The Difference Between Slow Cookers And Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cookers

Slow cookers and pressure cookers are great appliances to have in any home. They each provide a cooking method with seemingly great benefits. These handy tools make stewing, braising, cooking meat, beans and various dishes so much easier. A pressure cooker and a slow cooker provide similar results but in fact they are hugely different in the way they cook. Here is a guide on what is different between slow cookers and pressure cookers. Check about Power Pressure Cooker Reviews

How Slow Cookers Work

Slow cookers work slowly. These work on a method where low heat cooks foods over a longer period of time. These work with moisture and low heat and cook food from anywhere to four hours to ten hours. Food is placed inside the cooker, it is then covered with a lid and set to either a low, medium or high setting. This is hands off cooking experience and most foods and meals made in the slow cooker don’t even need stirring. Slow cookers are made for convenience. You can set it up before you go to work, place the food in it and simply forget about it. Saying that, slow cooker meals might take a little more preparation, thought and planning so you get the timing just right. Slow cookers work perfect for most meals including stews, soups, vegetables, bread, fish, meat cuts and even cakes!

How Pressure Cookers Work

Pressure cookers have been around for centuries but the modern appliances take on a different edge to pressure cooking. These use steam and heat which produces pressure which allows food to be cooked faster than the usual traditional cooking methods.

A pressure cooker isn’t as simple as a slow cooker. They are a little more complicated to understand but once you get the hang of it, it is as simple to use as a slow cooker. Pressure cookers require liquid to create steam and pressure. The food and liquid is placed inside the pressure cooker. The lid is then shut and sealed tight and the pressure cooker will form steam and pressure. As the pressure builds up, the boiling point raises and can even reach 250 degrees celsius. Cooking time can be reduced as much as 70% with a pressure cooker. Additionally because of the high pressure used in cooking foods, the liquid is forced into the food produce making it more tender, especially with cuts of meat. Again anything can me made in a pressure cooker. It is perfect for reducing cooking times with rice, beans, grains and meat cuts. You can even make hard boiled eggs in a pressure cooker and even make canned or preserved foods.

Overall Difference - What is Better to Use?

The main difference between these two modern appliances is mainly the cooking time. One cooks quickly, one cooks slowly. Each have their own benefits and neither is better than the other. One recipe can be made in both and may have a different flavor, taste and texture. This is down to personal specifications. Having both in your kitchen is ideal and gives you the choice of a slow cooking time or a fast cooking time!

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