Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat Review

Have you been searching for the ideal stroller for taking your little one or little ones outdoors with you? Well, an excellent suggestion for you at such a point in time would be to have some insight into the Baby Jogger City Select 2nd Seat Stroller Review. This unit makes life easier for parents or guardians, especially when traveling with two. It comes with an added seat and a unique as well customizable design that makes taking on the outdoors with your little ones a breeze.

Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat

How to Choose Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat Review

Excellent stroller design

This baby jogger stroller is the same width as a single stroller, thereby allowing users to maneuver even through the most crowded of spaces easily that the conventional side by side double stroller. Besides that, the front facing, sibling facing or parent facing design provides the conveniences of using a double stroller and added maneuverability as well. From the grocery store to a simple walk in the park, you will appreciate the superior narrow and nimble design of this stroller.

Telescoping handles bar

Another equally important features on the Baby Jogger City Stroller is that comes with a unique telescoping handlebar that can be customised to suit your height, while another similar customization allows for easy strolling or even jogging as well. Parents or guardians who like taking on the outdoors with their little ones will also have to appreciate the hand operated brake that can be used to keep all controls within perfect reach.

Comfy seating and swivel locking wheels

This seat was designed to provide the ultimate comfort not only for your child but for several outdoor conditions as well. In fact, it comes available in various recline positions to help ensure that your child is not only comfortable but safe as well. The inclusion of the 45lb weight capacity per seat and the multi-position footwell allows your kids to kick back and enjoy the journey with style and elegance. More so, you can also set your compact sized front wheel to swivel sufficiently for taking on your daily obstacles or locks perfectly for long distance travels. For long distance, you should have best hair straightener for thick hair for straightening hair.

UV Resistant sun canopy

Another excellent feature on this Baby Jogger City Stroller is that provides well over UV50+ sun canopy for sufficient shade especially on a sunny day. Additionally, it comes with an excellent peak a boo window that features a special magnetic closure such that you can easily check on your little one when taking on the outdoors. Besides that, the canopy can also be adjusted to provide various head heights and a broad spectrum of positions as you close and open the unit.


  • It provides sufficient room for two kids
  • This stroller comes with a UV resistant Sun canopy
  • It also comes with swivel locking wheels and comfortable seating
  • Users will appreciate the simple assembly design


  • Some users find the stroller heavy when assembling
  • The UV canopy is susceptible to scratches and high impact


Given all these points, choosing a full featured stroller is an excellent investment not only for your little one, but also for you since you receive the ideal value for investment each time. In fact, this Baby Jogger City Select 2nd Seat Stroller Review comes with a UV Resistant canopy, comfortable seating and swivel locking wheel to make it the ultimate solution for your travelling needs.

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