Best Glock sight tool reviews and guides

These glock sight installing tools come in several makes and are manufactured by various companies. At the end of the day, all these tools are similar in functioning and differ slightly in design. To best glock sight tool, one has to focus on these minute design differences, price differences and the materials used to manufacture them. By doing that one is able to get a tool, among these similar tools, that fits their desired need and specifications. It would also be wise to choose a tool that is made by a recognized company in this field. That way you will be assured to get satisfaction from these tools.

best glock sight tool

How to select the best glock sight tool

It should offer the user a proper grip

When the tool has proper handling features, it gives the user an easy time. It also speeds up the process compared to tools that are hard to work with as they keep slipping from your hands. Tools with poor grip also risk the user’s safety.

Material should be strong

When it’s made from strengthened material, chances of breakages or stripping are minimal. Sturdy components also make the product durable thus minimize replacement costs that are faced by weak tools.

Size of the tool

It should be of fitting size since if it is oversize or undersized then it may not function as expected. For example if the hex wrench is too small or big it may not help adjust screws on the glock sight tool.


The customer should purchase items from a reputable manufacturer that way they will be sure that the product will serve its intended purpose. Experimenting with new manufacturers can be disappointing.

Price of the tool

The buyer should consider the budget they are working with. This way they will find items that fall under their budget scope. It however does not mean that they have to purchase the cheapest tools since this may result in buying substandard tools that are not durable,

 FAQs on glock sight tool

  • Q How does one measure the front sight?
  • A This is done by Measuring from the top of the slide to the top of the sight 
  • Q Is sight installation something I can do myself?
  • A Yes, tools are included with most sights and you can do it yourself without having to consult experts who will charge you 
  • Q l Do all sight have screws?
  • A No, some sights don’t need to be screwed and slide and hold in place without screwing. This is however mostly on rear sight views

Our Recommended  Best Glock sight tool reviews

Fixxxer Front Sight Installation Hex Tool For Glock 3/16 

Have you had trouble installing your glock’s front sight as the screw won’t stay in place when installing it? Then this is the tool for you. It helps in the installing and removing of front sights on glock pistols. Its unique feature is that it has a magnetic tip meant to hold your screws in place during installation thus solving a common problem.

Its main features are a hex wrench and a black finish. The hex is a 3/16" which is the common size for all glock pistols. This means that it can be used to fix sight tools for a wide range of pistols.



  • check
    It works for all glock models so you don’t need multiple installation tools if you own multiple models.
  • check
    It comes at a pocket-friendly price for anybody looking to work on a low budget.
  • check
    It has a magnetic tip holding your screws in place.
  • check
    Its handle offers a good grip.
  • Some customers claim it stripped after several uses owing to the material used which may not be hard enough.
  • It’s too light for a front sight installer.

TRUGLO Glock Front Sight Installation Tool

Have you bought sights before but forgotten to purchase the tools to induct them onto your pistol? This product is the solution to your problem. It has a hex wrench with an all-black finish. The handle on its end offers a good hold due to the gripping pattern.

This prevents it from sliding as you work with it. It’s light in weight. Though the hex wrench does not face much competition, this brand would be a good choice since TruGlo upholds a good reputation in the Glock sights market. Its products are also known to fit perfectly in their intended place of use.



  • check
    It has a gripping handle to offer you the best hold as you go around your installation work.
  • check
    It is a cheap yet essential product.
  • check
    It is manufactured by TruGlo which is a renowned company in this field. You are therefore assured to get the best results.
  • It has no magnetic tip and the user may face problems placing screws at the hex ends when using the tools.
  • It may not match or fit all the replacement glock sights

Dawson Professional Grade Glock Front Sight Installation Tool

Have you used installation tools before that have broken while you’re in the process? Then this tool solves that problem and gives you a lasting piece that doesn’t get spoiled easily. This is because the tools is made from steel bar stock making it hard to break.

 It also has a long and slender shaft that fits G34/35. The handle has a wide diameter and is faceted giving the user a proper grip of the tool. The steel used to manufacture it also promises long service time if stored properly and maintained.



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    It’s made of hardened steel so you don’t have to worry about breakages as you go about your installation process.
  • check
    It’s durable also owing to the fact that it’s manufactured from essential material.
  • check
    It offers the user a good hold due to the faceted handle that prevents it from slipping during use.
  • The tools is slightly heavy than other sight installing tools and this is caused by its heavy material.
  • The tip that holds the screw is not magnetic as in other sight positioning equipment thus the screw might fall off severally.

Final Verdict

The glock sight tools mentioned above are definitely among the best of their kind in the market. They come at an affordable price which is a major point of consideration by many buyers. The tools are also made from desirable and long lasting material so they have a promising life time and don’t require constant replacement. The tools are also of the best fitting sizes and can work for a wide range of glock models. It would therefore be wise for anybody to consider them when looking for the best glock sight tools.

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