How to Choose the best Hiking Shoes for Women

Featured below is our exclusive list of the Best Hiking Shoes for Women . As a hiker, you know of the endless terrains one can explore, and there are a few very important aspects to consider when considering a hiking shoe before you purchase it. We have put together this list and have done our research to ensure that these high quality and versatile best hiking shoes for women are the best on the market and will be shoes that you can rely on.

When it comes to the hiking trails, one of the most important pieces of gear besides water and energy, is your choice of footwear. There are a plethora of options out there where outdoor shoes are concerned, but ensuring that you have the proper hiking shoes is especially important for your safety and your comfort.

Before heading back to the trails, be confident that you have the proper versatile footwear that can keep up with you in the mud and the dirt; and can navigate branches, deep woods environments, boulders, canyons, and mountain terrains.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Shoes for Women

How to Choose the Best Hiking Shoes for Women

How to Choose the Best Hiking Shoes for Women

When choosing the not only the best hiking shoe for you but the right one for your particular needs, means reflecting on the important aspects of a great hiking shoe. Take the considerations below into account when deciding which pair of hiking shoes are right for you.


  • Be sure you have chosen a lightweight shoe with light materials
  • Seek out breathable exterior or underlays (mesh side panels and tongues) to wick away moisture and promote ventilation (also keeps the weight down).
  • The heaviest part of a shoe can be the soles. Choose a quality, lightweight sole for a lighter hike.
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    Weatherproofing Needs

  • Choose a waterproof design (this is the best option in nearly all climates, even dry ones)
  • Sealed/waterproof rubber soles
  • Waterproof exterior materials (many hiking models provide quality materials that are waterproof when uncoated, but some coat their materials for optimal waterproofing).
  • Breathable materials for hot environments can also be waterproof
  • Environment

  • Choose a design that is appropriate for your precise hiking environment (weight, sole type, weatherproofing needs — examples seen above).
  • Think about the appropriate materials needed for cold/hot/mild climates, so you do not suffocate your feet in heat or find yourself freezing in the cold.
  • Choose lightweight and breathable hiking shoes for hot, arid hiking environments to stay cool.
  • Choose insulated hiking shoes that feature materials perfect for cold environments
  • Waterproofing & weatherproofing appropriate to your hiking terrain
  • Choose a tread and sole that will benefit you on your hiking terrain
  • Support

  • “Low,” ankle fit for flat, dry, and forested terrains
  • “Mid,” above ankle fit for rugged/rocky terrains (for ankle support)
  • Dual-density midsoles are great for extra impact support
  • Check the arch support and location
  • A material of the tongue and side panels can be solid or mesh — choose your preference.
  • Loops on the tongue and back of the heel make for easy fitting and removal of the shoe without getting your hands dirty.
  •  Check if the shoe has removable insoles


  • Choose non-bulky, smooth soles for support in flat and dry terrains
  • Choose saw tooth/rugged soles for support traction needed to grip with reliability
  • Vibram-made soles are maintained to be superior to traditional rubber soles. Vibram is a company known for the superior traction and grip of their hiking soles.
  • Be sure that there is Back and Front support at the exterior sole for protection of the toes and heels (this can be found even in the most lightweight of shoes, so it will not add any weight).
  • Comfort

  • Check for comfort and Orthopaedic technology, such as OrthoLite and other cushioning insoles.
  • Check the materials used for the midsole, too! Dual-density made with EVA foam is lightweight and comfortable (great for the feet and knees when absorbing shock).
  • Ensure that the size you need is in stock (including if the brand offers half sizes)
  • Always check the size chart before check out!
  • Breathability goes a long way in ensuring comfort when hiking: make sure that you purchase a hiking shoe for the environment you hike in — staying cool is important and most hiking shoes offer mesh tongues and side panels as a way to promote ventilation and breathability while keeping away moisture.
  • Conclusion

    With so many amazing and high-quality best hiking shoes for women, the only difficult decision is which one of these you will love more. With such a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, as well as an affordable range of high-tech designs, this list of recommended best hiking shoes for women will offer you the best options that have been thoroughly researched and rated. Take a closer look at the quality hiking footwear if you are committed to buying an excellent pair of hiking shoes that are versatile and perfect for your needs.

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