7 Things About Electric Pressure Cooker Your Boss Wants To Know

7 Things About Electric Pressure Cooker Your Boss Wants To Know

Whether your boss has bought an electric pressure cooker or you bought one for him there are some things that he or she should know. Share these important factors and terms and you will on the good side of your boss! Check our Power Pressure Cooker Reviews

A Pressure Cooker Has A Quick and Natural Release

Once you have completed cooking there are two different ways you can release pressure. What you use depends entirely on what you are cooking. It takes time to get used to. The quick release is where the pressure is released instantly, this is used for food that don’t require extra cooking time. The natural release is a slower process of releasing the pressure. Depending on your cooker this usually takes about fifteen minutes.

A Pressure Cooker has Different Pressures

As with cooking on a cook top you can cook with different settings. Every pressure cooker will have a low setting, a medium setting and a high setting. The manual that comes with your pressure cooker can help you decide or if you find a recipe online it will always be accompanied with what pressure setting to use.

A Pressure Cooker has a Steam Collector

Every pressure cooker has a steam collector. This is a small, plastic container that will be attached to the side of your pressure cooker. It will hold all the condensation gathered during cooking. When the cooking process is done you need to empty this container.

A Pressure Cooker Has A Pressure Valve

The pressure valve will be found on the lid of your pressure cooker. Beware because this will be hot. Try to use something like a wooden spoon to release the valve otherwise you might get burnt!

Timing is Different on a Pressure Cooker

Timing when cooking is a lot different when using a pressure cooker. These things take time to learn and depending on your pressure time varies. Don’t forget that cooking time is actually reduced by 70% when using a pressure cooker.

The Amount of Liquid Required Varies

As with cooking time the amount of liquid also varies when cooking with a pressure cooker. Your pressure cooker will always require a minimum amount of water to be able to work correctly. Check your manual to see different options. In general you shouldn’t fill up the pressure cooker with water more than two thirds of the way. Check for Pressure washerify pressurewasherify.com

Don’t Open The Pressure Cooker During Cooking!

One thing that many people forget is you shouldn’t open the pressure cooking during the cooking process. When you cook in an oven you can open the door and have a peek but with a pressure cooker you have to turn it off, release the pressure and then open it. Most modern electric pressure cookers have a locking feature on them to avoid problems but be careful and always check!


Enjoy your pressure cooker and have fun. Get creative and you will find you can make some healthy and tasty meals that the whole family will love.

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