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In order to find the best glock sights, it is a good idea to consider various sights offered through different brands comparing everything from cost to features. From there, you can consider your options against your budget and preferred results. You can make an informed decision and find accessories that can easily be used with your glock. For some, this will involve a specific brand name or a feature offered by one product and not another, making it the best glock sights for your specific preference.

A purchase of after market accessories for your firearm is a decision that involves a lot of research and weighing various factors. There are multiple brands that offer various options when it comes to after market accessories, so it is important to know what you consider the most important factors prior to making a purchase.

Top 5 Best glock sights on the current Market

Consider This before buying best glock sights

The Purpose for the Majority of Your Shooting

Sportsmen tend to want sights that work well for longer distances, range shooting and enhance accuracy when aiming at targets. Certain sights would then be considered the best glock sights for these individuals. However, for those who want to enhance their accuracy in tense, self defense situations, different sights are preferred. When discussing the ideal sights with those who focus on improving self defense, the best glock sights will be a different answer. Therefore, it is wise to be considering your main preference for shooting and the sights that will be beneficial in those situations. From there, you can compare available models to choose the ideal sights for your firearm.

Typical Lighting Scenarios

Self defense situations do not typically arise in full daylight with optimal views in all directions. Therefore, the choice for best glock sights when it comes to self defense scenarios is one that can be used in dim light or darkness at its optimal usage. Meanwhile, marksmen that are fitting a firearm for range shooting primarily may well enjoy clear and well-lit conditions when they employ their best glock sights. Therefore, the different lighting possibilities are very important to the choice of after market sights. To avoid the purchase of an ineffective sight for your specific needs, these considerations are valuable before the purchase is made.

The Way the Sights Draw the Eye

Sights for target shooting on a range are ideal when they draw the eye to the front sight and beyond to the target. This allows better accuracy from greater distance. Meanwhile, for those who are looking for accuracy in competition, self defense or duty situations, the square notched black rear sights do not provide optimal draw for the eye and therefore less accuracy. When purchasing after market sights and deeming them the best glock sights available, it should be understood that different marksmen will be regarding a product as the best based on the manner in which those sights are used regularly.

Fragility of After Market Sights

Some after market sights can stand up to significant wear and tear. Some have a snag free design, that helps you have a smoother draw and means you won't lose precious seconds if you need to draw quickly. Other sights are made for their efficiency and accuracy, and the materials used may be less resilient when it comes to rough treatment. It is important to know what you need from after market products to have the best glock sights for your specific scenarios.

It is also very relevant whether you plan to concealed carry this firearm or you are going to mainly use it for range shooting and carefully store it when it is not in use. For those focusing on range shooting, the best glock sights may be those that don't stand up to rough treatment but provide optimal accuracy at long distances.

Quality of Sights for Successful Shooting

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it may be wise to read reviews from professional marksmen who have done comparisons between two or more of the products you are considering, naming one their pick for best glock sights. They may point out relevant issues with quality or success of target acquisition that you did not consider while reading specifications and product details. It is also wise to consider your level of proficiency with your weapon, as some after market products can be considered the best glock sights but still won't be ideal for you as a shooter due to experience level.

Recommended best glock sights reviews

Big Dot Tritium Sight 

For sights that will be effective in all light conditions, the Big Dot Tritium Sight is the way to go. These sights provide clear acquisition in low light, half light or daylight. They also have a low profile, snag free design to help with a quick retrieval from the gun's holstered location.

Best Use is Self De​fense

The Big Dot Tritium Sight could be considered the best glock sights because they are easy to use and provide enhanced safety when your firearm is primarily used for self defense. The installation process for these sights is relatively easy, with all necessary hardware included in the kit. While not ideal for range shooting, these sights provide optimal benefit for night shooting and are ideal when you need to hit a live target with several rounds quickly.

Night Shooting Easier with Glow in the Dark Sights

The fact that both front and back XS sights glow in the dark makes night aim that much easier to accomplish. These sights provide a much quicker time to target than stock sights. The sights are also not ideal for long-distance aim, but that is typically not going to be an issue for those who are looking into enhancing a firearm for self defense purposes.

Big Dot Come Out Ahead in Comparison Trials

These Big Dot sights won in a comparison with three dot sights when the Big Dot sights were on a compact 9mm and the three dot sights on a full frame 9mm, with the Big Dot sights allowing optimal accuracy at up to 25 yards. For those who are not looking for sights that will help on the range, these sights are the right choice for your concealed carry weapon.

TruGlo Bright - Site TFO Handgun Sight

The TruGlo Bright glows in the dark and is concealed so a potential target can not see them. The sight has a patented TFO technology and is useful during all light conditions. However, it really shines (no pun intended) while being used in dim or dark conditions. It has machined steel construction that creates a snag resistant design. The combination of tritium and fiber-optics ensures the sights will be durable and withstand wear and tear or hard use in a field scenario.

Best glock sights

Best Use Is at Night

These sights leave a bit to be desired in optimal lighting situations, but when it comes to darkness, there is little that compares with accuracy thanks to these particular sights. The ability to see and easily acquire the target make these fair consideration for the best glock sights in bad weather or nighttime scenarios.

Night shots are Easier with Battery Free Sight Glow

These sights do not require batteries to glow brightly in the dark, making for an easy aim and successful shot with little or no light. They are considered high quality and handle multiple scenarios better than comparable sights manufactured by other brands. The installation is easy if you have a vise and a brass punch. If you prefer hiring a gunsmith to install them, be prepared to spend as much as $60 on that process.

Came Out Ahead in Competition Scenarios

These sights are easy to install and fit into competition rigs, allowing for comfortable carry and also is durable to withstand concealed carry without throwing off any adjustment or breaking the sights. These sights are considered the best glock sights because they are useful in any lighting situation and are great for outdoor shooting. The only issue may be when a light source is behind it and focus can be an issue.

Trijicon HD GL101O Night Sight Set for Glock Pistols

The Trijicon HD Night Sights are the best glock sights for tactical shooting, as they have a taller blade and an aiming point centered in photo-luminescent paint for the front sight and paint and a wider u-shaped notch for the rear sight. A 12-year warranty shows the manufacturer's confidence that these are going to provide the quality you expect.

Best glock sights

Best Use Is Night Shooting

The neon green glow for these sights makes them easy to use at night. They also can be easy to see in the daylight, however, making them a good candidate for the best glock sights for all lighting conditions. The sights offer better visibility and increased accuracy when you don't have time to spend on your aim.

One-handed Firing is Easier with These Sights

The configuration of this particular set of sights allows for better aim and increases the accuracy of one-handed aim and firing. They provide easy installation and are preferred by experienced shooters. They are a good choice for those who concealed carry and are good for self defense.

Came Out Ahead in Night Situations

The sights come with both yellow and orange as far as the paint around the sights is concerned. This can make preference more of an issue than effectiveness of each color. Meanwhile, experienced marksmen prefer these for their weapon they carry for self defense, as the sights are ideal in quick sighting situations.

Snake Eyes Sights for Glocks T1372

Best glock sights

The Snake Eyes Sights are made of durable metal and have a rear sight that contains optical Lexan light pipes, which glow in low light or daylight. The sights help a marksman acquire the target quickly in a low light situation. The sights are said to be easy to install but have a recommendation to have a gunsmith install the rear sight, as it is a press fit application.

Best Use Is Self Defense

These sights are not recommended for target shooting, as they are more for quick aim at a larger area like center mass of a live target. For self defense, these sights make it easy to find the target and hit the center mass. Even at 50 feet, these sights are helpful in hitting the A zone. For those with less than optimal eyesight, these sights allow for accurate aim and successful shooting in the case of self defense. A concealed carry weapon is improved by the installation of these sights, making them a strong candidate for the best glock sights.

Aim in Fast Scenarios Is Easier with These Sights

The target acquisition is very straightforward with these sights. The front sight easily matches up with the target when seen through the rear orange ring. The shooter is then ready and able to shoot the target and hit the desired zone with minimal to no adjustment.

Came Out Ahead in Installation and Durability

This set of sights is easy to install for an experienced firearm owner. It also is very ruggedly constructed, which means it will stand up to use and the repeated removal from a concealed carry location. This makes it a great choice for best glock sights for self defense, since you can carry it on your person and be confident the sights will stand up to any abuse or wear from the repeated concealed carry.

Truglo Tritium Handgun Sight

The Truglo Sights are machined steel and have green front and rear sights. They use the brightest tritium available, ensuring you can see your target and have easy acquisition in low light situations. These sights offer easy installation with the use of a 3/16” thin-wall socket and a pusher tool. For those who wanted reasonably priced sights that improve accuracy and work well in low light situations, these sights can be in the running for best glock sights.

Best glock sights

Best Use Is Battle or Self Defense

These sights are not optimal for daylight use. They are not the quality and accuracy for a competition scenario. However, for scenarios where a marksman is not able to practice on a regular basis, these sights may be efficient to get the job done. These sights are great for a weapon that is going to be used for family or personal defense.

Long-Time Reliability Is Easier with Rugged Construction

The construction of these sights means they will last despite continual wear from being in a holster or other concealed carry location. This means you can trust the sights to maintain accuracy and still be helpful should a split second situation arise where you need to aim and aim quickly.

Came Out Ahead in Secure Installation

The front sight is held with a tricky screw pattern, which may be best installed by an experienced gunsmith. However, for anyone that has already had a stock sight fall off due to flimsy installation parameters, these sights may be considered the best glock sights for replacement.

Final Verdict 

Finding the best glock sights means knowing what you are looking for and what use will be your primary focus when it comes to firearm use and lighting conditions. Out of the above options, the best glock sights for self defense and various lighting situations would be the Big Dot Tritium Sights.These sights have high satisfaction ratings with those who already have purchased them and typically provide the easy installation and rugged construction that firearm owners prefer when investing in after market products. This is particularly important for a self defense weapon, since you need to be able to depend on the weapon to work as expected if you are in a desperate situation.

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