Which Are The Best Cheap Exercise Bikes For Sale?

An exercise bike is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment if you are looking for a low-impact cardio workout. People using bikes to improve their fitness are often found to be able to maintain their exercise program for a longer period than those using other types of equipment. Simply put fitness bikes are often easier to use and more convenient than other types of fitness equipment. There is a whole range of cheap exercise bikes for sale that will suit all budgets and circumstances.

What You Can Expect To Pay

If you are looking for cheap exercise bikes consider what type of bike will be best for your circumstances. There is a range of mini exercise bikes, foldable, uprights and recumbent exercise bikes for under $150. Mini exercise bikes can be bought for as little as $25, the best folding exercise bike comes in at circa $150, uprights can be had for $100 and budget recumbents are available for $150.

Mini Exercise Bikes

Mini exercise bikes are the most portable and easy to store. These bikes are generally just a simple pedal mechanism without handlebars or saddles that can be used under a desk or at any comfortable chair. Motorized mini exercise bikes actually turn the pedals for you and simply having your feet on the pedals exercises muscles and joints gently. Motorized versions usually start at higher prices but are ideal for elderly users. If you are looking for a cheap hydraulic mini exercise bike try the best selling  Active Cycle Mini Exercise Bike.

Folding Exercise Bikes

If storage and greater exercising flexibility are required a foldaway exercise bike could be ideal for you. The current best-selling confidence fitness space saving X bike offers a compact, lightweight upright exercise bike performance that can easily be stowed in a closet when finished with.


If you are less concerned with storage then we carry a large range of cheap upright exercise bikes that offer numerous extra features that you won’t find on mini or foldable exercise bikes. Budget uprights start at $100 and offer better programs and resistance levels than more basic bikes.  This is one of the best selling upright bikes at the moment.


If you want a cheap exercise bike that offers good comfort levels and the potential to carry out other upper body exercises whilst you do your low impact cardio workout then a discount recumbent exercise bike might be a good option for you. These recumbents do take up more space than any of the other exercise bikes but the seating position offers more comfort and flexibility than other bikes will give you. If you are looking for a starter model try the Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle.;

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