How to Choose the Double Stroller for newborn and toddler

This is the concise guide which puts together effective tips to help you get the right double stroller for your needs when you go looking for one. How to make the right purchase whether you are looking for the tandem or the side by side stroller. From the comfort of your kids to your own convenience, there are many factors to consider in a double stroller purchase. The tips cover all these factors.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when shopping for the double stroller.

How to Choose the Best Double Stroller

How to Choose the Best Double Stroller for newborn and toddler

Storage Space Available

The storage space in this sense affects both your needs and the kid’s too. Ensure the double stroller comes with a storage bag for the kid’s necessities like napkins, a change of clothes and such like. It should also have a place the parent can place mobile gadgets like your phone, and other even provide a cup or bottle holder. The kids should also have a snack section. This ensures even in long trips you can carry all the essential supplies you need and can afford to carry a snack or two. It also ensures your hand is free for comfort while pushing the stroller and you do not tire quickly.

Weight and Size of the Stroller

There is an important consideration since it determines the number of things. First, a heavier and larger sized trolley will be cumbersome to push and carry since it occupies a lot of space and requires more effort. A medium sized and lightweight stroller is good since it will provide enough space for the comfort of the children at the same time easier to push and carry around when not in use.


For the comfort of your kids especially when they are sleeping ensure your stroller can recline all the way. It is also important to ensure when it does so you can still see ahead and in the case of tandem double strollers, the kid in front should not affect the one behind when reclining.


The ease of moving the double stroller around is important. Wherever you will be there will be need of making turns, pulling back up and getting through entrances. In this regard, the turning of the wheels is important so ensure the trolley has a good turning mechanism and a smooth drive. For entrances, the size of the stroller matters. Pick one that can go through standard doors easily.

Another factor to consider is the ease with which you can fold up and unfold the stroller. This is important for journeys that will involve carrying the stroller for use later. You can check on this aspect at the shop by folding-unfolding and push around various models before purchase.


The cost of any stroller is a considerable investment. As such you have to get one that will serve you at least for even three years so that even when the kids grow you can still use it and not have to purchase others. Durability is thus an important factor on how to choose the best double stroller.

Other Considerations 

  • Will you need a foldable stroller? You may need one depending on the storage options in your home for it.
  • Check for the size of the stroller after it is folded to make sure it will fit in your planned storage space and your car.
  • A three wheel double stroller will make rough terrain usage even easier. Combine this with larger wheels and you have the perfect stroller to handle rocky paths.
  • How many strollers do you need? There are some the specialize strollers that will allow you to suit your needs perfectly. However, you may not always want to use a jogging stroller for leisurely activities. Likewise, you may not want to use a big wheeled off terrain stroller when your grocery shopping.
  • There are many accessories that you can add to your stroller. Make sure the stroller will be able to make use of these accessory options.
  • Will your child grow out of it? Sometimes strollers are too small to fit older toddlers that still may need to use it occasionally. Figure out how long you will need the stroller and ensure that it is the right size to accommodate your growing child.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Large Should It Be?

In order to pick the best double stroller, you want to find one that is the perfect size for what you will need it for. You should try to find one that will be able to fit inside your car, fit in your storage area, and be large enough to accommodate the other features that you need.

Does It Matter If It Is Comfortable for Me?

You will be the one pushing the stroller for the next year or more. You will be using the stroller to take your child in and out of the car anytime you go somewhere, and using it for long walks around the neighborhood. You will have to deal with the stroller as one of your main sources of exercise as well. This stroller should feel comfortable to use for you. This is just as important as it is for the child to be comfortable.

Does It Matter If It Is Comfortable for Me?

In general, the larger the wheels, the better it will be able to handle rough terrain. If you live in an area where you will often be pushing the stroller over suspect terrain, you should look for a double stroller with larger wheels. These larger wheels will help absorb shock more and make it much easier to push it along over the debris while keeping the lumpiness down for the kids.

What About the Frame?

When you are looking for the best double stroller, you should not neglect the frame. The frame should be strong and lightweight. This is especially important if you will be lifting the stroller up often. A lightweight frame will make it that much easier to put into the car when it is time to go. Likewise, it will be a breeze to remove from the car and set up when you need to put your toddlers in it again.

Will You Be Jogging with This Stroller?

Many people choose to kill two birds with one stone by exercising with the stroller. You can take a well-built stroller out for a jog and let your infants enjoy the outdoors a few miles at a time. There are specially designed double strollers for joggers just like you. They are designed to keep your child safe and secure even when you are running at a brisk pace.


We have been comparing and reviewing double strollers for years and have become experts in the industry. We have never met a parent that has regretted purchasing one. They rave about how much it has helped them in their life once they finally decide to take the plunge and get one.

If you have children of your own, we strongly advise you to take the next step and order your perfect double stroller today.

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