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To find the best fillet knife you have first, fish in the cold waters of the Colorado. Trout are the favored fish and by getting the best fillets from a 2-3 pounder, you learn to appreciate your fillet knife.

After a few years, trying to get the best fillet knife you hit the knife shows and specialty stores. After a while, you learn which knife and knife makers are the best.

Fillet Knives get you the best from your fishing endeavors

Fillet knives have a sharp blade that gets beneath the scales and goes between the ribs and flesh of a good-sized fillet. With a few deft moves, you have a sizable piece fish that is pan ready to give you a breakfast treat when you wake up with the birds and are camping out in the woods near your favorite stream or river.

A fillet knife is made flexible to follow the contours of the fish's bony skeleton and leave the bones in one piece that is easy to dispose of. You can also use this same type of knife in your kitchen as well and if you have a cat, they will love you forever.

Today, you're going to find the best fillet knife that fits not only your hand but fits into your lifestyle as well. We have found 5 of them on Amazon that gives you the best features you want in a knife that makes you a master of fish cookery.

But, before we dive into the world of fillet knives, you need to know what to look for in a knife.

Consider These Things Before Buying the Best Fillet Knife

Do not walk into the shop and pick any fillet knife that you come across. You need to be a smart buyer, and you will end up with the right product. There are some important things that you need to consider, for instance:

The size of the knife Blade

Filleting knives for fishing come in different sizes. Go for a knife with a blade length that will fit all your needs. If you are dealing with smaller fish, a blade with a smaller size will be effective. If the fish are relatively big, it is important to select a blade that is big in order to work well on bigger fish.

The material that is used to make the blade is also an important factor that you need to consider. The mist common material that you will come across is stainless steel. It is important to note that not all stainless steels have the same quality. Always go for a reputable brand and get the best knife that will last for a long period of time.

The flexibility of the blade really matters. The flexibility of the blade is more important for knives that have shorter blades, which are ideal for smaller fish. If the blade is longer, the less important the flexibility of the blade will be.

Get a Blade that's the right length

Depending on your fish size, you want a knife that has a blade long enough to handle the size of the fish you've caught. On the average, this could be as short as 5 inches to around 9 1/2. The short sized ones are used with smaller fish and longer blades work well with larger fish as well.

Get the right metal

You want a blade that is made from quality steel and though ceramic knives are razor sharp they don't have the flexibility to curve to separate the flesh and the rib bones of your fish. Many knives you buy today are stainless steel and this will give you a sharp blade and one that is as flexible as you need to cut cleanly and give you perfect fillets every time you use it.Another advantage is the knife will keep its edge and is immune to corrosion. So, you see this is why stainless steel is your best bet and gives you the kind of knife you'll use for years to come.

How much give in the blade

As we mentioned earlier stainless steel has the give you want to be the perfect filleting knife. One reason people buy their fish from the fishmonger is there are no bones. However, you can do the same kind of fillets and fish steaks yourself when your knife's blade is agile and slips between the meat and bones easily and without tearing.

The more flex in your knife's blade the quicker and easier you can work with it. Like the Damascus blades of old, a quality fillet knife can fold almost in have and spring back to its original sharp without warping.

The Handle

Today, we know everyone's hands are different. So finding a knife that fits yours is of paramount importance. Firstly, you have better control of the blade and then you can cut a fillet intact on one side of you favorite fish and then flip the fish over and do it a second time. Secondly, the right handle wouldn't slip when wet or covered in fish gore and guts. This prevents accidents caused by slippage. Lastly, the right handle is comfortable, fits your hand, and feels like an extension of yourself. You wouldn't tire even if you have a large catch of fish to fillet.

Who makes the knife?

The brand name of the maker is indicative of the quality of your knife. Certain brands make a good knife and that means you have one that will be around for a while and have the characteristics of a knife you will be happy with and get the most work out of.

The better the knife the more precise the cut and the faster you can have your fish fillets ready for breading and in the pan, frying or on the grill cooking to perfection. A little lemon and perhaps some capers as well. You can also have a fish fillet sandwich that is to die for. So, now let's take a look at the knives themselves.

Best Recommended Fillet Knife

American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife with Glove and 5 Blades

Best Fillet Knife

You have 5 blades that can handle the toughest fish you can find. It doesn't matter in the size as you can use the high torque 110-volt motor that powers its way through scales and will even carve through bone as well. The reciprocating action of the blade ensures a smooth clean cut. Your hand and arm do not feel any fatigue at all. The different size blades help you get the biggest fillets no matter the size of the fish you have to work with it.

Features at a glance

  • 5 blades in different lengths and shapes
  • Runs from domestic 110
  • Built-in venting and a cooling fan lets the knife run longer to handle the amount of fish you need to go through
  • Handles almost any fish with ease whether it is a trout, Striper, redfish, grouper, salmon, catfish, Muskie, and even rock cod
  • 8 ft polarized plug and cord
  • Additional blades are available and they are all compatible with all the knives made by the maker


  • Not only will it work with fish but ham, poultry, and various other cuts of meat
  • Holds up for years of cleaning a cutting up fish
  • Cut 15 to 20 pounds of fish a weekend and that is done with ease and no strain on the wrists


  • Got a used one from Amazon with blood on it, check that the box is sealed
  • Make sure you get the real thing and check to make sure it isn't a knockoff

Global Cromova G-21 - 6 1/4 inch, 16cm Flexible Boning Knife

Best Fillet Knife

Moly/Vanadium Stainless Steel that is in a 6 1/4 inch length that is flexible that lets you speed through a catch of fish leaving behind perfectly cut fish fillets. The handle is dimpled and wouldn't slip from your grasp. You have a razor-sharp blade that never dulls. The knife is balanced to fit your hand and you get a lifetime warranty along with all that the above. This pro chef knife bones and fillets your fish with ease.

Features at a glance

  • Sand filled handle that gives you the perfect balance
  • Finger notch provides perfect control of the knife
  • Thin and flexible blade perfectly lets you get the most meat and leaves only the bone behind
  • Sharpened to the correct angle and all you need to touch it up from time to time
  • You wash by hand to maintain the edge and it is the first choice for Japanese chefs and discerning cooks everywhere


  • The best knife in my kitchen
  • A great knife for home and professional chefs
  • Cuts cleanly and precisely and you don't have to force it
  • Magical balance and it moves like an extension of my hand
  • Light and super flexible
  • Razor sharp and all I have to do is swipe it across my ceramic knife sharpener every so often to keep it that way


  • Not a toy, this knife is made for a pro and not a newbie
  • Mine arrived dinged in the box and had to have it replaced

Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo Boning and Fillet Knife

Best Fillet Knife

A Japanese master of the blade recognizes one of their own with this knife. It's made for the chef whether pro or not to get the best knife possible. Its 6" blade glides effortlessly through whatever fish or meat you are preparing. The blade like the fabled Samurai swords is folded again and again 32 times. To give you one of the finest cooking knives you'll ever own.

Kai the maker of this knife is renowned for the quality of their line of fine blades that let you become the cook you were meant to be. You can do pro work and make dishes you've never even thought about making in the past.

Features at a glance

  • 6-inch fillet & boning knife
  • Made in the same Damascus style without the problem of rusting
  • Made of VG-10 super steel
  • D-shaped handle that gives a secure grip
  • Made in Japan inside Seki City, capital for samurai sword manufacturing
  • Folded blade with 32 folds(16 to side)
  • Rockwell hardness between 60 & 61
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Hand wash and dry


  • A great knife for both filleting and boning
  •  I've tried shaving with this knife and it did so right out of the box
  • Surgical precise cuts and you wouldn't find a better knife than this one
  • With a thin tip it makes its way around even small fish like snappers


  • It doesn't come in a wooden box or has a sheath either
  • Wish they made the knife with a longer blade

Bubba Blade 9-Inch Flex Fillet Knife

Best Fillet Knife

Full tang the entire length of the knife from the 9" blade to the 6" ergonomically shaped blade that fits the hand perfectly. You have perfect control over the knife whether you are filleting or boning the largest fish. Your thumb and fingers fit the pads that is comfort in your hand and you are able to use it for hours with no strain.

The blade tapers to a needle tip that lets you clean a fish and get the biggest cuts of fish fillets ever. The knife handles the larger fish with ease and for dressing a deer you wouldn't find a better knife anywhere on the planet.

Features at a glance

  • 9" blade
  • Non-stick coating on the blade
  • Full tang
  • Flexible blade that wouldn't rust
  • The knife cuts through fish bones easily and lets you clean and fillet with the best of them
  • Useful for dressing a deer or other wild game as well
  • Cuts fast and stays sharp for whatever use you put it to


  • Does fish and wild game as well with ease
  • I use it for fish, meat, and it can even skin a deer
  • Easy to sharpen and makes the best all-purpose knife for fish, meat, and poultry
  • It gives me the best fillet O' fish sandwich I've ever tasted
  • Comfortable and one of the best mass-market knives I've ever owned


  • Customer service leaves something to be desired
  • Wear a chain mail glove as this knife is a 9" razor

Havalon Baracuta Edge Folding Fillet Knife with 5-Inch Blades, Black/Orange

Best Fillet Knife

Here is a knife that fits a lefty or a right-handed person with a well-balanced knife that would slip while you are cleaning and filleting fish or dressing game. The 5” blade is made to handle and maneuver inside almost any sized fish and lets you remove the entire fillet in perfect form.

The knife comes with 5 blades total so you can pop a new one in whenever the work requires it. You can buy additional blades and others of different lengths and their replacement are easily done. You have a molded hand grip and with its modular blade replacement system, you'll always have a pro knife that cleans, fillets, and dresses any wild game or meats found in your kitchen or camp.

Features at a glance

  •  5" blade with an 11" total length
  • Military grade Polymer handle that is tough and non-slip
  • Comes with 5 #127XT blades
  • Additional replacement blades, as well as other blades, are available for purchase
  • Ambidextrous thumb studs
  • Comes with a nylon sheath for wearing on your belt


  • Drops your cleaning times dramatically and with less waste of meats as well
  • Sharp and great for cleaning fish, poultry, and game
  • Great knife and Haven't had to change a blade in over a year so far
  • Made for filleting your catch and doing ducks and geese as well as dressing a deer


  • Ultra sharp and you need to be careful when using or cleaning
  • Seems weak near where the blade meets the handle

Final Thought

When it comes to filleting a fish or dressing game you want the best filleting knife available. Today you have seen 5 of the best. Some are made in the traditional methods of the Samurai, while others are made of special blends of metals that make them superb cutting and filleting instruments. Others are mass-produced and still give you a blade that will clean and dress fish and other meats that you want to serve at your dinner table. You now get the most meat for your dollar without the bones.

But what's even better that they all come to you at an economical price and Amazon delivers them to your doorstep quick and with no hassles with returning the one you choose with no questions asked if you are not completely satisfied. Fish fillets can be the tastiest food on the planet if you prepare them in any of a number of cuisines, but only if you get the perfect fillet first upfront. That is what one of these knives will do for you and now all you have to do is click on the one that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle best.

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