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With all the best hammer drill in the market today it's hard to tell which one is for which job, and which one is good enough. And for a newbie it's more difficult, I mean first you have to know what it is, what it's used for and be sure you're buying the item you actually need and not its imitation. Hammer drills are simply do-it-yourself tools used in drilling holes into concrete, rocks, bricks of even masonry surface. You might consider this similar to drill drivers but hammer drills come with a special feature that allows the drill bits be driven forward with a hammer like reaction while it's also rotating.

Hammer drills are mostly used by contractors, professionals and DIY users to drill holes in brick, block or rocky surfaces for installation of electrical boxes and many other mechanical projects. There are lots of hammer drills and it's quite a challenge knowing which ones best for which purpose hence the guide below. There are certain things you must consider before purchasing a best hammer drill so you don't waste your resources purchasing something you'll end up regretting.

Things to Consider in purchasing a best hammer drill

The use/purpose

The saying is true, that when the purpose of a thing isn't known, abuse is inevitable. You'll need to be sure of the use of the item you are about to purchase as there are different types of hammer drills that suit their individual purposes. Some drillers come with features that allow their bits to be adjusted to different sizes to enable you to drill holes in different sizes at a time. Another thing is, hammer drills are either battery operated or electrically operated. If you're a DIY user then, the battery operated hammer drill is all you, but if you're working on a construction site or something of the sort, then an electrically operated hammer drill is what you need. So basically you just need to ask yourself what job is this best hammer drill intended to do.


Another thing you want to look out for is accessories that can help to improve the use of the hammer drill. Furthermore, you could also find accessories that would allow for the multi-tasking of this hammer drill. For example, some drills can have their bits replaced by a chisel or can even allow for a handle to be attached for optimal utilization. It is true that this tool can be bought and used on its own but it surely can't hurt to have it multitask or be very convenient during its use.

Corded or Cordless?

Now, just as purpose should be defined, the type should equally be defined. There are two types of hammer drills, the corded and the cordless types. The corded type is considered more effective as you don't have to worry about battery problems and unfinished projects as they can equally handle tougher projects than the cordless type.

On the other hand, cordless hammer drills are very convenient for use and storage. Even though they cannot carry out tough jobs like the corded hammer drills, they are very portable and can be moved or kept in a place with very small space. Though, relatively slower the corded it still rotates 850 times per minutes and can be carried for DIY projects like installing or fixing frames, electrical boxes, or cabinets to the wall.

Hammer Drills or Impact Drills

There is a difference. Be sure to take note of this because you could also run into a lot of impact drills as well. While hammer drills make holes in walls with a hammering effect during rotation, impact drills require a higher torque to drill bolts in and out of surfaces. And unlike the hammer drills, the impact drill is perfect for woodwork but is not suitable for drilling into walls.


There are lots of hammer drills in the market and sincerely there are also good quality ones and then the ones with inferior quality. The ones with good quality are usually very expensive and are manufactured by big brand companies. However you can equally get hammer drills of a lower price, but they usually come in inferior qualities. Notwithstanding, you can check online for used hammer drills with good quality and for a lesser amount. Just be sure to check out the condition of the tool before paying for it.

Recommended Hammers Drills on the Current Market 

DEWALT DWD112 8.0 Amp 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Drill with Keyless All-Metal Chuck

If you've ever just wanted a corded drill that's both effective and easy to operate, then you should be buying this drill with keyless all metal chuck. This DeWalt pistol drill is corded, powerful and expressly efficient for professional jobs. It is also reliable and you can surely count on this hammer drill to complete your jobs and to drill a 1/8 inch Intl wood and a 3/8 through steel.

best hammer drill


Powerful motor

The DeWalt DWD112 has a very powerful 8.0 amp that's responsible for its super effective performance. This pistol keyless hammer drill has a 1inch capacity in wood and a 3/8 inch capacity in steel meaning that this hammer drill can be used for various materials.

Lightweight/All metal chuck

The all metal 3/8 keyless chuck of this hammer drill is a feature that allows for a better bit retention and greater efficiency. This tool weighs about 4 pounds making it really easy to handle without causing wrist problems and easy to store in a small space.

Speed and warranty

This DWD112 has a speed range of 0-2500 rpm, a variable speed trigger and is also very consistent and precise. The ball bearing construction is also something that will help the tool survive wears and tears encountered at the job site. This product comes with a manual and a 3 years warranty so, you will be using this a long while.

  • Powerful 8.0 amp motor responsible for the efficiency and superb performance
  • Awesome speed range and variety
  • l Durable with 3 years warranty
  • All metal keyless metal chuck suitable for drilling into, wood, steel and various materials
  • Cord can be a lot to handle sometimes.
  • No average speed. Just slow and fast and may cause more damage if you're using it for minor DIY projects.
  • Makes a lot of Boise and wobbles during use. You'll need to steady yourself and the tool properly before it'll work well.
  • Not very balanced so handling is quite challenging

Milwaukee 2607-20 M18 1/2" Hammer Drill

Getting cordless hammer drills that won't disappoint you these days, has become a bit tough for people in dire need of a tool like that. Built by the Milwaukee company this 2607-20 has a 4-pole frame less motor that drives the bit at a speed of 1800 RPM and then a 1/2 metal chuck that provides maximum efficiency. If you're up for something handy then get thus.

best hammer drill

Features/ Benefits


The motor of this hammer drill is frameless and delivers a 500 in-lbs torque and a speed of 1800 RPM. The efficiency of your hammer drill rests a lot of the strength of the motor. You should consider this one.

Compact with long lasting battery 

This tool comes in a very compact design that allows it to be used in small or tight spaces. It also requires the use of a powerful lithium battery.

All metal Gear case and Redlink Intelligence

The all metal case and Chuck help to absorb shock and tough impact. Meanwhile, the redlink intelligence is a special feature that prevents overload from destroying the tool and giving it a long life.

  • Very powerful frameless motor for effective performance
  • Very compact and can be used in tight workspaces
  • Battery operated.
  •  Redlink intelligence that helps it last long.
  • Doesn't come with its own battery, so you'll have to purchase that separately
  • Chuck wobbles as it rotates making the drilling inaccurate.

Makita XPH012 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammer Driver-Drill Kit with One Battery- Discontinued by Manufacturer.

best hammer drill

As I said earlier, while some hammer drills are awesome at their jobs, some others can take on two jobs. This Makita xph012 is one of those tools that can actually carry out the task of a driver drill or a hammer drill depending on what you want at a particular time. It is cordless and works with a battery, but will need a separate battery for the driver drill. So if you're game for taking one tool to work instead of two then this is just for you.



The motor of your hammer drill will determine its efficiency and speed. This Makita cordless hammer driver drill has a motor that provides lbs worth of torques that give a wide range of speed for drilling and driving operations.

Very Compact

This product comes with a very ergonomic compact design that allows for easy handling and utilization in tight work spaces.

Speed Variety

The matika cordless hammer driver drill has a two-speed pattern ranging from 0-400, and 0-1500 RPM to allow better drilling, driving and applications of the hammer drilling when needed.


This tool weighs 4 lbs due to the removal of the battery by the manufacturers simply to lessen the burden of the operator.

  • Powerful motor for speed and productivity
  • Ddual usage as driver drill and hammer drill
  • Two-speed design that gives room for both usage
  • Ergonomic and compact design that allows use in tight workspaces and easy operation
  • Chuck is a bit loose suggesting that this product isn't one for heavy duty drilling
  • Will break if used on too hard surfaces

PORTER-CABLE PCC620B 20V MAX Lithium Ion Hammer Drill

best hammer drill

Talk about good hammer drills and talk about the porter cable 20v max lithium ion hammer drills. Powerful and efficient, delivering as much as 27,200 BPMs. It also features a two-speed design ranging from 0-400, and 0-1600RPMs, allowing awesome speed for large and small operations. It also has a battery gauge that shows battery level, a good LED light to help you see at night or in dark and tight spaces. This tool can be used for metal drilling, wood drilling a and even masonry.



The motor of this product is very powerful resulting in great productivity and smooth operations. There's nothing more important than this as without it, the hammer drill wouldn't be effective.

Speed design

It has a double speed design that ranges from 0-400, and 0-1600. This speed variety helps the tool carry out both small operations and large operations as the smaller speed range will not work for large operations and vice versa.

LED and Battery Gauge

This hammer drill comes with a LED light that gives light in dark or tight work spaces. With this, working at any time of the day or anywhere is very possible. Also, it has a battery gauge helps you check your battery level while you're working.

  • Comes with a very powerful motor
  • Comes with LED light to allow you work in dark places
  • Speed variety allows for both small and large job operations
  • Hammer function doesn't last as long as it should
  • Not suitable for drilling bricks too fragile for that
  • Doesn't come with its own battery

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 1/2 in. Cordless Hammer Drill

Cordless and affordable, the Ryobi cordless hammer drill is a powerful tool with features that allow it to be used for quite a while. It got a two-speed design, and a clutch that allows easy change of mode from drilling to driving. Yes, this is a hammer driver drill and is also very comfortable for use.

best hammer drill


Keyless Chuck

This tool comes with a keyless Chuck that carries a spindle lock for easy changing of the bits. The chuck is completely made of metal for durability and strength.

Clutch override

The clutch override allows the tool easy switching of modes from the drilling to driving. While the drill mode is especially for boring holes into woods and other surfaces, the drive mode is basically used to drives screws and bolts. But then there's also the hammer mode for drilling holes into concrete and masonry.

Speed design

This dual purpose tool has a speed pattern of up to 1500 RMP and 19500BPM that gives it precision and makes it versatile, and powerful for use.

  • This tool has a dual purpose function
  • Speed and power for efficiency, precision and versatility
  • Clutch override that helps to switch between modes
  • Chuck with a spindle lock for changing bits
  • Too much vibration during operation that results to heat and could be harmful to operator
  • Wrong packaging
  • Not enough power to drive through tough cured concrete

Final Verdict

Hammer drills are tools used basically for drilling holes into surfaces and are used by both professionals and DIY users. There are two basic types, the corded and cordless but this article contains mostly cordless hammer drills. Finding the best hammer drill can be challenging or easy depending on how informed and experienced you have with such products. There are certain things you should look out for as regards making the purchase and it's also important that when you finally make a purchase as a newbie, you follow the instructions and complain of you find anything out of place. Hammer drills can also be used for driving operations, also depending on a company which the product is made from. Visit for getting best jigsaw

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