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A jigsaw is a remarkable tool to have available when working with wood and other material. It makes cutting easier and faster with little effort. The jigsaw is a popular piece of equipment that woodworkers and contractors use frequently. This type of tool assists in cutting straight lines through a variety of building material. There are many different brands of jigsaws on the market that portray themselves at the best product to buy. When wanting to find the best jigsaw on the market there are several things that should be considered. These features will help to ensure that you’re buying the best jigsaw available.

How to Choose the Best Jigsaw

Type of Cutting Ability

A jigsaw is a cutting machine that is constructed with different features. One thing to consider when buying a jigsaw is to know what you will be cutting with it. The jigsaw can cut different types of material. The material that it is capable of cutting is wood, drywall, paneling, metal, tile, plastic and aluminum. The jigsaw has the ability to cut curved or straight lines. It is important to know what type of lines you want.

Type of Blade

The jigsaw uses blades to cut the material. There is a different category of blades to choose from. Each type of material may use a different cutting blade to get an accurate cut. This is one mistake that people make when using blades to cut different material. The wood blades are tricky because there is many to choose from in this category. These blades have a variety of lengths, teeth, and width. Different size blades have the ability to cut in different patterns. It is important to know the size of the material and what type of blade you will need to use.


An important thing to consider when buying a jigsaw is the price. The price can vary depending on the type of jigsaw that you purchase. The variety of jigsaws has different features and qualities. The jigsaw that has the most features will normally have the highest price range. If you do not need the jigsaw for large projects, then it may be beneficial to pay a lower price. For larger and more frequent construction projects, it would be better to spend a little more money on a high-quality jigsaw.

Power Type

A jigsaw can come in different types of power supplies. There are electrical jigsaws that use a power source and battery operated that use a rechargeable battery. The electrical jigsaw will have an increase in power but cannot be used without electricity. The battery powered jigsaw is still capable of cutting material but may not have as much power as an electrical version. The battery-operated jigsaw can be used in places that do not have electric if the batteries are fully charged.


A laser can be used with the jigsaw to ensure an accurate cutting of a straight line. Not all jigsaws come with this feature. It is a good feature to have in clean and low light areas. The laser is harder to see in rooms or areas that have heavy dirt and dust. It is also harder to see in bright light or outdoor use.

Our Recommended Jig saw on The current Market

DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw

best jigsaw

The Dewalt DCS331B 20-Volt Max Li-ion Jig Saw is a durable tool to have available with your tools. It is one of my personal favorites and provides a great cutting edge with little effort. The Dewalt Jigsaw has power and stability that keeps cutting properly without any complications. This is one of the best jigsaws on the market.

Keyless Blade Change

This type of Dewalt Jigsaw has a unique feature that is built into the product. It allows blades to be changed without a key or lock to unlatch. The keyless blade changing option makes changing the blades faster and more convenient. The keyless blade changing capabilities also offer a keyless shoe bevel. The keyless bevel lets users adjust their cutting blades to cut at different angles without using a key or lock mechanism. The keyless features on this Dewalt Jigsaw can help complete construction projects faster. Without a key lock feature, it saves time from trying to unlock the mechanism to change blades to begin working again.

High Quality

This type of Dewalt Jigsaw is made for durability and high-quality construction. It is a tool that can take a beating and keep on cutting. It is important to find a product such as this for quality and power to get the job done. A tool that can keep up with everyday construction is a reliable piece of equipment. The Dewalt Jigsaw offers an orbital moving action that has four different positions available for users to choose from. Being able to have this option can let users have a wider range of choices for precise cutting. This product has many great features that users can take advantage of for their cutting needs.


The Dewalt Jigsaw is famous for speed and productivity. It offers users a vast variety of speed control levels to ensure that each cut is done right with the most accurate speed for the job. Users can take advantage of the flexible strokes per minute that this tool offers. It has a range of 0-3,000 spm that gives users a range of cutting speeds for different cutting material. This product is all about speed and accuracy when cutting material. It is a reliable machine that saves time with its adjustable speed and can provide quicker results. This powerful tool will provide a long-lasting cutting capability without any complications.


  •  Different levels of speed for a faster cutting time
  •  It is simple to use and switch blades when working on different projects
  • The Dewalt Jigsaw can be used to cut straight lines and circles
  • It is handy for small and large construction projects around the home
  • It is light to carry and hold when in use


  • The locking mechanism for the blade makes it hard to tell if the blade is locked into place
  • It is harder to change blades in the jigsaw and ensure it is installed correctly
  • This specific tool does not have a light built into it to use in low lit areas

Final Verdict

The Dewalt DCS331B 20-Volt Max Li-ion Jig Saw is a good choice for a variety of construction projects. It can be used on small or large jobs and provides adequate cutting action and stability. I recommend this jigsaw because of the speed and straight cutting edge that it provides when cutting different types of material.

PORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Jigsaw

best jigsaw

The Portable Cable PCC650B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Jigsaw is another recommending cutting tool to use. The battery powered jigsaw can be used anywhere as long as the battery is fully charged. There is no cutting project that this jigsaw cannot handle. It is reliable, durable, and provides a precise cut with every use.


The Portable Cable Lithium Bare Jigsaw has three different orbital settings that can be used when cutting material. The settings can easily be adjusted for different cutting needs. The settings are constructed to help users get the best type of cutting that they need with each project. Each setting can be changed to fit the type of material that is being cut. Being able to control the aggressive cutting that is being used can help to maintain smooth edges and perfect lines or circles that you are wanting. These different setting options have a remarkable impact on the outcome of each project that is being completed.


The jigsaw has a portability that is great for projects that are being completed without a power source. It is also a great tool to have when working outside or in areas that have no electricity. The jigsaw can be transported to other jobs with ease because of its light weight and cordless capabilities. The battery life will last for hours without running out of power and endurance. It still provides a fast and accurate cutting capability when using the battery just like it would with a corded jigsaw. The cordless equipment can help to keep from getting tangled up in cords because of its battery life feature.

Eliminates Dust

When cutting material, it is not uncommon to have dust from the material that is being cut. This can make visibility difficult and can hinder the cutting ability to achieve a straight line. This jigsaw has a built-in dust eliminator that comes on when you begin to cut the material. It blows the dust and particles out of the way to allow you to keep cutting with precise visibility. The dust eliminator is a must have when cutting any type of material to allow users to keep cutting without needing to stop. It ensures that each cut will be accurate because there it blows the dust out of the way for perfect visual cutting.


  • The jigsaw is simple to use and does not weight much at all
  • The three orbital settings work great and adjustments are easy
  • Even though the jigsaw it battery powered, it has a lot of cutting power
  • It works great on big or small projects without any delay in cutting precision


  • The shoe plate is not forged
  • When changing the bevel settings, a tool is required
  • It takes several tries to get the blade installed correctly
  • When the blade is not pushed all the way in place, it does not cut the right way
  • The battery life could last longer than what it does
Final Verdict

The Portable Cable PCC650B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Jigsaw is a reliable and durable jigsaw. It has plenty of power to get the job done no matter how big or small. The dust eliminator is a remarkable feature to have built into the jigsaw. This product has many wonderful features that will give users a great cutting outcome on any projects that need to be completed.

Makita XVJ03Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Jig Saw 

best jigsaw

The Makita XVJ03Z 18-Volt Lithium-ion Jig Saw is one of the best jigsaw options on the market. It has many wonderful features that people can enjoy to ensure an accurate cutting edge. There are a variety of options that this jigsaw has to offer users. It is a dependable and powerful tool.

Toolless Blade

The blade changing capability of this jigsaw does not need a tool. It can be changed without a key locking tool to take the blade out and install a new one. Being able to have a blade that can be changed with ease and less time is a big feature to have available. The toolless blade option still allows the blade to be locked in place when changed but does not require a key or tool to do it. This feature can save plenty of time on jobs when blades need to be changed frequently. It is a great feature to have and can make cutting faster.


The jigsaw has a powerful cutting ability. This jigsaw machine is built for power and speed. It will keep running with little effort during any type of cutting capabilities. There are no issues when cutting a variety of materials with this piece of equipment. Being able to use a jigsaw that has plenty power makes a huge difference on the type of cutting that it offers. The powerful construction keeps the jigsaw going and cutting with little effort at all. A tool that has strong power makes an impact on the type of project that you are working on. It also helps to ensure that the project you are cutting is going to turn out the way you would like the first cut.

Accurate Cutting

A jigsaw that provides a perfect and accurate cut is a tool that is needed to be used on any type of construction jobs. This jigsaw offers an accurate cutting performance and does not disappoint with each cut that it makes. There is a wide range of different blades that can be used with this tool to ensure that each cut is precise for the project hat is being completed. A great outcome of any project will be complete with each accurate cutting that is done. Being able to cut accurately is one of the main features that users look for when buying a jigsaw to use.


  • The jigsaw is precisely powerful and can handle any type of material that is being cut
  • It is a good tool that is lightweight and can be carried with little room
  • It has remarkable speed adjustment that makes cutting faster than before
  • The jigsaw has provided hours of cutting capability without running into any problems or snags


  • The trigger mechanism quit working after one use
  • The speed options were not able to be set correctly and lagged when cutting
  • The blades are hard to install and remove
  • The option to insert a blade without a tool is not the best option for this device
  • It could be lighter in weight for easier use

Final Verdict

The Makita XVJ03Z 18-Volt Lithium-ion Jig Saw is a good choice to buy. It is recommended as one of the best jigsaws on the market. It provides the accurate cutting capability, power, speed adjustment, and durability. This type of jigsaw can handle any type of projects and cutting options that are needed around the home and on big construction sites. It is a remarkable jigsaw that will offer a long-lasting cutting capability.

Final Conclusion...

A three of these jigsaws are a good choice to purchase when wanting one of the best jigsaws on the market. These jigsaws not only offer users remarkable power but offer unique features that users can take advantage of. The jigsaws are able to withstand hard construction and cutting capabilities without using a lot of energy or effort. These jigsaws are going to last for a long-life span and provide hours of cutting needs for users. The three of these jigsaws offer users a variety of features that can be used to fit their construction needs. One of the three jigsaws will be a good fit for your project needs.

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