Best Double Jogging Stroller Reviews 2021

Best Double Jogging Stroller

Selecting the best double jogging stroller can turn out to be intimidating. The wide array of prices, features, and options on the market doesn’t make matters any easier. Additionally, every stroller seems to provide something, which another doesn’t. Without test-driving all of them, it might be impossible to actually tell whether they perform well or not. The good thing is that selecting the right product does not have to be left to chance or guesswork. It doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Best Double Jogging Stroller

The 5 double jogging strollers below have been put through the paces that everyday families are most likely to face. They’ve been literally ran with several testers. Furthermore, each dual jogging stroller has been assessed each little cranny and nook in a side-by-side fashion in order to know which products are worth your consideration.

Recommended Best Double Jogging Stroller on the Current Market

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

What most product users like about the BOB Revolution SE Duallie stroller is its lightweight frame, which makes it very easy for you to push the stroller even with two kids riding it. The stroller also comes with a swivel front wheel that you can lock securely when you want to jog or run, and you may always unlock it for regular use.

 Aside from using the stroller for jogging, you can also take it along with you when you go to the mall, zoo, or just about any other place.

Another great feature of the product is the canopy that is wide enough to provide you with superb coverage. It is also adjustable, so you can position it at an angle that will ensure your child’s comfort. While you may think that the price is quite high for a stroller, you will realise that the cost is worth it because this product is sure to last for several years.

Among the best points of this stroller include its superb maneuverability, excellent head and leg room for your child’s comfort, easy to fold and store, and shocks offer the finest ride even when the road is a bit bumpy. What’s more, the stroller comes with individual’s sun canopies that may be adjusted differently for each child, and individuals seats may be reclined without any problem.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

This stroller is designed to provide both safety and comfort for your baby. It’s ideal for even two children. It is a certainly an ideal option for anyone with twins. The stroller boasts the ability to accommodate two infant car seats.

It also consists of a multi-position, reclining seats that offer a comfortable place for children to relax as you take your jog. It brings with it a five-point harness that ensures your kids remain safe anytime you’re on the move. 

This stroller also features ratcheted canopies that provide shade as well as protection for your kids. Have your children enjoy some music courtesy of the stroller’s MP3 plug-in & speakers. Additional features such as multi-position, adjustable canopies and reclining seats will make your life with the stroller a walk in the park. For easy maneuvering, the stroller features a pivoting front wheel. It has a 3-wheeled design coupled with two rear wheels that are sturdy and wide to withstand any kind of surface.

Graco Fast action Fold Duo Click Connect Stroller

Stroll effortless with your kids using this exceptional stroller. It can accommodate 2 children up to fifty pounds each. The dual jogging stroller accepts 2 Click Connect baby car seats with everyone attaching with a secure step by utilizing its included hideaway adapter. It has a lightweight stroller frame that fits easily through doorways through its narrow and compact frame. Fold the stroller within seconds. The must have double jogging stroller features two pivoting and removable child cup holders, sleek styling and deep storage baskets.

The stroller utilizes a highly durable all-terrain pneumatic rubber bicycle tires. This means that whether you are running errands within town or taking that jog along a trail, the stroller is exactly what you need. It utilizes a foot-activated rear brake for effortless and quick stopping whenever you need your hands to be free. Use it today and discover its magic!

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Strollers

The Summit X3 provides exceptional maneuverability and performance on any terrain. The jogger and stroller is equipped conveniently with a remote swivel lock that’s mounted on its handlebar. The tandem stroller also brings with it a patented fold technology that helps you fold the stroller with just one hand.

It has a universal accessory mounting bracket that is handy in accessorizing the stroller with utmost ease. The stroller features an independent suspension system as well as hand operated brakes for increased control for extra safety especially on hilly terrain.

Another great feature is the big adjustable sun canopy with impressive peek a boo windows as well as side ventilation panels for increased airflow. The stroller’s wheels bring with them sealed bearings meaning that pushing your kids, even if they are 90 pounds, is easier that you would ever imagine. The other amazing feature about this stroller is the fact that it is extremely stable courtesy of its double front wheels. This feature is highly important especially if kids climb out and in of the stroller all by themselves. It has a basket that’s bigger compared to any stroller basket in the market.

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller with Second Seat

Whether you are looking for a double stroller, a pram, a travel system etc, the City Select might be the ideal stroller the market has to offer. For sure, it stands out as one of the most versatile strollers in the market. It was certainly tailored to ensure family keeps rolling as it expands from one to two children.

 With the stroller, you can mix and match seats, car seats, as well as bassinets in order to excellently suit your family needs. To fold your stroller in just one-step, it brings with it an impressive quick-fold technology.

To guarantee safety of your child, the stroller has an effective hand operated brake. It surely has everything you can ever want in a double jogging stroller. The stroller’s supportive and padded seats bring with them a five-point harness system that has a head pad that’s highly adjustable without the need to unhook or re-thread any straps. It features extra-large canopies that have a mesh ventilation windows to enable you view your children while enjoying your smooth ride.

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller

There is no doubt that this stroller takes your multi-terrain strolling to a greater level. It features all terrain capacities as well as deluxe standard attributes within a chic compact package. Without a doubt, using it is effortless because of its side-by-side design. It features an all-terrain tire that are handy for daily excursions even in the urban jungle or weekend adventure. 

With its real-time fold technology, folding it surely takes minimal time. The flip-flop hand brake is great to guarantee safety. Its roomy seats coupled with a taller seat back are handy for the taller children. You also fall in love with the rear parking brake and seat back storage compartments.

One of the great attributes about it is the fact that it can fold compactly for a stress-free travel and storage. It has a large storage basket as well as a foot-activated brake. Its highly unique rear-facing seat enables your older kid to ride or easily face forward on the platform. It also features a child tray that can conveniently swing away thus allowing even the older kids to enjoy an effortless access to the seat at the front. The cup holders will be handy in case you need to use them when on your jog.

Baby Jogger City Mini Best Double Jogging Stroller

A significant feature of the Baby Jogger City Mini double jogging stroller is its low cost. It may not have stunning features that you can find in a fancy BOB stroller, but for a price that is less than $500, this product is indeed a great buy. You will be impressed by some of the best features that it has, which is perfect for practical parents just like you.

Although the sun canopy seems a little skimpy, as compared to most brands out there, you will appreciate the fact that it can be adjusted to five positions. The stroller is also easy to fold and install, and it will not take more than half an hour to assemble it.

The Baby Jogger City Mini stroller offers a good amount of storage, so you can have plenty of room to place your personal things. The handle height is also quite right for taller parents who are looking for a stroller that is comfortable to push. While the stroller may have some flaws, the product will do for anyone who wants to get in perfect shape by running regularly with a sturdy jogging stroller. For its basic features and functionality, this stroller model will do when you are not willing to dish out a lot of money.

Contours Options Elite Tandem  double Jogging Stroller

The Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Jogging Stroller is an outstanding option for those who prefer top-notch performance and quality.

For instance, the stroller comes with an aluminium frame that is rust-free and lightweight, as well as a rear suspension system that performs excellently. The handle has slip-resistant features, so it is comfortable to the touch. Your little ones will enjoy riding in this stroller because of the comfortable seats that can be reclined to various angles.

 Even if your kids stay in the stroller for a number of minutes, they will enjoy the smooth ride no matter what type of surface you run on. In addition, it comes with padded straps to ensure the safety of your kids throughout the ride.

BOB Ironman Double Stroller

The BOB Ironman Duallie is one of the highly recommended models of jogging strollers because of its remarkable features and durability. It is the perfect stroller for parents who are serious about jogging or running regularly, and it can handle long distances or various types of surfaces.

 Your kids will also like the soft and comfy seats with adjustable backrest, which can be reclined in a position that suits your children’s preferences.

For your children’s safety, the stroller comes with 5-point harnesses with thick padding, single-touch heavy duty parking brake that is linked to the rear wheels, and a sturdy handle brake that can help you slow down carefully when you approach downhill paths. Another security feature is the wrist strap, which you can use to enhance your children’s safety while seated comfortably in the stroller.

How to Choose Best Double Jogging Stroller

When in the market for the best double jogging stroller, it is highly important to consider a number of factors. Here are some of them:


Your prospective stroller should be easy to run with. You should enjoy running with it. Additionally, it must be effortless to push. Another great feature in terms of rub-ability your stroller should have has to do with an adjustable suspension as well as handle.


What is for sure is that it can be quite challenging for a stroller made of more than two kids to be versatile. For sure, at times even having a stroller with two seats can turn out to be such a tall order. However, when looking for the best double stroller, you need to put your needs first. After that, you can then bring in the versatility aspect. You should also balance versatility with performance, price, and style. That way, you’ll be able to settle for a stroller that is all around.


This is a quality that a good number of parents usually expect of their stroller. Avoid any stroller that is unable to make tight turns. Depending on your journey as well as intended terrain you intend to cover, you may need to make concessions in terms of what you’re willing to buy.

Seating situation

Different strollers have different seating arrangements. Some have seats that are positioned adjacent to one another. If you opt for this kind of a stroller, the advantage you’ll enjoy is the fact that passengers usually have similar view of life, storage options, as well as comfort options. Neither of the passengers has to compromise or even suffer from fewer options. What is more is that many of the side-by-side options are very easy to fold. Actually, most of them normally have a one-hand fold. However, the folded ones usually boast larger size. The downside is the fact that picking them up might be difficult because of their wider shape.


Which materials have been used to make your stroller? This is an important factor to consider. Some materials are high end, some of poor quality and others extremely high quality. Settle for a stroller made from quality materials such as heavy steel.


Your prospective stroller must protect your child from any form of injury.

Folded size and Weight

Finally yet importantly, you need a stroller with a weight that doesn’t cause you any struggles.


Which features does your prospective stroller bring with it? This is a no brainier. You need to choose one that boasts an array of features to make your work easy. For instance, settle for stroller that has a tray at its bottom. Such a feature allows you to house all the baby items without any stress. From food to towels, toys to diapers or even a drinking up, you can put anything you want in the tray. Look for features that will accommodate all your needs and go for a stroller with such features.

Final Verdict

Whether you plan to undertake some jogging or not, double jogging, strollers are certainly an important item. Their runner tires as well as ability to traverse different terrain makes them a parent/guardian favorite. Are you in the market for the best double jogging stroller? If yes then feel free to choose from any of the above featured ones. Nonetheless, the Baby Trend Double Jogger Stroller, Vanguard has managed to come out tops based on the amazing features it brings with it.

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