5 Ways to Take Your Cockapoo on Hiking Trips

When your Cockapoo gets a bit older (between 18 months and two years) and you want to go on long hikes with her, you'll want to know these five tips before heading out with your pup. The number one thing you need to know is that when taking a puppy on hikes, you need to let your dog lead the way. If your Cockapoo is a high-energy dog, it will probably run wild. So before setting out on your next hiking adventure, consider these 5 ways to take your cockapoo on hiking trips that are both safe and fun.

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5 Ways to Take Your Cockapoo on Hiking Trips

5 Ways to Take Your Cockapoo on Hiking Trips

1. Choose Your Dog-Friendly Trail

When planning your next hiking trip with your Cockapoo, it's essential to choose a dog-friendly trail. Many trails are specifically designed for hikers and their pets and will have provisions for leashes, water bottles, and even dog-friendly bathrooms. Some popular dog-friendly hikes include Mount Tamalpais and the Golden Gate Bridge. Both trails have facilities that can accommodate dogs on leashes and water stations and rest areas.

If you're looking to hike a bit farther afield, consider visiting the White Mountains in New Hampshire or the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. These trails are open to hikers and their pets and have ample provisions for canine companions and humans. When choosing a hiking trail with your Cockapoo, research the area ahead of time. There are plenty of safe routes that will accommodate both you and your furry friend.

2. Pick a Place, Not a Route

If you're looking to take your Cockapoo hiking, it's crucial to pick a location, not a particular route. An excellent place to start is checking out the National Park Service's online hiking map. This map provides detailed information on all of the National Park Service system trails. Once you've chosen a location, Google Maps can help you plan your hike. Another option is to use hiking trails that are not part of the National Park System.

These trails can be found in nature preserves and private property. Before you hike any course, check with the landowner for permission. Also, be aware of any wildlife that may be present. Some trails are popular with bears, so it's essential to keep your distance if there is a bear population. Whatever route you choose, make sure to take your Cockapoo with you. They will have a lot of fun exploring new terrain!

3. Find a Safe Spot to Sit and Res

5 Ways to Take Your Cockapoo on Hiking Trips

If you're planning on taking your cockapoo hiking with you, it's crucial to find a safe spot to sit and rest. You don't want your pet to get hurt if something goes wrong. One way to find a safe spot is to take a break every few miles. This will allow your Cockapoo to catch its breath and give you time to assess the situation.

Try to find a shady spot or an area with no sharp objects nearby. Another way to find a safe spot is to hike in groups. This will make it easier for you and your pet to stay safe. Make sure to keep an eye on your Cockapoo at all times, and be prepared to help if something happens.

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4. Pack a hiking trail food bag

If you're planning on taking your cockapoo hiking, make sure to pack a food bag. Cockapoos are relatively good hikers and can cover a lot of ground quickly, so it's essential to have something to give them as they hike. Easy snacks that can be packed in a food bag for hiking trips include dog treats, fruit, yoghurt, cheese, and trail mix.

If you're feeling adventurous, you could even bring some homemade dog biscuits! Remember to bring plenty of water for your Cockapoo on hiking trips - they'll need plenty of hydration to help keep them active and healthy. And don't forget your leash - having a secure connection between you and your pet is essential when out on a hike.

5. Bring a first-aid kit for your pet

5 Ways to Take Your Cockapoo on Hiking Trips

When you take your cockapoo hiking trips, it's important to remember to bring a first-aid kit for your pet. This kit should include bandages, analgesics, and antihistamines. You should also make sure to have food and water for your pet if it gets lost or stranded. If your Cockapoo is prone to get overheated, you may want to bring a fan along with the first-aid kit. Keep an eye on your pet while hiking, and if it becomes too hot or tired, take it back down to the base camp and cool off. Finally, be sure to pack a dictionary so you can understand any local lingo.


If you're like most people, you love spending time outdoors with your Cockapoo. Unfortunately, most outdoor activities are unsuitable for dogs because of the danger of falling objects and other hazards. However, there are many ways to take your cockapoo hiking that doesn't involve leaving him at home alone in a kennel. This article will outline some of the best five tips for taking your cockapoo hiking with you without worrying about your safety. So if you're looking for a fun activity that will also help keep your dog entertained while you hike, read on!

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