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Sports can be one of the very effective ways to keep fit. Especially for women who would not want to do hefty gym exercises and would want to follow a regular cardio routine to maintain fitness, sports can be a good exercise. However, with the sports, comes the question that what should a woman wear while she is riding a bike. There can be many problems with the regular outfits if they are worn while riding the bike. Thus, the Women's Sportswear has to be very different and fit to the body so as not to leave any loose clothes on the body.

There can be multiple types of sportswear which are used by women which not only serve the purpose of clothing to be used while playing but look attractive and stylish as well as the women wear them. Some of this sportswear are discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

Types of Different Women's Sportswear

Sports Bras

Sport bras are most commonly worn by women while playing different types of sports especially riding the bike and running. They hold on to the body and are very comfortable to wear as well. They can be worn up front or can be worn inside a loose t-shirt or a top depending on the preference of the lady.

Women's Sportswear

Tank Tops

Tank tops are tops which cover the midriff and the stomach of the women but do not have any sleeves. They fit comfortably on the body and can be short as well as mid length depending on the preference. They can be mainly used in sporting events like skiing or riding bike.

Tank Tops

Fitness Pants

These are bottom pants which can be made up of different types of fabrics. Nylon pants can be used during the winter seasons as the nylon absorbs the sweat as well as rain and is comfortable to wear as well. In summers, however, cotton pants can be used to provide the comfort to the body. They can be available in multiple lengths to a woman.

Fitness Pants


There can be multiple other sportswear accessories as well which add to the desirability of the women like stockings or the socks, shoes and many other accessories. The women sportswear usually apart from serving their regular purpose of providing comfort to the body can make a woman look desirable and stand out in the large sporting crowd. However, a woman should be very careful to wear the right outfit according to the type of sports played.

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