membrane, aggressive lugs, a cushioned collar, and a breathable mesh tongue.

3. Merrell Moab Ventilator Men's Hiking Shoes

Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

The Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoes is a good choice for any woman hiker. This brand has several unique features that make it a good product to purchase. The shoe comes in different color options for your convenience. This type of shoe is available in a variety of shoe size selections that make buying this product easier. Each feature can help you decide if this is the right hiking shoe for you.


The Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoes has several fascinating benefits. The shoes are comfortable to wear on long hikes. This product is made to handle heavy walking and harsh terrain. It will help you stay steady when crossing uneven debris and slippery rocks. This shoe is great for deep wilderness trails that can be dangerous. 

  • The plush material provides more support and comfort for the feet.
  • The deep tread of the shoe adheres to the ground and provides a more stable walking experience.
  • It is designed to keep you moving through any type of slippery surface.


The hiking shoe has a unique design. It is constructed and designed to offer the most support for any type of surface. The product allows you to walk and climb with ease due to its sole pattern design. It is made to stick to the ground and provide a sturdier walking platform. The shoe will keep you balanced better on uneven terrain. This design was made for hiking and rough trails that men enjoy.


This product is a comfortable shoe to wear. It has added comfort and support for all-day hiking. It is made to keep your feet feeling comfortable while walking on rocky trails and hills. The tongue and collar are designed with plush material for added support. It helps to keep the top of the foot and ankle comfortable while walking up and down rugged slopes.


The product is made to last and is extremely durable. It has a Vibram sole that will keep you stable while hiking on unsteady land. It is created to keep you moving without any unexpected tears or breakage. The item is a preferred hiking shoe because it can handle long hours of walking and climbing. This shoe will deliver the much-needed stability and durability that you need when traveling through the thick and untamed territory.

Highlighted Features

  • Performance suede leather and mesh upper.
  • Protective rubber toe cap.
  • Molded nylon arch shank.
  • Merrell air cushion in the heel for absorbing shock and adding stability.
  • Breathable mesh lining.

4. Merrell Women’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Merrell has one of the best quality ratings in the hiking shoe market. The Merrell Women’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe is one such model, which features technology and a design that makes it ideal for active women hikers. With 13 sizes for the smallest or largest feet and 8 great colour schemes to choose from, this shoe is ready to take on a plethora of hiking terrains.

The exterior is made of leather and fabric that are breathable for long hikes. The sole is made by Vibram, a company who was founded on creating shoes for hiking and mountain terrains as an alternative to the standard. 

These soles are durable, abrasion resistant, and perform in a variety of environments. Vibram soles are lugged rubber soles, which is excellent quality and a great alternative to standard rubber soles. The Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe also features, just as it sounds, a very breathable construction. From the breathable mesh panels and plush cushioning at the collar and tongue of the shoe, it is ideal for premium ventilation. This shoe is a low hiking shoe, which will also give you the freedom of movement while providing stability and durability. T

he Ortholite footbed is great on the feet, and the sole grabs onto a range of surfaces without slippage, for safe traversing of a plethora of terrains.

5. Adidas Outdoor AX2 Hiking Shoes- Good Hiking shoes for men-Reviews and Guides

Best Hiking shoes for men

The Adidas Outdoor AX2 Hiking Shoes are a recommended product to buy. The shoe comes in two different color schemes and is extremely comfortable. This brand of shoe has several factors that make it stand out among other competitors. Each of the factors can help you determine if this is the item for you buy and use on your next hiking adventure.


The Adidas Outdoor AX2 Hiking Shoe is a remarkable choice for hiking. It has several benefits that will keep you moving freely without any problems. The shoe tread is made to stick to the ground and reduce falls and injury. It can be worn all day for long-term comfort. 

  • The shoe is light on the feet and this makes it easier to walk for hours at a time.
  • The tread of the shoe is made for digging into soil and providing great traction.
  • The extra padding and support make this a comfortable shoe to hike in.


This product is designed to be lightweight for easy walking. It will allow you to walk for hours without your feet and legs becoming uncomfortable and sore. The lightweight shoe is designed to let you glide through the terrain without missing a step. It will keep you on the move and continue to provide a light step throughout your journey. The less a shoe weights, the easier it is to maneuver through the trails.


It is equipped with a molded sock liner for added support and comfort. This shoe provides extended mobility and comfort throughout your long-distance hike through harsh lands. It has an EVA midsole that provides long-lasting support and comfort with each use. A comfortable shoe is a good choice to have when you're walking for hours at a consistent pace. This type of hiking shoe is a good fit for many outdoor hiking and climbing adventures.


The shoe offers a high-quality traction rubber sole that works great in any type of outdoor conditions. It is made to stick to the ground in wet conditions and keeps you balanced in slippery terrain. This type of traction is important to have when you're walking up and down hills or across wet rocky surfaces.

Highlighted Features

  • Textile and synthetic.
  • Rubber sole.

6. Salomon Women’s XA Pro 3D W Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Women's XA Pro 3D W Trail Running Shoe

The Salomon Women’s XA Pro 3D W Trail Running Shoe is a very special hiking model with innovative design features that will make hiking a pleasure, as well as comfortable and safe. There are 12 incredible colours to choose from and a plethora of sizes that will fit nearly every woman. The Salomon brand has its roots in the heart of the French Alps, where the birthplace of modern alpinism was born. This brand’s end goal is to produce performance gear for rugged terrain and environments of all conditions. 

 When it comes to hiking, the XA Pro 3D W Trail Running Shoe is versatile, lightweight, and durable -- perfect for a woman on the go. The Sensifit with quick lace also offers a fast and comfortable fit. With a quality chassis that features 3D advanced design and an out-sole that features a High Abrasion Contragrip and High Traction Contragrip, you would be hard pressed to find a hiking trail that you cannot handle in these Salomons. The aggressive grip of the Contragrip uses its lug design for performance grip on all terrain types and surfaces. Made of synthetic materials, this sole is ready for the trails.

7. Columbia Redmond Trail Shoes- Good Hiking shoes for men-Reviews and Guides 

Best Hiking shoes for men

The Columbia Redmond Trail Shoes are a popular choice for hiking adventures. The shoes are comfortable to wear all day without causing pain in the legs. The tough exterior of the shoe makes it hard to crack or fall apart. It protects your feet from water and sweat with each use. 


  • The inner padding is soft and keeps the shoe comfortable throughout the entire hike.
  • The strength of the leather material makes it hard to tear or puncture.
  • The water-resistant coating keeps the feet dry and the breathable mesh prevents odor because it lets the feet breathe as you walk.


The unique design looks great and comes with many useful features. It is made of strong leather and textile material that is hard to tear or break. It can handle the rocks, mud, and shrubbery that you encounter. The shoe is a recommended hiking option because of its creative and resourceful design. It is able to withstand hard walking and climbing without tearing or falling apart. The design was structured for men who enjoy long hiking trips.


The hiking shoe is low cut and easy to walk in. It provides a durable and sturdy feel when walking through on any type of surface. The strong material and construction of the shoe make it extremely durable. This brand of shoe was created to provide men with a reliable walking experience. It will keep you on the go without falling apart in the middle of your journey.


The product is waterproof and has mesh breathable material. It will keep your feet completely dry in wet conditions. The breathable mesh will keep your feet from having odor build-up. It will also reduce the amount of sweat the feet produce because of the constant airflow the shoes have. This type of construction is a great option to take advantage of when purchasing hiking shoes. It will protect your feet and provide you a more comfortable fit when wearing them for long periods of time.

Highlighted Features

  • Water proof
  • Durability
  • Light weight and support

8. Ahnu Women’s Montara II Hiking Shoe

Ahnu Women's Montara II Hiking Shoe

The Ahnu Women’s Montara II Hiking Shoe is a lightweight, waterproof, and breathable hiking shoe that is perfect for the trails in any region. Be it mountainous, the woods, dirt trails, Big Sur, or Riverside canyons, the Montara II is up for the job. Featuring a Vibram rubber traction out-sole (a company that provides a superior alternative to the standard rubber), and Ahnu’s own neutral positioning technology called Numentum, the out-sole and design provide stability and confidence in every single step. 

This sole even provides the wearer with a rubber toe protector, so that knocking against rocks and branches as you hike will not harm you. The design itself is attractive, and there is 10 earth to vibrant colours to choose from, as well as a nice range of sizes for women. The heel measures at approximately 1.25 inches. The Leather and Synthetic exterior material perform well in wet, dry, arid, and cold environments, as it is waterproof and breathable. You can trust that your feet will stay dry and cool as you trek through any environment, courtesy of the e-Vent waterproof upper, the rubber Vibram sole, the waterproof exterior, and the moisture-wicking padded collar.

9. Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport Hiking Shoes- Best Hiking shoes for men-Reviews and Guides

Best Hiking shoes for men

The Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport Hiking Shoes is a great choice for hikers to purchase. There are several benefits to buying and wearing this type of shoe. It has many of the qualities that men need when going on long hikes in the woods. Each of the quality features can help you decide if this is the hiking shoe for you.


The Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport Hiking Shoe is a recommended product to wear. It is designed to keep you balanced when walking across the slippery land. The thick laces keep the shoe fitting perfect without becoming loose. The soles of the shoe will keep you moving through any type of harsh trails. 

  • The EVA and TPU plate is designed to keep you balanced and stable.
  • The thick laces stay tied to prevent injury from tripping while walking.
  • The tread is made to stick to the ground to keep you from sliding while walking and climbing along the hike.

Highlighted Features

  • Vasque’s Off-the-Grid (OTC) rubber sole.
  • Dual density EVA Footbed.
  • A roomy toe box.
  • Moded EVA TPU Plate.
  • Suede leather.

10. Oboz Women’s Sawtooth Low Dry Hiking Shoe

oboz women's sawtooth low bDry hiking shoe

Oboz takes its name from “Outside Bozeman,” where they call home. Located around the best places in the United States for hiking, climbing, skiing, and other adventures, they have made it their business to provide quality performance shoes that will stand the test of time and any environment you may find yourself in. The traction on the Sawtooth Low BDry is incredible. Using a synthetic sole with a 3D moulded external heel counter to offer support and provide heel lock. With a cushioned midsole supports made of dual-density BFit EVA Foam, you can guarantee comfort in the harshest of conditions.

One of the most important aspects of a hiking shoe is how it stands up to environmental factors: this Oboz Sawtooth Low BDry uses its BDry waterproof and breathable membrane to ensure a comfortable upper, as well as a very breathable material. This hiking shoe has everything you need for your next hike. Oboz footwear uses their veteran knowledge to design a unique and formidable shoe with features and extras you can rely on. This makes them different from their competitors, and a great choice for any hiker. You have your choice of two colour schemes that are earthy and well rounded, as well as a range of sizes to choose from.

11. The North Face Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoes- Best Hiking shoes for men -Reviews and Guides

North Face Men's Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoe

The North Face Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoe is the ideal hiking footwear to go on short backpacking trips and rugged trail runs. This brand was considered the best hiking shoes of 2017 because they offer high-tech comfort, durability, flexible movement, and adaptability within various seasons and environments. The Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoe also falls within a good price range! It appears that North Face wanted to create an alternative to the typical hiking shoe. Many wearers comment that this shoe offers enough stability to haul a pack up to 40 pounds. Others like this hiking footwear to run across diverse trails. 


  • Conforms well to the hiker's foot shape and stride.
  • The soles effectively grip onto various trail surfaces.
  • Can be worn as a very stable hiking and running shoe.

Durable Traction

North Face's 109 GTX Hiking Shoe's durability and traction is comparable to a sturdy mid-cut boot. A real plus if you plan to hike on sandy, gravely, rocky trails or on steep mountain trails covered with dead leaves. These shoes perform best on dry trails. Although the shoes are water resistant, the mesh upper can get very soggy with continuous exposure to water. Great $120 hiking shoe that provides more comfort and durability than more expensive hiking shoes.


The GTX Hiking Shoe is very comfortable due to its lightweight construction. Underfoot and subtle pro-nation correction are provided to the maximum. The majority of wearers say that these hiking shoes fits true to size and width. Trail runners will especially enjoy the upper mid-foot support provided by the shoe's PU-coated leather and snug lace up closure. Tree roots and other solid trail debris can easily bruise your feet and toes. North Face apparently considered this factor by providing protection for the forefeet thanks to these hiking shoes' 109 GTX's TPU's Snake Plate™ and TPU toe cap. 

Highlighted Features

  • Protective TPU toe cap.
  • ESS midfoot shank.
  • Breathable Mesh.
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole.

12. Scarpa Women’s Moraine Mid GTX Hiking Shoe

Scarpa Women's Moraine Mid GTX Hiking Shoe

Scarpa has a respectable following among hikers who want a durable shoe that is a bit different than your typical low ankle models. The Scarpa Women’s Moraine Mid GTX is the perfect lightweight shoe with extra ankle support without the shoe becoming a full blown boot. For hikers who spend a lot of time around rocks and unstable terrain, this is the best shoe for protection against rolling an ankle, as well as staying light and weatherproof. The Moraine Mid GTX is also great for its special attention to the female anatomical differences in the shape of the foot and the volume. 

This provides a much better fit than off the shelf models. The external materials are made of higher end materials, Suede and Nubuck leather, as well as recycled polyester mesh. The lining is made for comfort outdoors, with the use of Gore-Tex. The insert includes an arch suspension that will support the arch as you walk, run, and hike in different environments. The midsole is made of a great dual-density moulded EVA similar to that used in Oboz products. The outsole features Trail-Grip that will satisfy your need for sturdy and confident traction. This shoe comes in Smoke/Grey colour and in a variety of sizes, including half sizes.

13. Salomon X Ultra 2 GTXR Hiking Shoes- top Hiking shoes for men-Reviews and Guides

best hiking shoes for men

The Salomon X Ultra 2 GTX is a sleek, versatile, agile hiking shoe that was made for fast-moving trail hikers. They aren't clunky and weigh only a few more ounces than the 109 GTX Hiking Shoe. Whether the terrain is flat, somewhat muddy, rugged or steep, the X Ultra 2 GTX Hiking Shoe has durable rubber soles that can cross different trails with no traction difficulty. 


There's several benefits that come with these hiking shoes:

  • They provide good water resistant protection.
  • You can cover more hiking miles due to these shoes' aggressive traction.
  • The shoes' innovative Quicklace system with secure lace pockets is comfortable and convenient.

Precise Fit

Your feet can get really sore really fast crossing a bumpy trail without enough cushioning in your shoes. You would prefer to travel downhill with no breaks in between. The X Ultra 2 GTX Hiking Shoe's Advanced Chassis with a molded EVA midsole delivers stability and cushioning on harsh terrain. Moreover, these shoes are made of a breathable mesh and synthetic upper featuring SENSIFIT system to prevent your feet from slipping up and down as you walk. These hiking shoes only offer moderate ankle protection but all in all are great to hike in.

Water Resistant

One of the worst things for a hiker to have to put up with is getting their socks and feet wet. The X Ultra 2 GTX Hiking Shoe has great water resistance during light water exposure and steady rains. The Goretex keeps your feet dry but may cause your feet to sweat. These shoes are not recommended for long distance trail running or on water-logged terrain.

Highlighted Features

  • Gore-Tex waterproof bottle liners.
  • Waterproof leather.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Compact and secure lace system.

14. KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe

KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe

KEEN Women’s Voyageur is not only a popular and well-loved hiking shoe but a very affordable option for women hikers. This leather hiking shoe is a rugged, mid-height with mesh side underlays underneath the leather exterior. This provides breath-ability and comfort all throughout the interior. The sole synthetic features a non-marking outsole and KEEN patented toe protection. The heel measures approximately 2 inches, which is excellent for impact; the platform measures 1.25 inches. The dual-density compression moulded EVA foam is a high-quality choice for the midsole construction. 

With pull-on loops at the heel and tongue for easy fitting and removal without getting your hands dirty from the trail you just dusted up, the KEEN Women’s Voyageur is an all-around excellent choice for beginners and hiking pros alike. This shoe is also versatile enough for beaches, city streets, and outdoors wherever you are: this is a hiking shoe that you can take anywhere. You can purchase the Voyageur Hiking Shoe by KEEN in a variety of women’s sizes and in 7 different and unique color schemes.

15. Oboz Tamarack B-DRY Light Hiking Shoe- Good Hiking shoes for men-Reviews and Guides

best hiking shoes

The Oboz Tamarack B-DRY Light Hiking Shoe is a durable shoe that doesn't slow your pace even after walking on a trail for several miles. These shoes are best known for their long term foot comfort and arch support without the bulkiness and weight added. to them.


  • The lining's membrane component allows sweat to escape but keeps water out.
  • The thermoplastic polyurethane chassis minimizes foot fatigue and allows the foot to flex forward.
  • The soles have a suction cup-like action even when climbing up rocky or muddy paths.
  • These waterproof shoes perform well walking in snow or on ice.

Comfortable Fit

Long trail walks can cause your feet to swell and your toes to cramp. The B-DRY Light Hiking Shoe's board-lasted, contoured construction offers great foot support to prevent this from happening, especially while walking on slick, muddy trails or while hiking uphill.


The Nubuck Leather and abrasion resistant textile material contributes to this hiking shoe's excellent durability. The B-DRY Light Hiking Shoe is designed to hold up better to normal wear and tear with a rubber section that covers the toes. The thick tread on these shoes provides support and conforms to the foot comfortably. The shoe tongue is padded on the inside to prevent chafing on the top of the foot. Plus, these shoes are easy to put on and lace up and you can take out the foot bed found inside the hiking shoe. Returning these shoes is more difficult; so it's a good idea for customers to purchase these shoes a half size bigger.

Highlighted Features

  • Grippy rubber outer soles.
  • Waterproof nubbuck leather and mesh uppers.
  • EVA mid soles.
  • Polyurethane shanks.

16. Merrell Women’s Moab Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Merrell Moab Waterproof Women’s Hiking Shoes

Merrell, the highly respected maker of footwear, is a favorite among hikers, and for a good reason. Using excellent materials, waterproofing designs, Vibram made soles, and a mix between ruggedness and light breath-ability, Merrell has come through again with the Women’s Moab Waterproof Hiking Shoe. This model features a Leather/Fabric exterior as well as Suede and Mesh upper materials featuring tough, elastic laces, and Or tho Lite comfort.

The synthetic sole is made by Vibram, who are well known for their excellent traction and grips in hiking soles. Rather than traditional rubber, Vibram is considered a better brand of material. This Vibram outsole uses a TC5+ compound for amazing durability and grip over difficult terrain. You can purchase the Merrell Women’s Moab Waterproof Hiking Shoe in even the smallest adult women’s sizes up to the largest, and with 5 varieties of design and color to suit your style.

17. Lowa Renegade II GTX Lo- Best Hiking shoes for men women-Reviews and Guides 

best hiking shoes for men

The GTX Lowa Hiking Shoe (Lowa Renegade II) is very aesthetic and sturdy. Their level of durability and traction is great for light hiking on trails or on hills in all seasons. They're heavier and cost more (retails at $210.00) compared to similar hiking shoes but can be bought for $185.00.

  • Comes in four color combinations.
  • Shoes can last up to three years.
  • One-year purchase warranty from the manufacturer.


There is a break-in period that will vary for each wearer and you will need to pay extra attention to the sizing and fit of these shoes. The upper part of the Renegade Lo Hiking Shoe is made of a blend of Nubuck Leather and breathable waterproof Goretex. The out-sole features provides great traction on all types of trail terrains. Your feet will stay dry walking through muddy terrain and puddles. The upper of these shoes evenly distributes stride shock across your foot. 


The Lowa Hiking Shoe's insoles are removable and can be aired out. Innovative technology controls the climate and foot perspiration inside the shoes. Aside from the padded shoe tongue, a padded collar cushions the base of the ankle. The lacing system on the this footwear functions well enough with a need to retie occasionally. The lugs featured on the shoes are designed for a better walking experience.

 The aligned grooves at the top and base of the shoes are shorter that helps your shoe grip onto rocky terrain, while the longer grooves found across a good section of the out-sole provide a firm grip over slippery terrain. They're chunkier and heavier than several other comparable hiking shoes but adapt very well once they're broken in.

Highlighted Features

  • Contoured polyurethane midsoles with stabilizing nylon shanks.
  • External polythene Monowrap frame.
  • Gore-Tex membranes.
  • Nubuck leather uppers.

18. Vasque Women’s Talus Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Vasque Women’s Talus Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Vasque Women’s Talus Waterproof Hiking Shoe is another great alternative to low riding ankle hiking shoes on the market. For women who prefer or need a shoe that protects the ankle, this excellent hiking shoe is the perfect fit. For those of you who love to climb rocks, hike in uneven terrain, and climb, protecting one’s ankle from rolling, sprains, and other injuries is of utmost importance. This Leather and Textile Talus has it all in terms of physical protection for the wearer, comfort, and protection against the elements. First, the interior membrane is made from Vasque’s UltraDry waterproof technology. 

 The Vibram sole ensures the best traction and durability, as well as waterproof from the outside. The Vibram Nuasi outsole is exclusive and perfectly compliments this attractive hiking shoe. The toe is also protected by the Vibram sole. The footbed is made of dual-density EVA and features an Abrasion Resistant Mesh. This makes comfort and the safety of the wearer’s skin a top priority. The shaft measures approximately 4.5 inches from the arch. The Vasque Women’s Talus Waterproof Hiking Shoe comes in a variety of sizes and in two dual-colors.

19. Vasque Talus Trek-Low Ultra-Dry Hiking Shoe- Best Hiking shoes for men-Reviews and Guides

best hiking shoes for men

Walking for miles on less than ideal trails can cause hiking shoes to shred. You've crossed creeks, tread on sandy, rocky trails and even sloshed through mud on your off-road adventures. The Talus Trek-Low Ultra-Dry Hiking Shoe offers solid traction as well as cushioned, waterproof travel to optimize your hiking experience. After rigorous testing on a variety of terrains, these shoes scored high in the durability department. There were no signs of immediate wear and tear and the shoe's 1.8 mm thick Nubuck leather was unaffected. The ventilated side panels allowed perspiration to escape and the shoe slips off easily using a convenient heel pull tab.


  • These shoes were built to withstand abrasions during rigorous hiking.
  • Your feet stay dry from sweat and while walking across soggy trails.
  • The gusseted tongue prevents small pebbles and other debris from entering into the shoe.


The extra thick Vibrum Nuasi outsoles with 4mm lugs, beveled rubber toe guard and dual layered Nubuck leather toe and side panels offer exceptional foot protection across diverse surfaces. The Trek-Low Ultra-Dry Hiking Shoe is constructed of waterproof Nubuck Leather, vented mesh panels and Ultra-dry liners help feet stay dry in both damp and wet environments. 


The padded gusseted tongue and heel bed, athletic EVA molded midsoles and dual density EVA footbeds provide extra comfort. Due to these shoes' low ankle design and stiff thermoplastic shank, you'll need time to break them in to become really comfortable. Also, wearing thicker socks can minimize the heel hold from shifting up and down. 

Highlighted Features

  • Wicking mesh liner.
  • A rubber side wall wrap in the toe.
  • Vibram Nuasi XS Trek rubber compound outsole.
  • Ultra Dry membrane.

20. The North Face Women’s Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Hiking Shoe

The North Face Women's Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Hiking Shoe

The North Face Women’s Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Low Hiking Shoes are a fantastic option for hikers. Not only is The North Face extremely well known and respected for their quality, but they are notorious for their expertise for all outdoor gear, including hiking shoes. The Hedgehog Fastpack GTX is a nicely lightweight shoe, which will enable you to travel across flat or rugged terrain quickly and with support traction where you need it. Using exclusive rubber outsoles made by Vibram, the traction and support offered by this model are fantastic and reliable.

The leather uppers are Polyurethane-coated and are lined with abrasion-resistant mesh. Not only this but using breathable Gore-Tex, these hiking shoes will keep you cool in the heat while also providing complete waterproofing. A unique aspect of this shoe that The North Face features in the Hedgehog Fastpack GTX is the thermoplastic urethane quarter welds for structure and thermoplastic shanks for push-through protection.

 With rustproof hardware, you can truly wear this low hiking shoe in any temperature and in any environment with premium performance and results. As if the features above were not enough, The North Face knows a thing or two about comfort as well. The midsoles are made with the quality dual-density, compression-molded EVA Cradle Guide. Using thermoplastic urethane, Cradle heel-stability is also staunch and reliable.

Others Recommended Best Hiking Shoe Reviews

Merrell Men's Chameleon Prime Stretch Hiking Shoe

best hiking shoes for men

Let's say you want to explore a sizable portion of Yellowstone Park. The Merrell's Men's Chameleon Prime Stretch Hiking Shoe is one of the best intense hiking shoes around. They're comfortable, and relatively inexpensive considering their superb performance. The Merrell Men’s Chameleon Prime Stretch Hiking Shoe allows the wearer to hike comfortably at a brisk pace. The shoe's heel is integrated with a shock-absorbing air cushion. Stability and support are ensured through the nylon arch shank and the M-Select GRIP sole.


  • Prevents odors using breathable mesh lining.
  • Offers firm footing with nylon arch shank and M-Select GRIP sole.
  • This is a good air travel shoe with thick tread that easily slips on and off.


The Merrell Men’s Chameleon Prime Stretch Hiking Shoe offers great arch support. It has a cinching stretch closure that ties tightly and neoprene sleeve to block pebble entrance. These shoes are attractive enough to wear on your job, but are specifically designed for hiking on rugged trails. It's recommended to travel only on dry surfaces to avoid slipping and wear with socks to avoid foot blisters. 


There seems to be no complaints from wearers of having to retie the laces. The shoe's insert can be removed and the toe is very stiff. This adds to the shoe's durability but may provide less flexibility. 

Columbia Men's Peakfreak Venture Waterproof Hiking Shoe

best hiking shoes for men

The Columbia Men's Peakfreak Venture Waterproof Hiking Shoe weighs only 412 grams. It has a Omni-Tech waterproof mesh leather upper, secure lace closure and offers advanced traction. Regardless of the type of trail, these shoes can take on the challenge. 


  • The Omni-Grip rubber sole + EVA TechLite midsole helps you easily cross muddy, icy or uneven land.
  • Offers superb padding and high energy return.
  • Breathable seam-sealed membrane construction that's puddle-friendly.
  • Great hiking, every day walking shoe.


It's highly recommended to try out these shoes in-store since this style tends to run narrow. Once you get the sizing right, there's usually no need to break these shoes in. They're lightweight and ready to walk in right out of the box. On a cold day, they provide adequate warmth. 


A waterproof shoe is a real plus for an avid hiker. You can walk in rain, through wet grass, shallow standing water and a few puddles without getting your socks wet.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Shoe for Men & women

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best hiking shoes for men & women. These factors should be considered when you are shopping for a good quality pair of shoes. Each factor can help you determine the type of hiking shoe you need. These considerations play an important role in choosing the best shoe to fit your hiking journey needs.

best hiking shoes

Water Resistant

A hiking shoe that is water resistant can be an important factor to consider when out in the woods. It is not uncommon for moisture to be a part of hiking trails in the woods. There are many small streams and puddles that stay moist in terrain that receives less sunlight. A shoe that is waterproof will keep your feet completely dry while you are walking through damp areas. When you wear shoes that do not have a water-resistant design, your feet will become soaked and make it harder to finish the hike. Dry feet is essential when enjoying long day hikes in uncertain territory.


A comfortable hiking shoe is always a good option when you're walking on uneven land and walking for long hours. It is hard to walk for a long time in shoes that are extremely uncomfortable. A comfortable shoe can make a difference in the length of your hike and how enjoyable it is. When you wear a shoe that is not made for comfort, it can cause you to have to end your walk early. You may have to stop in the middle of the hike and turn back because your feet are not able to continue to long journey. Being able to purchase a comfortable shoe will allow you to hike as long as you want without feeling discomfort or soreness during your walk.


A durable hiking shoe is another important thing to think about when buying shoes. A shoe that can handle tough terrain is essential when hiking up and down hills. A durable shoe will be able to withstand the hard workout that you do without falling apart or letting you down. A shoe that is not durable may tear or rip while you are hours into the hike. This can cause you to damage your feet and make it harder to walk and keep a stable balance. Being able to find a strong and durable shoe can make all the difference in the length you are able to hike on your upcoming adventure.


The weight of the hiking shoe is another important factor to consider when purchasing a quality hiking shoe. A shoe that is lightweight is easier to move in. It makes climbing over rocks and uphill territory easier to accomplish. A shoe that weights more can be difficult to walk and climb in. A heavyweight shoe can slow you down because it can be more difficult to move at a fast pace. It is important to find a shoe that does not weight much and feels light on the feet. This will let you make a good time during your hike without any unnecessary issues slowing you down. It is easier to walk on uneven land when you have a lighter shoe that is not dragging you down.


The type of terrain that you are hiking it is important to consider when searching for the best hiking shoes for men. The type of terrain can make a big difference in the brand of the shoe that you are needing to buy. If you are traveling along hilly terrain, then you will want a shoe that can adhere to the ground. A shoe that can stick to the dirt and rocks is a better option in this type of hiking. You will want to be able to keep your grip without sliding or falling down rocks and slick hillsides. Consider the area that you are wanting to explore when determining what type of shoe to purchase for your trip. 


The material the Best hiking shoes are made from will affect the breath-ability and waterproofing. Materials such as those below will affect those qualities:

  • Full grain leather for durability.
  • Split grain leather is more lightweight.
  • Nubuck leather for water resistance.
  • Waterproof products such as Gore-TexR. and eVentR. for dryness inside the boot.
  • Vegan hiking shoes are constructed without any animal by-products.
  • The midsoles of hiking boots are built to support and cushion the arches of the feet:
  • EVA [ethylene vinyl acetate] provides cushion-like support for the mid sole and provides some shock absorption.
  • Polyurethane is very firm underfoot and it provides extra foot support.
  • Phylon cushions the foot, and is durable yet also lightweight.
  • Hiking shoes may also be constructed with an internal support that further protects the foot.
  • Shanks are placed between the midsole and the outsole to add stiffness to the midsole.
  • Partially flexible inserts may be placed between the outsole and the midsole and below the shank if it is present. These provide extra protection from bruising.


Traction is another important point to consider. This feature is mainly discerned by the construction if the outsold. Good out soles should be able to keep a firm grip on:

  • Snow and slush.
  • Mud.
  • Smooth rock.
  • Gravel.
  • Slippery surfaces.

Good quality waterproofing will keep the feet dry, but it may also limit breath-ability. Waterproof membranes such as Gore-Tex or KEEN-DRY will stop water from getting into the hiking shoe. The Best hiking shoe that is made of leather will provide the best waterproofing. If a hiking shoe does absorb water, it may be best to choose a pair that dries quickly. There are some products on the market that add waterproofing to mixed material uppers. Leather hiking shoes should be treated with a leather conditioner.

Final Verdict

There is a lot of skill involved in the purchase of a good quality hiking boot. We hope that this article has provided you with enough information to make this task easier. It is a given that there are also many excellent brands and models of hiking shoe on the market. As you peruse the reviews, deciding which Best hiking shoes to buy, keep all the statistics and data about your own feet close by. Don’t forget that a good pair of hiking shoes not only matches your feet, they must be appropriate for the type of trails you will hike along. We can only hope that you will feel inspired enough by this small article to buy one of the brands of hiking shoes that are mentioned here.

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