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Best upright exercise bike

What happens when you want to invest in a top quality work tool for your healthy lifestyle needs? Well, introducing the best upright exercise bike that are designed to provide you with comprehensive workout results each time. Simply put, these are specialized bikes that can be used to the comforts of your home to achieve your day to day workout goals. In fact, most of these things come with unique design features that are customized to suit your workout needs. Since the advent of the first exercise bike to be launched in the consumer market, the conventional functionalities of some of these things have been improving and are nowadays amazing. We have come across several upswings especially in terms of workout features, thereby making these tools the ultimate addition for exercise regime.

Top 10 best upright exercise bike



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Best upright exercise bike
Best upright exercise bike

Best upright exercise bike

Best upright exercise bike

Best upright exercise bike

Best upright exercise bike

Best upright exercise bike

Best upright exercise bike

Best upright exercise bike
Best upright exercise bike

How to choose the best upright exercise bike


In most cases, you will often want to cycle at your pace, or you will perhaps require customizing your unique cycling session. For this reason, this is why these bicycles feature various programs that are designed to enhance your workout activities when using your exercise bike. The added benefit is that these programs are integrated into the functionalities of the bike, and it’s often simple to activate with the use of the special LCD screen. In most cases, the console will inform you whether you have chosen a program that increases the resistance levels. For instance, users may be able to choose resistance levels that are similar to when traveling on a hill.

Type of upright bike

Recumbent and upright bikes- these are the two main types of exercise bikes. To be specific, the upright bike allows the users to be seated just in the same manner as a conventional bicycle with the legs pointing downwards. On the contrary, a recumbent bike lets the users sit in a position that provides addition back support, with the legs position on the front section. As a result, the recumbent bikes are excellent for those who suffer from back complications.

Maximum user weight

Just as the name suggests, this refers to the maximum amount of weight that the bike can withstand at any given point in time. For this reason, it’s important for you to choose a bike with the appropriate design structure, especially if you are a heavy user. If you weight close to the limit indicated on the bicycle, then you may consider investing in the next version of the exercise bike. In this way, you can have a bike that provides sufficient support for your weight structure for long lasting workout results.

Magnetic resistance

The main feature of an exercise bike is that it should allow for customization resistance levels. This is because the resistance level determines your workout levels each time especially in relation to the program you have chosen. Significant portions of the top rated upright bikes provide excellent magnetic resistance levels, and they work in the same way as the brakes on a bicycle. The added benefit is that the resistance mechanisms are often built for long lasting performance. An excellent example of the latest magnetic resistance feature is the Eddy Current Brake, which is both highly efficient and silent in operation as well.

Electronic Screen and features

A significant portion of upright bikes comes with various additional features that are meant to improve the overall user experience. For instance, most bikes have a special electronic screen that informs users on their workout statistics and metrics. An excellent upright bike will include various electronic features such as backlit LCD screens, which are easier to read especially in poorly lit conditions.

Recommended Product Reviews

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

The therapeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse detection can be folded up and rolled away when you are done with your day-to-day workouts. Furthermore, this bike will also provide sufficient support for a weight capacity of well over 300pounds and it also comes with various top quality additional features. Some of the include

Features Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

Heavy-duty design and large cushion seat

This bike will easily provide support for 300 pounds weight capacity. As a result, it’s very easy to get off and on the bike, to provide an effective and comfortable workout approach each time. More so, it an excellent solution for long lasting performance even if you are a professional athlete. This bike also comes with a large seat that is not only highly comfortable, but it also provides sufficient comfort for users of any size. The seat is adjustable to fit almost any type of user.

8 level magnetic tension system and hand pulse sensors

This bike also has an 8 level magnetic tension control system that provides the user with the ability to customize the tension level for an easier and more challenging workout. Unlike the conventional resistance features on upright bikes, this 8 level magnetic feature is designed for optimal results, and it's silent in operation as well. All you simply need to do is to use the well-positioned electronic screen to input your ideal heart rate level.

Three piece crank system and space saving design

Best of all, the three-piece crank system provides high torque results and smooth pedaling motion. Additionally, the precision balanced flywheel and the V-belt drive will guarantee a quiet and smooth operation, which will not interfere with listening to music or perhaps when watching TV. The top quality space saving design can fold into half the size for storage, and it can be relocated to any other room in the home with the well-positioned transport wheels.

  • check
    This bike is silent in operation based on the superior design of the three-piece crank system
  • check
    The exerputic bike features an LCD screen and heart rate monitors.
  • check
    It comes with wheels for simple relocation and storage.
  • check
    This exerputic bike can support an average of 300 pounds.
  • This bike is rather heavy for some users.
  • It does not come with additional attachments.
Final Verdict

Given all these points, the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse is a worthwhile investment for those who want convenient workout results each time. From the well-positioned LCD screen to the 8 level tension resistance system, this bike guarantees solid performance results.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Are you ready for top quality cardio workouts that complement your everyday workout goals? With upgraded comfort features, a broad spectrum of customization fictionalizes the Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is a re-incarnation of history’s most effective tools, the bicycle.

Features of Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Dual track LCD and four user levels

Perhaps the most important feature of this upright bike is that it comes with a Dual track two LCD two window system that allows users to monitor well over 13 different display feedback. Furthermore, this special LCD provides sufficient back-light quality to make it an excellent tool for use even in poorly lit conditions. The Schwinn 170 upright bike will also allow as many as four users to store their customized workout plans for added convenience. These user profiles are integrated with special goal tracking benefits to keep you challenged and motivated as well.

Exclusive workout programs and 25 level resistance

Besides that, this upright bike also features well over 29 exclusive exercise programs that have been customized by professional workout professionals. For instance, one heart rate program controls your heart rate, and users can also customize their unique fitness tests. Furthermore, users will also appreciate the inclusion of the 25 levels of resistance. The ten resistance quick keys will rapidly take you from easy to hard and back again for added convenience.

Sturdy frame and thick padded seat

This unit also has a sturdy frame that can support almost any type of user weight even when pedaling at high speeds. To be specific, the sturdy frame comprises of a special aluminum allow construction for long lasting durability and body support results. The inclusion of large contoured padded seat with fore and aft adjust ability lets you fine tune the bike to suit your needs. The added benefit of this special seat design is that it guarantees long-term comfort results without leading to fatigue.

  • check
    This bike has a sturdy frame design and large contoured padded seat.
  • check
    It provides well over 25 resistance levels for a customized training approach.
  • check
    This Schwinn bike has a telemetry hea​​​​rt rate monitor with an ergonomic design.
  • check
    This unit comes with 6 LED tracking lights and adjustable handlebars.
  • This bike takes time to set up.
  • The transportation wheels require users to slant the bike which can be rather tedious.
Final verdict

All things considered, this Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is a good addition for your workout needs based on its superior quality design features. From the large contoured seat to the ergonomically placed heart rate monitor, this unit is tailor-made for your workout regime

Marcy Upright Mag Bi​ke

Getting it at home has never been easier without the superior benefits of the Marcy magnetic exercise bike. This is because this excellent upright bike provides a smooth and quiet magnetic resistance system, with well over eight levels of preset resistance to suit your unique fitness needs. This unit also offers excellent features for tracking your activities. Furthermore, this upright bike has a sturdy design that provides optimal support even at intense workout speeds.

Features of Marcy Upright Mag Bike

Adjustable tension and well positioned LCD

This best upright bike allows users to increase and decrease the intensity of the ride with the inclusion of the adjustable tension control feature. Furthermore, this Marcy exercise bike features an easy to read computer that informs you of the speed, calories and time of your unique workout activities. For ease of operation, the easy to use computer screen displays the distance, time and speed of your workout activities.

Adjustable seat and secure pedals

Workout enthusiast will also appreciate the inclusion of the flexible seating that is customized for the needs of almost any type of user, whether tall or short. More so, this unit comes with secure pedals that have straps to secure the user's feet such that they can comfortable use the equipment without the anxiety of losing their footing.

Counterbalanced pedals and eight levels of resistance

Besides that, this upright bike also features unique counterbalanced pedals that are designed for smooth and efficient cycling results. The unique counter balance mechanism helps you maintain optimal control of the pedals even at high speeds. With well over eight levels of resistance, users can easily select the workout metric that will suit their needs.

More so, the eight levels of resistance are simple to select just by using the LCD screen,
  • check
    This March upright bike has a compact yet powerful design.
  • check
    It features an excellent LCD screen for customizing your workout.
  • check
    It provides eight levels of resistance for your customized workout.
  • check
    The durable design guarantees long lasting results.
  • This upright bike is not ideal for overweight users.
  • It does not come with replacement parts.
Final verdict

In conclusion, this Marcy Upright Mag Bike is the perfect addition to your workouts since it helps you get an effective aerobic workout based on the adjustable seat that helps you achieve the perfect results. More so, this unit has a well-positioned LCD to allow for convenient customization of your workout activities.


Finally, when it comes to enhancing your workout regime, then there is barely any space for poor decision making on your part. Simply put, it's imperative that you settle for healthy lifestyle habits and that you also invest in some of the top rated workout equipment. For this reason, we highly recommend that you start out with our coherent best upright bike reviews such that you can make an informed decision for health. The added benefit is that these bikes were chosen based on comprehensive market research techniques along with our superior knowledge of exercise equipment. For more best recumbent bike

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