How to get best result by using Recumbent exercise bike

We all love to stay fit and have sexy body or abs to show off to the world. You can easily achieve this is by eating a healthy diet and also going to the gym. The thing is some of us do not get enough time to go to the gym due to the busy schedules at work, and for such reasons, how about you buy your gym equipment. One of the most used gym equipment is the recumbent bicycle since it gives great results in toning the lower body parts.

get fit by using Recumbent exercise bike


​What is a recumbent bike? This is a workout equipment designed in the form of a bicycle whereby the rider lays back in a reclined position as he or she cycles the peddles.

​ ​​How to get fit by using Recumbent exercise bike

​Adjust the bike's seat.

One way to attain the most and the best results in any workout routine is by ensuring that you are comfortable. With comfort, you can exercise in the appropriate position, and it also helps prevent hurting your body. The same case applies to the recumbent bikes. Before you start your cycling activities, make sure that you adjust the seat to form a good position. Remember these devices are used by people of different sizes and weights, therefore, verify that the bike is in the right place as well. Adjusting the seat is quite easy since all you need to do is to slide it either backward or forward depending on your size to ensure that you can quickly reach the peddles without stretching your legs too much or bending them too much.

​Stretch our body.

It is always important that before you start any exercise, to stretch out your body to warm up the body muscles and prepare them for the activities. The same case goes for those who want to exercise using the recumbent bike. Remember this is also a form of exercise and all the body parts that you will involve in this type of activity should be warmed up. This helps the body joint to be flexible for any movements, and the muscles get activated and ready. Some of the exercises to stretch with include lunges, toe touching, leg swings, leg stretching and so on.

​Warm up on the recumbent bicycle.

One mistake that most people make while working out with the recumbent bike is the fact that they jump right off into active cycling which in return makes their bodies and muscles to get tired fast. So before you begin vigorous riding, get first to test the movement of the peddles and the right position to use when riding the bike to ensure you get the best and ultimate results. So warm up on the bike for about five or seven minutes until you are able and comfortable to start your workout. This action helps in preparing your body muscles to have a smooth workout session.

Get fit by using Recumbent exercise bike

​ Work on a proper post.

A recumbent bicycle requires the user to maintain a particular form to ensure that your back and other involved body parts are safe from any injuries and also to make sure that you get the best results using the equipment. So if you are a beginner ask for help from a trainer on the best position to maintain while working out but at the same time make sure the form is comfortable and offers resistance. Your aim to burn as many calories as possible but keep your safety into consideration too. Your back should be well aligned with the back of the seat and in the case where you are focusing on your thighs or the lower body you can hold on to the handlebars located on the sides of the bike.

​Be patient

You cannot get your anticipated results within a day as it takes time, a lot of efforts and by using the right resistance too. So don't be too quick to involve your muscles to high resisting positions as you may tire quickly or even end up getting injuries on your back. Choose a resistance depending on the amount of experience you have. For example, as a beginner start with the lowest and basic cycling routines, and once you have mastered your techniques, you can always increase the resistance.

​Keep busy while cycling.

One of my favorite tip while working out is listening to music which helps me shift my mind from what am doing hence enabling me to work out for long and get motivated too. So don't just focus on the cycling art but instead get other activities to keep you busy and prevent you from getting bored. You can try out other tips apart from what I have shared with your such as reading a magazine, newspaper or anything that you like to do aside from cycling. Just make sure the activity is motivating you rather than slowing you down.


So if you wish to join the gym to tone up your thighs or core, consider trying out the recumbent bike as it gives excellent results in those areas. Also, follow the above tips to guide you in achieving the best results using this proper gym equipment.

How to get fit by using Recumbent exercise bike
How to get fit by using Recumbent exercise bike
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