Best Boxing Shoes for Men & Women Reviews & Guides 2017-2018

Best Boxing Shoes

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​Best boxing shoes are important to those who are interested in boxing. Those who have experience realize that they need the right support and grip to put power behind their punches. Boxing is about footwork, and that means having the right shoes for the activity.

Top 10  Boxing shoes for Boxer on the Current Market

Best Recommended Boxing Shoes Reviews

Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

Best Boxing Shoes

Special Features and details

  • A workout in the ring or a serious fight means you need shoes that can stand up to the abuse you will put them through. 
  • This pair of boxing shoes is the right choice, with plenty of color options to have them looking stylish while they work hard to give you stability during a fight.
  • These shoes offer a non-slip rubber sole, breathable nylon mesh and a low-top ankle that allows ankle support and encourages easier movement in the ring. 
  • These shoes provide reliable footing for those who need it.


  • These shoes are available at a reasonable price
  • The Dablo Boxing Shoes have a breathable mesh to keep your feet cool.
  • The quality construction means your shoes won't give up until you do.
  • These shoes are made true to size, so you order your normal size and get perfectly-fitting shoes.


  • The material used to make these shoes is not the best. It can give easily when put through a tough workout.
  • The shoes need to be tied tightly to provide adequate ankle support.
  • For some wearers, these shoes are too narrow to be comfortable.
  • These shoes are not very supportive

Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes - SS17

Best Boxing Shoes

Special Features and details

  • These shoes are great for sparring and for a fight.
  •  Working in the boxing ring means you need comfortable shoes that allow your feet to breathe while providing traction and help you improve your performance.
  • The Adidas Box Hog may be the best boxing shoes for you if you are looking for a shoe that are durable and provide the right balance for you as you box.
  • The Adidas Box Hog 2 are the shoes that professionals and experienced boxers invest in when they need a shoe that will hold up to their rough treatment. 
  • They understand the importance of having shoes that won't break while you are mid-swing, and these shoes live up to expectations. T
  • he quality and look of these shoes are what makes the difference between them and a lesser quality shoe.


  • Synthetic suede overlays allow you the comfort of a quality fit and secure feel.
  • The midsole is light with cushioning to make the heel comfortable.
  • The outsole is gum rubber, which means better footing in an indoor ring.
  • These shoes are comfortable and fit well, giving the wearer a reliable shoe for sparring or the fight.


  • It can be hard to find the right fit. For some, the shoe needs to be ordered up a size from regular. For others, it is the right fit ordering your usual shoe size.
  • There are no color options for this shoe, other than black.
  • The sole can come loose after limited wear, since it is glued rather than sewn.


Best Boxing Shoes

Special Features and details

  • The Rival Boxing Boots offer a lot of comfort, improved pivot and great ankle support.
  •  These shoes are high top and provide that support needed to be fleet of foot in the ring.
  • These boxing boots may be the best boxing shoes for you if you need a high top that provides great support.
  • These boots have a mesh that is fully ventilated, paired with cowhide upper and a sock liner that ensures you feet stay cool during the most heated matches.
  •  The boots also are thin and flexible with an ergonomic insole, arch support and great cushioning. The boots fit true to size for men's sizing.


  • These boots offer a high profile to ensure good ankle support.
  • The cowhide upper allows optimal air circulation when paired with the sock liner and ventilated mesh.
  • These boxing boots provide a stylish look and a comfortable fit.


  • These boots are a higher price than some comparable footwear.
  • These sell out quickly, so they can be hard to purchase.

Title Boxing Title L​o-Top Boxing Shoes

Best Boxing Shoes

Special Features and details

  • These shoes are fully synthetic.
  •  These might be the ideal boxing shoes for you if you are looking for more speed and quicker footwork.
  • That is because these shoes offer a full synthetic leather upper that is paired with tight weave nylon fill.
  • Professional boxers prefer this lo-top option because the shoes offer great ankle support while allowing room for your toes to breathe.
  • These shoes are light, provide great grip and are a great fit. T
  • hey also come in multiple color combinations to ensure they look great while they provide comfort and grip.


  • These shoes are made of quality materials.
  • The comfort of the shoe is such that most people forget they are wearing them.
  • These shoes are great for sparring or a fight. They provide comfort and grip so you can focus on boxing.
  • These boxing shoes are reasonably priced, so they would work well as a backup pair.


  • These shoes run a little small and do not come in half sizes.
  • These shoes are made of synthetic materials, which can mean easier wear and tear.
  • These shoes are not recommended for really intense training sessions. After use by an experienced boxer for some time, the soles may peel.

Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Boxing Shoes - Black

Best Boxing Shoes

Special Features and details

  • When stepping in the ring, sometimes nothing compares to wearing simple black and knowing that your boxing shoes are up to the task. 
  • You can focus on your footwork and your boxing, while knowing your shoes will withstand the abuse and the test of being in the ring.
  •  These boxing shoes come with a light, nonstick rubber sole, a wide upper and laces that eliminate strain.
  • These boxing shoes provide comfort and have a side zipper that makes getting them on and off easier.
  • A boxer may prefer these because they will stand up to abuse for longer periods than a cheaper competing shoe.


  • Zipper allows easy on and off.
  • Materials are high quality and absorbent.
  • Shoes are heavy, which means good quality material and can be trusted to last a long time.


  • Sole is glued instead of sewn. This means it may break more quickly than a sewn sole.
  • Shoes run a little big. Purchasers need to buy a size down from normal.
  • Higher price than some competitors means a bigger hit to your wallet.
  • Heavier weight can also interfere with footwork.

How to Choose the Best Boxing Shoes

Is It Necessary to Buy Boxing Shoes?

It is important to buy boxing shoes. For some sports and recreational activities, you can skip certain accessories or tools. However, as a boxer, you need the right footwear to give you an appropriate grip on the floor without going overboard. Using other types of shoes in the boxing ring can really interfere with your abilities as a boxer. Your performance and chance of injury are changed dramatically when you have boxing shoes.

What Level Shoe is Right for Me?

There are three levels of boxing shoes: the beginner/intermediate, the pro and the specialty boxing shoe. Of these three, it is very dependent on your boxing prowess which shoes might be best for you specifically. The beginner/intermediate shoes are a great place to start, ideal for beginners or someone who is purchasing their first pair of boxing shoes.

Meanwhile, the pro level boxing shoes can be helpful to an advanced boxer, someone who needs shoes to fight in or a pair of shoes for hard sparring. Finally, the specialty boxing shoes are made for those who are experienced enough to know they need a specific situation addressed. These shoes can be low cut or ultralight, they can be made for wide feet or they can be shoes that can be used for wrestling or boxing.

Will I Pivot Better with Boxing Shoes?

The short answer to this is - Yes. Your ability to pivot for lead hooks, straight rights and overhand rights will increase, which means good things for your power and distance. This is important and can make a huge difference in your boxing abilities. Therefore, purchasing boxing shoes is a worthwhile investment for the improvement in pivoting alone.

What Grip Will My Boxing Shoes Provide?

The appropriate level of grip for a boxer is one where you can grip the smooth floor better than you would in bare feet but not as extensively as your running shoes would provide. This grip means better footing for your punches and more power behind them as a result.

Will I Get Good Support and Stability?

Lateral movements, particularly those that are short and jerky and familiar to a boxer, are not supported by regular footwear. This is why the investment in proper boxing shoes is so important. You not only get better support for those movements, but you also find you have better overall stability. This occurs because you get better grip, pivoting and ankle support, which work together to improve your stability in the ring.

Benefits of buying/using the best boxing shoes for boxing

Many up and coming or amateur boxers/wrestlers are always looking for the newest and best equipment in the sport that will benefit and up their game in the ring against their opponents. Furthermore, although it may be a bit pricey, there are many benefits/advantages to forking out a little bit more money for the best boxing/wrestling shoes especially when trying to get to the next level/become a professional.


Comfort - compared to cheap boxing/wrestling shoes, one of the benefits that the best boxing/wrestling shoes offer is comfort. Boxers and wrestlers will find that they almost forget they are wearing shoes! Furthermore, higher quality boxing shoes provide the necessary cushioning, breathable mesh to allow optimal air circulation as well as to keep your feet cool and lastly, a high profile for good ankle support as well as the ability to easily take them off and on.


Quality - unlike low-priced boxing/wrestling shoes that are unreliable, do not last long, wear easily and are made with material that is low quality, boxers who opt for the best boxing available will be happy to know that their shoes are made with high quality material, will last a very long time and finally, won't wear and tear.

Increased movement/flexibility

Increased movement/flexibility - another benefit of buying/using the best possible boxing shoes available is that they offer the boxer/wrestler increased movement and flexibility meaning they will be able to be move more quicker and incorporate more footwork into their offense and defense against their opponents. Furthermore, they will provide better traction meaning you will be able to stay up on your feet/balance much better. In other words, using higher quality boxing shoes will equal a greater chance of winning your battles/fights in the ring.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of buying/using the best boxing shoes

Is it necessary to buy the best boxing shoes?

The answer to this question is yes and no. If you are looking to become a professional boxer/wrestler than it is absolutely recommended that you buy the best pair of shoes available as it will only help you win more fights in the ring. However, if your a amateur or just box/wrestle for fun then perhaps no.

Is there certain brands of boxing shoes that I should consider?

Yes, there are several companies/brands that make boxing shoes that you should consider checking out such as Ringside Diablo, Adidas, RIVAL BOXING, Title Boxing, Cleto Reyes, Reebok and lastly, Otomix. Although you may lean towards one company/brand than the other, they all offer exceptional, high-quality boxing shoes.

If I buy the best possible boxing shoes available to me, how long will they last?

It is hard to say how long your boxing shoes will last you due to the fact that there is several factors involved such as, for example, how often you are using them/how often you are boxing/wrestling and if you take good care of them when your away from the ring (polishing, etc).

Final Verdict

When it comes to price, grip, quality of materials and general satisfaction with the product, the answer to your search for the best boxing shoes is Rival Boxing Boots RSX One High-Tops. These boxing shoes provide the best materials, ensure your feet will be cool due to the combination of a sock liner and breathable mesh with a cowhide upper that allows for the best ventilation. These shoes will last longer than competitor's options and won't have you spending more money within the year to get a better pair of shoes. Check for best hiking shoes

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