Best road cycling shoes reviews and guides 2021

Best road cycling shoes

Riding a bike is a timeless experience that cuts across many generations. We all enjoyed the thrill of mounting a bike as kids or racing down the street with friends as we grew into our teenage years. It is a good way to relax and also a perfect way to exercise. And if you want to do something good for the environment, cycling is a perfect commuting option to consider. As a cyclist you need to choose Best road cycling shoes.

Best road cycling shoes

However, let us look away from our cycling days as children. You have probably grown older and you have decided to take your cycling more seriously either as an exercise or hobby. You have probably also realized that having the right cycling gear can make all the difference for you. One of the most important road cycling kits you can have is the best road cycling shoes.

If you are not a professional biker, it can be hard to understand all the technicalities attached to cycling kits. This guide is designed to help you make the best decisions about choosing the best road cycling shoes.





Best road cycling shoes
Best road cycling shoes
Best road cycling shoes
Best road cycling shoes
Best road cycling shoes

Recommended Best road cycling shoes Reviews

Five Ten Men's Freerider MTB Bike Shoes

Do you want a shoe that blends into anywhere and anytime? A shoe that can even work for anything? Then you do not have to keep looking further. Freerider is the road cycling shoe you want. The shoe is versatile, which means it would work well in different cycling situations. The design is stylish and timeless which means you will look good anywhere. It is made from suede and is as such, breathable and so you can be sure to have enough air and comfort. 

This all-purpose shoe will also work perfectly if you prefer a flat pedal for your bike. It is designed after the BMX style, which is a popular type of road cycling bike. This, therefore, makes it easy to pair up and use. Whether you are going to the mall or to school or just cycling for fun, here is the one shoe you can be sure will have your back.



  • Flat rubber sole with makes it perfect for bike to road transition.
  • Stylish design which makes it a multi-purpose shoe.
  • Suede and upper mesh material design that makes it breathable.
  • BMX style design provides easy compatibility.
  • Stealth S1 rubber out-sole makes it very comfortable and versatile.
  • Rubber soles make it flexible therefore reducing cycling efficiency.
  • The shoe design is more fitted for flat pedals than clipless pedals.
  • The Freerider cycling shoes use a lace closure system. This means it is impossible to adjust while riding.
  • Rubber soles make it more adapted to mountain cycling than road cycling.

Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoes - Men's

When you step down from your bike with your Giro Rumble VR Cycling shoes, one thing you can expect is a solid grip on the ground. The secret to this great bike to ground transition is hidden in the shoe Vibram outsole. The Vibram outsole has excellent walkability that makes the shoe a great lightweight hiking option. This is combined with an excellent clipless pedal compatibility. Together, these two features make the Rumble VR a versatile shoe suited for both the bike and the ground.

Hence, whether you are going to be walking or riding, Giro Rumble will be your best buddy. The shoe is also made from a breathable synthetic and mesh that keeps your feet ventilated throughout your cycling. So you can be assured of maximum comfort on your ride. Looking for a comfortable, easy cycling shoe? Just pick this one.



  • The giro rumble VR cycling shoes have a Vibram outsole that gives if flexibility, making it ideal for off bike movement
  • The shoes are adapted for clipless pedal systems. This makes it ideal for road cycling.
  • The shoe is made of high-quality leather.
  • The upper is made of microfiber and mesh which is breathable and water resistant.
  • The giro rumble VR cycling shoes use a lace closure system which means it is impossible to adjust which in motion.
  • Some customers have complained about its durability of the shoes, saying that the materials used do not last.

Shimano Men's Commuter Recessed SPD Cycling Shoe

If you are one of the people making a transition from flat pedals to clipless pedals, then these shoe is certainly the one you want. It is well designed to help you master the clipless pedal of your bike. The design is casual and adapted for both on the bike and off bike situations. This allows you to get off your bike and get back on without needing to switch shoes. 

It also has great shock absorbers to allow you walk comfortably. This means that even if you are walking over bumps or rough, uneven grounds, this shoe will keep you protected. The Shimano Men's Commuter Recessed SPD Cycling Shoe also offers great breath-ability so that your feet can stay well ventilated.



  • The shoes offer great comfort whether you are on your bike or not.
  • Shimano Men's Commuter Recessed SPD Cycling Shoe provides increased power and efficiency, helping you cycle at greater speeds while using less energy.
  •  It has great shock absorbing abilities that make it versatile for both on the bike and on ground activities.
  • It is easy to use, making it a great choice for people using clipless pedals for the first time.
  • It uses a lace closure system that makes it impossible to adjust while you cycle.
  • The soles may not meet the level of flexibility that most road cyclers prefer.

Fizik R5 UOMO BOA Road Cycling Shoes

This Italian shoe brand comes with all the physical beauty and comfort that are typical of Italian footwear. If you want a road cycling shoe that looks professional and offers the best on-bike experience, then this is the absolute best choice for you. It is also a great shoe if you spend a lot of time on your bike or you want to cycle over longer distances. The shoe comes with a Velcro strap and a boa dial for adjustment. One more thing you are going to love is the fact that it is also very lightweight.

This will save you from having to deal with the burden of a weighty shoe while you walk or cycle. It has the ideal sole stiffness as the soles are made from carbon reinforced nylon. You can, therefore, rely on its ability to protect your feet as well as be quite really durable.



  • The soles are ideally stiff as they are made from carbon reinforced nylon.
  • The shoe is very breathable as it has laser perforations that offer ventilation to your feet.
  • It comes with a boa dial that makes it easy for you to adjust the fitting even while riding.
  • The soles are made from carbon reinforced nylon which is a cheaper alternative to pure carbon fiber soles.
  • It has a Velcro closure system which is cheaper and less lasting compared to other closure systems.

Gavin VELO Road Bike Cycling Shoe

Whether you are a professional competitive cyclist or just a recreational cyclist, this will be a great shoe for you. This one is perfect for both pros and newbies. The design of the Gavin VELO road Bike cycling shoe is comfortable, absolutely. It has a good ventilation system to cool your feet as you cycle. Here is also a high-performance shoe that is adapted for high speed so you can go as fast as you want. 

It has Velcro straps that make it quick and easy to wear as well as to adjust. What's more? The Velcro strap system is triple so that your feet are well secured for the best fit. It also has a stylish professional design that looks good to the eyes. Here, therefore, you have high performance, comfort and great aesthetic value, all in one package.



  • It is compatible with a lot of cleat types making it very versatile for different types of bikes.
  • It has a good breathable system that keeps you fit ventilated, even the soles have air vents.
  • The soles are nylon based and therefore very rigid therefore increasing the efficiency for cycling speed.
  • It has Velcro straps which a lot of bikers consider to be cheaper than other types of closures.
  • The Gavin Velo is not very good in off bike situations as the soles have very little flexibility.

How to choose the Best Road Cycling Shoe

When it comes to picking the best road cycling shoe, there are a few things you have to consider. Here are six of them

1. Pedal Compatibility

The pedals that come with your bike will go a long way to decide the kind of road cycling shoe that you will buy. Bike pedals are often divided into two categories:

  • Flat pedal
  • Clipless pedal

The flat pedals are the more traditional pedal types and can be found on older bikes. The flat pedals don’t require any special shoe type are generally considered better options for the mountain.

On the other hand, clipless pedals have been designed with a special grip system called cleats. These cleats lock unto the sole of your cycling shoes and keep your feet in place as you cycle. Clipless pedals are more comfortable and secure than flat pedals because they stop your shoes from slipping off the pedal. They also make it easier to pedal at higher speeds by increasing pedaling efficiency.

2. Cleat Compatibility

If you decide to go with a clipless pedal, and we recommend that you do, the next thing is cleat compatibility. Clipless bike pedals have 2 main cleat types. These include the two bolt cleat system and the three bolt cleat system. Most road cycling shoes can go with both types of cleat systems while some can only go with one. Most road cycling shoes use a three bolt cleat mount. However, you have to make sure that your shoe will go with the cleat type of your pedal. As an alternative, you can buy a cleat adapter plate for your bike pedal in case you really like a shoe that doesn’t go with your pedal cleat type.

3. Sole Type

The very best road cycling shoes come with stiff soles. A stiffer sole will generally allow you to cycle faster and better while conserving more energy. Stiffness is usually decided by the material used to make the sole. The best stiff soles are made from carbon fiber. However, walking in stiff soles is not very easy. Some biking shoes combine rubber materials to create a sole that is flexible enough to walk in but still stiff enough to ride with.

If you get off your bike and walk around a lot without changing shoes, consider getting a more flexible sole. This will make your transition from bike to road easier.

4. Laces or Straps?

The next thing you want to look at when selecting a road cycling shoe is the closure system. The types of closure available for road cycling shoes include laces, Velcro straps, buckles and BOA cord fastening. Choosing a closure system is usually a matter of personal preference. However, you should also consider the type of fitness you want your shoe to have. Each closure type has a few advantages and disadvantages. And they also offer different levels of fitness around the feet

  • Lace closure systems usually offer the best fit because you can manually adjust the lace to your satisfaction. The disadvantage is that you will not be able to adjust the shoe while riding.
  • Velcro straps are easy and often offer a loose to very tight fit. They can be adjusted as you ride. The only disadvantage is that they usually wear out and become weak.
  • Buckles can be adjusted to a particular fit. However, like laces, they cannot be adjusted when in motion.
  • BOA lacing usually combines with Velcro straps to give you more control. They are the easiest to adjust while cycling.

5. Ventilation

If you want to cycle comfortably, you want shoes that are able to breathe. This means that the shoes must have a ventilation system that provides air to your feet during cycling. If you wear use shoes that do not air your feet, you stand the risk of getting an infection. It could also make cycling very painful and uncomfortable. Smelly feet will result from sweating and both you and the shoe will suffer. Ventilation is usually achieved by using a particular material or creating perforations in the shoe body. Try to buy shoes that use naturally breathable fabric or synthetic mesh that is also breathable. Some shoes have perforations that allow air to circulate about your feet. These are also good choices.

6. Weight

Again this is a matter of personal choice. typically, professional cycling shoes are stiff and light. This is so that your energy will be efficiently managed while cycling. However, most road cyclists like to go on their bike and do some working. If you use a very light and stiff shoe, walking will become difficult. So depending on how many bikes to foot transition you plan to do, you might want a shoe of a little more weight.

Benefits of Choosing the Best Road Cycling Shoes

While it is possible to cycle in any shoe, choosing the best cycling shoes will improve your cycling experience. Here are a few reasons why you should use only the best cycling shoes:

1. Comfort

Road cycling shoes are particularly designed for road cycling. This means that they are able to offer you the best comfort during your cycling. When you are comfortable, you are able to cycle for longer and with less stress on your feet, thereby better enjoy your cycling experience.

2. Safety

Road cycling shoes are specifically made to fit your bike pedal type. This means that the shoes are able to give you a better grip on the pedal as you go. This can useful in preventing accidents where your feet slip off the pedal.

3. Speed

Even if you are not a competitive racer, using the right shoes can make you more efficient. When you use the right road cycling shoe with the right clipless pedal, it increases your cycling efficiency. This allows you to go faster while spending less energy.

4. Health

The best road cycling shoes are well ventilated and breathable. This means that your feet can be protected from fungal and bacterial infections as you do your cycling. Using the wrong shoes can result in bad cases of smelly feet and other such infections.

5. Aesthetic

Admit it, seeing a fully geared up road cyclist is a beautiful thing. Not only does it show discipline, but you develop a sense of respect for a biker in gear. Using the right type of cycling shoes will give you that same effect on people. It will show that you take your cycling seriously and will allow you look good while cycling.


Q: Do I really need cycling shoes? Can’t I just ride in my everyday shoes?

A: you can. But nobody will advise you to do that. While we understand that you will eventually get off the bike, remember that shoes vary according to need. It is important to use the right shoes for the right purpose. This is very important if you ride long distances. Regular sneakers have flexible soles that cause pressure on the leg as you cycle. After a long ride, it could lead to serious pain and a condition known as “hot foot.”

Another reason to use road cycling shoes is that if you have a clipless pedal, it would be hard to use your bike with regular shoes.

Q: Are clipless pedals really better that flat pedals?

A: this is a matter of preference but clipless pedals are safer. The reason is that clipless pedals are designed to hold your cycling shoes in place as you ride. This provides security for your feet. On the other hand, flat pedals allow your feet to slide about as you ride. If you’re not careful, this can cause an accident.

Clipless pedals are also designed to work well with your road cycling shoes so that cycling is more efficient. This means you can go faster while using less energy. On the other hand, the primary advantage of the flat pedal is that it doesn’t require any special shoe.

Q: how much stiffness does the sole of my shoe need?

A: stiff soles are best for cycling. They increase your efficiency and reduce how much energy you spend. However, they are not very good for walking in. This means they might become uncomfortable when you get off your bike. Road cycling shoes have different types of soles and levels of stiffness that you can select from based on your cycling habits.


We have presented you with a number of great road cycling shoe choices that will surely change your cycling experience. Whatever preferences you may have; you can find a good fit for you from this list based on your cycling habits. Just make sure you observe the things you need to consider before making your choice.

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