2016 Best Double Stroller for Newborn and Toddler

Best Double stroller has actually evolved. Gone are the days when these strollers were so huge that bringing them to a mall or park were nightmarish. Double strollers have become lighter and less bulky. They are compact and easier to manoeuvre, too. You’ll be happy with the many choices of double strollers you can find on the Internet as well as traditional brick and mortar stores.

At times, a double stroller isn’t just a means to carry your kids and bring them to another place. It can also be used to strap two babies into one space so they can be easily monitored. On the part of the busy parent, it allows her to get things in their proper order, and complete a task like preparing meals or feeding the little ones. There’s no denying that a double stroller is a heaven sent to households with multiple babies and toddlers.

There are different types of double strollers. One is the twin or side-by-side baby stroller. It has two seats placed next to each other. It provides same arm and leg room for both kids, allowing them to easily talk and see each other. More importantly, mums and dads can easily reach both babies.

best double stroller

Another type is the tandem or stadium stroller, where one seat is behind the other. The back seat can be fully reclined, which cannot be said of the front seat. This arrangement makes the tandem stroller ideal for an infant and a toddler. All terrain double strollers, meanwhile, provide enhanced stability over different kinds of surfaces. A sit and stand stroller, on the other hand, is ideal for a baby and a toddler who can walk but prefers not to be strapped down in a stroller.

What Is a Double Stroller?

A best double stroller is a stroller that is designed to accommodate up to two children. They are extremely versatile and are loaded with great features that are all designed to improve the experience for you and your children in their new stroller. Below, we have put together the ultimate guide that will help you find the best double stroller for your kids.

Why Do You Need a Double Stroller?

Double strollers are ideal for parents with two children. It is not very practical to expect to push around two different strollers at the same time. Likewise, it is difficult to manage your life day to day if you are only able to transport one kid around at a time. A best double stroller solves this problem for you.

A double stroller will allow you to secure one or two children safely in it. There are many high-quality double strollers out on the market that is loaded with different features and accessories. You will be able to find strollers that are specifically designed for joggers or walkers alike. They can handle rough terrain and are agiler than you may expect.

There is a huge demand for high-quality best double stroller designs and manufactures have met those expectations. In this guide, we have reviewed some of our favourite double strollers for you. Each of the strollers has received a great rating on Amazon, are generating a lot of sales and its users are very happy with them.

This guide is put together to help you sort through all the options that you have from your double stroller. Read below to find out more information.

How to Choose the Best Double Stroller?

If you are looking for a best double stroller, you may be excited to know that you have a ton of options available to you. There are many things that you should consider when you are comparing options against one another. These considerations should be taken into account for each model. This will allow you to compare and contrast them with one another.

You will find that some of the double strollers do not have the sufficient features that you are looking for. Some may be priced too high, some may be overly loaded with features, some may be better suited for jogging and others are not designed for that at all. As you can see, there are a number of factors that you will have to consider when you are shopping for the best double stroller to use for your children.

Below, we have listed many of the most important factors that you should take into consideration when you are shopping for a double stroller. You can read below to get a more detailed look at what you should keep in mind when comparing them to each other.


Arguably the most important consideration in choosing the best double stroller is the weight capacity of the unit. This means you should find out how much weight the baby stroller can support. Since double strollers are designed to support two children, the weight limits typically range from 70 to 100 pounds. Obviously, you need to add the weight of your babies to find out if a double stroller would be right for them. But you also have to estimate how heavy your children will be in 1-2 years. Making an educated guess on the estimated weight of your children can help you invest in a stroller that will be useful for the years to come.


The weight of the double stroller must also be considered when you’re shopping for one. Naturally, double strollers will weigh more than singleton strollers because these are designed to hold two children. The lightest double strollers usually weigh 30 pounds. But if you’re adding accessories and infant car seats, the weight of the stroller will obviously be affected or increased. The weight of the stroller is important because you may have a difficult time in pushing heavy double strollers, especially when your children are on it. Choose a stroller that you think is light enough for you or your partner to push around.


You should also be wary of how well the double stroller moves. This can depend on things like the way it was designed, as well as its balance. You’d want to give the stroller you’re interested in a try just to see how well it moves. This should give you an idea how easy it is to push the stroller, particularly when you and the kids are navigating narrow spaces. Your height can also be a factor. If you’re tall, there’s a chance that you may kick the back wheels. If you and your spouse (or a caregiver, for instance) have different heights, then you’d want a unit with an adjustable handlebar.


Since you are now to transport two kids with one stroller, you will likely have more luggage to haul around. Storage baskets of double strollers are bigger than those of other types of strollers. However, putting too many things in the stroller basket can also make the stroller heavier and thus more difficult to push around. That’s why some use a diaper bag for storing other essentials such as baby bottles and baby wipes.

How Much Should You Spend?

The price range of best double strollers can start from $100 and approach $800 or even more. Many people will jump to the conclusion that the most expensive strollers are always going to be the best. This is not necessarily true. Oftentimes, we find that people are perfectly happy with their more affordable double strollers. On the other hand, you may not be able to find all the features that you are looking for if you limit yourself to the low-priced models.

Consider your budget along with the other features that you want to have in your best double stroller as you shop. Try to decide how important price is because it will likely mean you may have to give up a few other features that you want if you are trying to keep the price low.

With that said, there’s nothing wrong with many of the best double strollers at any price range. As you read through our top 10 best double stroller reviews, you will see that they all have their own strengths and are all offered at different price points.

Our best advice is to compare all the features together before you look at the price. At the end, you can break any ties or close calls with price comparisons.

Other Considerations

  • Seating options
  • Car seat compatibility
  • Storage at home
  • Good braking system
  • Canopy shade which is essential during hot, sunny days
  • Number of wheels—four wheeled strollers are the hardest to manoeuvre
  • Safety concerns—make sure that the product has not been recalled

Top 10 Best Double Strollers for Infants and Toddlers

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Britax B – Agile Double Stroller

This is a dual version of the single agile double stroller model. It has a lightweight frame, quick fold design and has amazing manoeuvrability. It weighs in at 28 pounds, making it one of the latest best double stroller in this guide. It has a wide base; however, it should be able to fit through any normal-sized door. It can be attached to infant car seats. Included is a set of seat receivers that will allow you to attach it to your cart.

Britax B - Agile Double Stroller

For more than 160 plus Amazon reviewers, this is the best double stroller today. In fact, it has garnered a cumulative rating of 4.7 stars on the popular online store. Nearly 80 percent of the reviewers gave it a five-star rating.

It has two zipper pockets and storage space under the seat. Place your heavy items under the seat and your valuables in the zipper pockets for safe keeping. It is very flexible regarding its seat reclining options. Because of a current client all the way back, you can use it for infants and children up to 50 pounds.

It has large overhead canopies that allow for ventilation to flow through the seats. You can also keep an eye on her children by looking through the mesh vents.

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BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

Like the other BOB Revolution stroller reviewed earlier, the Revolution SE Duallie is not a lightweight unit at all. It weighs around 34 pounds, so be prepared to do some heavy lifting with this item.Yet this is not an umbrella stroller by any means, so you shouldn’t really expect a lightweight model.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

Moreover, you have to remember that it is designed to accommodate two children seated side by side with each other. Thus it has to be sturdily built in order to carry two babies with a combined weight of no more than 100 pounds. Despite the weight, there are lots of things that you will appreciate with the SE Duallie. I will mention some of them.

For more than 460 plus Amazon reviewers, this is the best stroller today. In fact, it has garnered a cumulative rating of 4.6 stars on the popular online store. Nearly 80 percent of the reviewers gave it a five-star rating.

One is that you can lock the front wheels for jogging, or swivel it when you’re just walking. The front wheel can also be locked if you’re in a rough terrain, providing stability but sacrificing some maneuverability. Still, this would prevent any accidents from happening when you’re dealing with rough terrain.

The wheels are also large and made of rubber. They’re like small bicycle tires that have inner tubes and which you can replace. It’s certainly not plastic wheels you can find in other strollers. This makes the wheels tougher and more durable than those of other strollers.

The large wheels also affect the ride quality of the stroller. Pushing it around is so smooth you can compare it to pushing a cloud in front of you. There’s really not much effort you have to make. Contributing to the superior ride quality of this stroller is its shock absorption system. It makes the ride so smooth that your children would not be awakened while they sleep in the stroller.

Your kids will find it comfortable to sleep in the stroller thanks to the luxurious seats of the SE Duallie. The seats are made out of cloth, and they feel like a car seat. There is even an extra padding that makes a headrest, plus a built-in lumbar support. Those are features you won’t find in many double strollers.

Sure, the seats don’t recline fully flat. But it would give your kids up to ¾ recline which should be good enough for them to be able to sleep well. You also need not buckle and unbuckle just to change the recline level of the seats.

In terms of the storage, the BOB Revolution SE Duallie has a storage basket with raised sides. There are also two baskets behind the seats where you can store other materials. A handle bar console can be used for storing things like keys, wallets, phones, and water bottles. The legroom is also very generous, giving children enough room for stretching their feet and resting them when sleeping.

These qualities gave the BOB Revolution SE Duallie a high mark on Amazon.com. Nearly 500 reviewers have shared their opinions on this stroller, which has a 4.6-star rating on the popular online store. More impressive is the fact that nearly 80 percent of the reviewers gave the stroller a five-star rating. The Bob Revolution SE Duallie is indeed a big yet sturdily and cleverly designed stroller for two growing toddlers.

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Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double

This is a stroller and jogger cross that comes with a swivel lock which is easily accessible on the handle. You can lock and unlock the front wheel with a simple flip of your hand. You don’t have to bend down and reach towards that front wheel to change the lock like you do with some of the other strollers. This prevents you from having to bend down anytime you encounter a change in the terrain.

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double

This stroller can be folded with one hand and can accommodate all stroller accessories that are designed to fit universally. It has hand brakes that control the real wheels. This is useful for going downhill so that the stroller does not get away from you. It has a sun cover that allows air to flow through it. You can protect your children from the sun while allowing them to breathe in the fresh air as you push it along.

For added child safety, it has a five-point safety harness that you can use to secure your children in it. This will keep them securely locked in the stroller and safe no matter what. They can handle up to 75 pounds of weight.

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JOOVY Scooter X2 Best Double Stroller

This stroller has side-by-side seats and focuses on providing coverage for the toddlers strapped in it. This side-by-side stroller is 30 inches wide, which is more narrow than the average doorway. You should not have a problem getting it through any normal-sized door when you’re using it.

JOOVY Scooter X2 Best Double Stroller

It is good if you are looking for something that can handle more weight. It can hold up to 90 pounds, which is more than most of the double strollers that we have reviewed.

More than 165 plus Amazon users have reviewed this stroller and more than 70 of them gave it a perfect 5 stars rating. Overall, this stroller has a 4.5-star rating on the popular online store. We can cite a lot of reasons why this stroller is a hit among many parents.

It has sealed bearings which allow it to maintain its maneuverability despite it being a wide stroller. It can handle 90° turns with ease. It is a perfect stroller to use for walks and errands. Some of its unique features include multiple cup holders and zipper pockets that are designed to hold your wallet, keys, and phone.

This is a newer model that features major upgrades over the original. It is more maneuverable than the original, it weighs less and is more practical for what you will be using it for. They brought the width of the stroller down after many users complained about the difficulty they had getting it in and out of the doorways. Now, the stroller will allow you to move it in and out without having to turn it or fold it up beforehand.

It has one of the largest baskets and canopies that you will find. It gives you plenty of room to store all of your belongings and can protect your children from the sun no matter what angle is shining from.

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BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

This is a three-wheeled double stroller that focuses on comfort for the operator. The front wheel swivels which increase its mobility. The swivel wheel, combined with the three-wheel design makes it one of the most maneuverable strollers on the market.

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

It will also give you the option of locking the front wheel in place. During this will secure the stroller enough so that it can be used on a jog or if you are going to take on the rocky terrain ahead of you.

The handlebar is adjustable. It can be set at nine different positions to accommodate the user’s height. This is helpful for those that have lingering back pain. Having to push it stroller hunched over long periods of time can do damage to your back. Adjusting the handlebar will prevent that from happening.

The stroller is made to be used both in your normal daily activities and off-road over bumpy terrain. The customization of the wheels and handlebar allow it to calibrate virtually any surface. If you have to take your stroller out on uneven pathways often, this is a great choice for you. It also comes with a large compartment to store all the extras that you may need.

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Baby Jogger City Select 2nd Seat

This is one of the most versatile strollers that we have reviewed. It is highly customizable and is perfect for taking out in busy areas. The stroller is not specifically designed for jogging; however, it can handle it on occasion. If you have a jogger, you should look elsewhere. If you are a busy mom on the go, this may just be the best double stroller for you.

Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat
You can arrange the stroller in 16 different ways. You can point the seats both away from you and towards you, facing each other or facing away from each other, and every commission in between. You can also adjust the reclining angle of the seats. If your child wants to sleep, you can tilt it back and turn it into a flatbed. If your child wants to take in the view, you can set them right up again.

Amazon reviewers think highly of this stroller as proven by its 4.5-star rating average score. Nearly 200 reviewers have rated this stroller on Amazon and 67 percent of them were so impressed that they gave it a perfect 5-star rating.

The designers have implemented a quick fold system that will allow you to folded flat almost instantly. It closes with a latch and can be reopened by opening the latch again. It has a hand-operated parking brake so you can stop the stroller when you need to. This is a critical feature for jogging strollers. You never know what is going to jump out in front of you say always want to be prepared with a braking system. The two rear wheels are larger than the front wheels. This makes the stroller more stable and easier to close your run without sacrificing its dexterity.

It comes with a fully adjustable sun canopy with a window so your child can see their surroundings and has plenty of storage space so that you can take all of your necessities along with you.It is designed for ages six months and older. It can handle up to 45 pounds.

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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

This this is one of the best double strollers if you are looking to stay within a budget. Although many of the other strollers that we have reviewed here are packed with amazing features, they tend to be on the more pricey side. This stroller will give you all of the essentials without costing you an arm and a leg.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

400 plus Amazon users have reviewed this stroller and more than 55 of them gave it a perfect 5 stars rating. Overall, this stroller has a 4.3-star rating on the popular online store. We can cite a lot of reasons why this stroller is a hit among many parents.

It has a foot activated rear brake and a five point safety harness for added security. It’s recommended setting is a front and back set up with operating seats. It can hold up to 40 pounds in each seat, combining for 80 pounds total. Overall, this is a solid option if you’re looking for the basics. It gives you everything that you need to bring your children along with you throughout your day.

Although it does not have the extra bells and whistles that some of these other models do, many others of this stroller are happy with it and the money that they have saved by using it.

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Graco Fastaction Fold Duo Click Connect Stroller

This is a strong and sturdy stroller that can be used for children that outgrow their normal strollers. It can hold up to 50 pounds in each seat, making it one of the strongest carrier double strollers on the market. It comes with a hideaway adapter that will allow you to easily attach it to your car seat with one easy step. It has a lightweight frame and wide body. It is 40 inches wide, giving it plenty of room for your kids as they grow.

Graco Fastaction Fold Duo Click Connect Stroller

For more than 460 plus Amazon reviewers, this is the best stroller today. In fact, it has garnered a cumulative rating of 4.6 stars on the popular online store. Nearly 80 percent of the reviewers gave it a five-star rating.

Each seat reclines independently of the other. You can set them both upright, recline them back or alternate. It comes with a quick fold feature which makes it easy for storage. The canopies can be adjusted individually as well, allowing you to account for the different reclines that each seat is in relative to the sun.

It has two cup holders that are removable and a deep basket for storage. It is perfect for putting a large bag or purse in so you don’t have to carry around with you.

We love the look of this model. It comes in a dark gray and green color scheme that really outshines many of the other models that we have looked at.

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Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Laguna

If you’re looking for a versatile stroller that can sit two kids close in age, the Contours Options Elite Tandem is a pretty good choice. Best Double Stroller

You can also adjust the footrest area according to your child’s liking. Thus you can have your smaller baby lying in a flat reclining position, while your toddler sits in an upright position but with a wider footrest space. There are numerous spaces in this unit where you can put or store your things or your babies’ stuff. There’s a large storage basket under the seats, while side pockets with zips are located on each seat. They’re perfect for holding toys and little sip cups.

You will love its seven style seating system, which basically means you can adjust the seats in seven different ways. You can have your children facing forward, or facing each other. They can seat so they’ll have their eyes on you or they can both look out.

When the seats are reclined and you can’t reach for the storage basket underneath, you can place your things on the side zips. It doesn’t lack the safety features you want from a stroller. There’s a five-point safety harness, expandable mesh canopies, and an extra belly bar. The canopies even have small windows that let you see what your kids are doing.

The wheels are coated with special rubber. They’re not the typical wheels made of plastic that you often see in cheaper strollers. Moreover, the wheels can make the ride a lot smoother regardless of the surface the stroller is in. You can bring it for walks down the street or over grass when you visit the park.

Each seat can accommodate kids who weigh up to 40 pounds. Thus this stroller can grow with your kids, so to speak. You can also rearrange the seating as you desire. In fact, you can even use just one seat if circumstances call for it. Like the other strollers in this list, this piece of equipment has its weaknesses. One thing you may not like about it is the cup holder. It is very shallow that I think larger bottles won’t fit in it. The harness clasps aren’t of high quality too. You’ll just have to hope that these won’t break over time.

The belly bar provides added security and peace of mind, but it appears to be placed too high. Some parents say their children are annoyed with this feature. It’s pretty reasonable for a double stroller. Many reviewers think so, too, that they gave it an average score of 4.5 stars. Out of the more than 200 plus reviewers, 67 percent think it is the best double stroller that they gave it a five-star rating.

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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller

This is another great stroller for those that are looking to stay on a budget. It can fit one seated and one reclined seat is facing away from each other. The reclined seat will be facing you as you push the stroller, allowing you to keep an eye on your infant. The front seat puts your older child in charge as lead the way towards your destination.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem

This is the original Sit N Stand tandem stroller that started it all. Although there have been a lot of versions based on this model, many people still prefer the original to any others. The stroller is ideal for those that have children that are a few years apart from each other. For families that are in this situation, a matching seat double stroller may end up being less than ideal for at least one of the kids. The stroller, on the other hand, gives you perfect seating for your young and older children.

For more than 140 plus reviewers, this is the best stroller today. In fact, it has garnered a cumulative rating of 4.4 stars on the popular online store. Nearly 70 percent of the reviewers gave it a five-star rating.

This stroller can accommodate one or two car seats. The larger seat can hold a 50-pound child and the small seat can hold your infant until they’re ready to move to the front.

It has a foot break on the rear wheel, cup holders, and a front platform. The front platform allows your child to stand up without having to get off the stroller. They can stand upright as you push them along on their platform.

If you have two kids that are of stroller age, a best double stroller is a must-have. It will make a dramatic improvement in the quality of your life, as well as provide an easier way to take your children with you throughout your day. If you’re in this position, choosing the best double stroller will go a long way in saving you time and relieving stress from your life.

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Which Stroller is Right for You?

The best stroller for you will entirely depend on what you’re looking for. We have reviewed some of the best double strollers on the market. The truth is, it every one of these double strollers is impressive in their own way and it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. The best thing that you can do at this point is to determine what features you need in a double stroller and look through our reviews to determine what the best matches are for you.

We hope that we have been able to provide an easy way for you to finally sort through all the options and zero in on the best double stroller you can find.


As you can see, a best double stroller isn’t a cheap product at all. You’ll have to spend at least hundred dollars for a good quality unit. As such, you’ll have to keep in mind a few more things in choosing the right stroller for your kids. One is the seating arrangement of the stroller. According to some researchers, the way the baby is seated in a stroller may have some effect in language development.

One of them is M. Suzanne Zeedyk of the University of Dundee in Scotland. A senior lecturer in developmental psychology, she studied how 2,700 families interacted with their children while pushing them in strollers. Her research revealed that parents were less likely to speak to infants when their child was facing forward compared with strollers wherein the baby faces the parents. Thus if we are to believe Zeedyk’s findings, a stroller that lets the baby face you may be a better option.

Safety should also be among the top, if not the foremost concern when shopping for strollers. According to Kids Health.org, one of the things you have to consider when choosing a stroller is the reliability of the restraining belts. It says that the five-point harness is the safest design. The stability of the stroller should also be looked into. Its wheelbase must be wide and its seat low in the frame. When you press down on the handles, the stroller must resist tipping backward.

For the best double stroller, the safest seating arrangement is the tandem model wherein one child sits behind the other. It is generally easier to steer compared to the twin seating style where children sit next to each other. And while having a stroller can definitely make transport of children easier especially when you are in public areas, you might want to think twice about using a stroller all the time.

One study has linked the frequent use of stroller with child obesity. Children who were raised being carted around in strollers are more likely to be obese when they grow up, according to the study conducted by researchers in Canada. In a presentation that was made during the Canadian Pediatric Society Conference, scientists said that spending too much time in a stroller leads to a sedentary behavior that contributes to childhood obesity.

Health experts say children up to four years of age should limit their time in the stroller to one hour a day. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents to lessen the amount of time that they use strollers for carrying their children.

Taking all these things in consideration, we believe that you will find our list of the 10 best strollers very helpful in selecting a good stroller for your children. Whether you’re looking for a stroller for jogging, a stroller with lots of storage space, or one that is lightweight enough to maneuver in tight spaces, our list of the best double strollers surely has at least one unit that will catch your fancy.

So compare prices and understand each and every feature of the stroller you’re interested in. Since you’re likely to order one online, make sure you read and understand users’ reviews well. This way, you can ensure that you can purchase the right stroller for your kids.