Best bowling Shoes for men and Women Reviews

Bowling is the type of sport that requires the player to throw a bowling ball to hit the target. People mostly play this game for fun and as a leisure activity. Well, just like any other sport, you cannot go bowling in heels or regular sneakers since the sport requires the player to wear special shoes. Bowling shoes are crafted with unique features to accommodate all players including the left-handed bowlers. Also, the shoes are usually made with unique characteristics different from the usual shoes and other sports shoes to keep your feet safe and secure from getting Achilles tendinitis. Before you purchase a pair of the best bowling shoes, there are some essential tips that you need to keep in mind.

Best bowling Shoes

Top 5 Best bowling Shoes

Top 5 Best bowling Shoes Reviews

BSI women's 651 Bowling Shoes

If you are thinking of learning how to bowl then, I would recommend this pair of bowling shoes. It makes it top our top best bowling shoe designed for ladies due to its excellent features. First of all, a lot of women will be attracted by the beautiful black and pink colors used in making the shoe. It is quite durable since the upper cover is made of sturdy sports leather material.

 One main focus one has to keep in mind when buying any sports shoes is the design to ensure it will offer support to your ankle and the feet. With BSI women bowling shoes your feet are well secured from getting injuries with the padded tongue, and the collar. It is light in weight to ensure that women can easily and quickly move around the alley. It comes in different sizes which range from 5 to 11 sizes.


  • The shoes are made of a durable leather material on the upper part.
  • They are quite comfortable to move around with.
  • The shoes consist of a padded tongue that offers support to the upper part of the feet especially when you slide or bend the feet.


  • The shoes are made in a bigger size and therefore to get a good fitting you need to buy a size smaller.
  • The shoes are only suitable for beginners since they don't offer too much sliding.
  • A lot of customers have complained about the quality of the sole since it consists of foamed rubber which seems to be a bit weak.

Brunswick Men's Flyer Bowling Shoes

My wife is an expert bowler but funny enough I am not a fan of bowling. Well, I thought of joining her last Saturday as our way of bonding and to be honest I believe all I needed was a cute pair of bowling shoe to become a fun of the game. When I speak of a nice pair of bowling shoe, I mean Brunswick bowling shoes. The shoes consist of the best and high-quality features that are essential for a beginner or even an expert.

Some of these features include the soft padded upper tongue that provides support for the feet when you bend it. The shoes are made of rubber sole which makes it comfortable and light to move around with. The arc cut and fitting are excellent to ensure that your ankle oi protected from the injuries such as the Achilles tendinitis.



  • The shoes are light in weight and flexible
  • safe to use since the collar tongue is made with a padded material.
  • The price of the shoes is also pocket-friendly
  • The shoes offer excellent sliding while throwing the bowling ball
  • The fitting is just perfect
  • I would not recommend the shoe for expert or for the people who want to achieve heel sliding since the heel is flat.
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Dexter Men's Ricky III Bowling Shoes

Are you wondering what to get your boyfriend for his birthday and yet he loves to bowl? Well, get him a pair of Dexter bowling shoes. First of all the shoes are man-made hence durability, and sound quality is assured. This is an essential bowling shoe for those who love to have at a maximum sliding since the heel is raised. It is comfortable and allows free flow of air through the outer fabric material of the shoes.

 For comfort and safety of your feet especially when the shoes bend, the collar tongue is crafted with soft, extra padded material to keep the feet safe and secure.



  • It is safe to use since the tongue consists of extra padding.
  • It is of high quality since it is man-made.
  • They are quite comfortable as they are made with fabric for the free flow of air and the rubber sole
  • This kind of shoes is not ideal for beginners especially if they are not familiar with sliding.
  • The shoes are made of fabric material hence tends to get dirty pretty fast.
  • The shoes are also expensive as compared to other brands.

StrikeForce Men's Flyer Bowling Shoe

Quality is one of the factors to look out for when buying your sports shoes. Some of the areas that you should pay attention to are the kind of material that the shoes are made with. When it comes to Strikeforce bowling shoes, you don't have to worry since the shoes are made of synthetic material which is strong. Also, the upper part of the shoe is man made to ensure that every part is fixed correctly to provide a comfortable fit. 

The outer sole consist of rubber material that guarantees durability and flexibility while bowling. Other excellent features on the shoe include the slide pads responsible for the flexibility of the shoes.



  • The shoes are crafted with high-quality materials like the slide pad that provides flexibility when bowling.

  • The shoes are neatly made with hands to ensure they last for long.

  • The shoes are also quite safe to wear since the upper part is made with padded collar.

  • Some customers have complained about the stiffness felt on the sole part of the shoe.

  • They are not comfortable for expert or active bowlers since they don't provide good sliding.It looks attractive.

Pyramid Men's Ram Black Bowling Shoes

Apart from buying a high-quality bowling shoe you also need to buy a beautiful and unique shoe that will provide comfort and make you stand out from the crowd. Well with pyramid men's bowling shoe is crafted with a sleek and classic look. The sole of the shoe has soft material that enables one to have a smooth and easy slide while bowling. This is one of the most recommended male bowling shoes since it offers the best sliding effect. 

It is also quite convenient as it can be used by both right and left handed bowlers.It is comfortable to wear, and for quality assurance, the shoe comes with a two-year warranty.



  • It looks attractive.
  •  It is versatile and can be used by both right and left handed bowlers.

  • Comes with a two-year warranty on manufacturers defect.

  • The shoes are made in different sizes including for kids.

  • The shoes are made in a more prominent size hence one has to buy one number smaller for a proper fitting.

  • The shoes are expensive.

  • The shoes are not suitable for beginners since they provide a maximum sliding effect which may be a bit uncomfortable for beginners.

Tips on how to select the best bowling shoes

The use

First of all, you need to ask yourself if you need the bowling shoes for occasional playing or regular playing. This is important because some players opt to rent bowling shoes whereby they pay a few dollars to use the shoes. This is ideal for those who like to bowl maybe twice or once a month since you will not spend a lot of cash. For those who bowl almost every week or even two times a week, it is advisable that you consider buying a pair since it is much cheaper as compared to renting.

The price

The price of the shoes determines the brand and the features that the shoes possess. Therefore if you are looking for a more advanced and featured bowling shoes, be prepared to spend a few more bucks to purchase or rent it.

How much you want to slide

Although a lot of people don't notice this, all the bowling shoes are designed in a sliding mode on the soles which enables the players to move a little more towards the target. The sliding is classified into three stages which include the short sliding, intermediate sliding, and the maximum sliding. For beginners, select the shoes that have a flat sole since it helps in controlling your feet movement. For medium sliding, the appropriate shoe is the one with a raised heel and for maximum sliding, choose a shoe that has either interchangeable heel or sole. Note that for you to use the sole with interchangeable sole or heel, you require enough experience since you can easily hurt your feet while sliding.

The size

Bowling shoes are also made in different sizes for different fittings. But it is essential to note that the shoes are not made with the standard shoe numbers hence if you are ordering from the online, you may need to buy a half size bigger or smaller to get a proper fitting. Ensure the shoe is not too tight or too big to make your movements flexible and convenient.


The quality of the shoe determines how smooth your bowling experience will be. Therefore ensure you purchase the shoe from a good dealer, and it has all the required features.

Benefits of bowling shoes

To maintain a good approach

The regular shoes tend to trap a lot of things including the sticky gums. On the other side, for one to be able to hit the target and have a clear approach you need to maintain a right balance and have nothing that may destruct you from sliding well. The bowling shoes are strictly meant for use at the bowling lanes hence they are clean and free of any debris. This is one of the reasons as to why people are advised not to enter the bowling areas with any foods or with their shoes.

Easy to control

Bowling shoes are designed in different sliding modes for customers to choose from. This makes it easy to control the shoe depending on the skills that you have playing this game something that you can not be able to do with other kinds of shoes.With easy to control shoes, one can have a clear shot and comfortable movement as well.

Maintain cleanliness

The bowling alleys are expected to remain clean and free from any debris. Well, bowling shoes are specifically designed for use in the lane hence making it easy and possible to maintain the cleanliness.

Are comfortable

Bowling shoes are made for all genders, and therefore for the sake of women and kids, the shoes are quite light and easy to move around with which enables one to slide while throwing the bowling ball easily.

Drawbacks of using bowling shoes

Uncomfortable for beginners

The bowling shoes are not like any other sports shoes since they require knowledge and skills regarding how to control and slide as well. This is a feature that may take some time for beginners to adjust and be comfortable.

Not versatile

Bowling shoes are not designed with interchangeable soles, and therefore those who want to experience different sliding movements may be required to buy different pairs of shoes to achieve it.


Bowling shoes are the most expensive sports shoes in the world. Also, lack of versatility in sliding makes it more costly since the player has to rent or buy multiple pairs to achieve their sliding results.


If you are tired of renting bowling shoes at the alleys, then you must consider buying the above-discussed bowling shoes. They are designed in different features essential for women and men depending on your knowledge and skills of the sport. Bowling like any other game needs you to master your moves and tactics which can be achieved by buying a suitable and comfortable pair of shoe. So follow the above buying guide to help you in selecting the best and the most comfortable shoe.

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