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Oboz Men’s Tamarack BDRY Shoe

Shopping for a good pair of boots can be time-consuming. It would take me all day to try on numerous styles of boots until I found one that seemed to fit. My main problem when searching for a high-quality boot is finding one that is durable, comfortable, and sturdy. There are many different types of boots on the market that are advertised to have all of these qualities.

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When I would locate these types of boots and try them on; they did not live up to my qualifications. Finally, after days of searching for my all-time perfect boot; I had found it. The Oboz Men's Tamarack BDRY Light Hiking Shoe was beyond my expectations. The hiking shoe not only offered great durability but had offered comfort for many hours of use. They did not slow me down and had made me a true believer in this style and brand of shoe.

Comfortable Fit

The comfortable fit of the hiking shoe is due to several qualities. The shape of the shoe forms to the contour of the foot. It is like a sponge that your foot forms to when it is worn. This makes the shoe have long term comfort. This type of shoe offers great support and solid endurance for the feet. The front of the shoe is designed with a wider foot area and it helps keep the toes from crunching up and cramping. This feature makes it great for uphill walking and hiking.

Durability Structure

The hiking shoe has great durability and has not let me down on the type of climbing journey. They are light weight which makes it easier to walk for long hours at a time but withstands any type of weather that can come about. This type of shoe has waterproof coverage. Not only does it hold up to the durability that I need but it keeps my feet dry at all times. The sole holds to the trails very nicely. It keeps the feet from sliding or slipping on mud and slick surfaces.

Any Type of Terrain

The Oboz Men's Tamarack hiking shoe holds up remarkably on any type of terrain that you are on. I have used these shoes for mountain climbing, hiking, off-road adventures, and on muddy a hill climb. These shoes have not let me down and can withstand any type of terrain that you will come across. The tread on the bottom of the shoe sticks to the ground like a suction cup. It will keep you in place in many situations; even when climbing up rocky paths.

High-Quality Protection

Quality and protection are very important when finding the perfect hiking shoe. The Oboz Men's Tamarack hiking shoe offers that and more. It has a rubber area that covers the area of the toes. This helps to keep the shoes lasting longer and is great when climbing uphill sides. It gives your feet a strong support from slipping and falling up or down treacherous terrain. The material of the shoe is constructed to hold up through more than normal wear and tear. It has lasted longer than any other type of hiking shoe that I have bought.


  • The shoes are made of leather material
  • These hiking shoes are made in the U.S.A.
  • They are easy to put on and lace up
  • The inside of shoe tongue has a padded material
  • They tread of the shoe is thick and offers support
  • They are waterproof
  • The shoes reduce sliding
  • A firm grip on the terrain and mud to keep from falling


  • The hiking shoes are very durable and fit comfortably.
  • They last longer than most hiking shoes and offer excellent support.
  • These shoes stick to the ground when walking in the mud, and up hills.
  • They look nice and keep the feet dry while walking in wet grass.
  • When walking for miles on trails they hold up remarkably.ros


  • The sizes of the hiking shoes are not as accurate as normal shoe sizing.
  • A customer had bought a pair of the hiking boots and they did not hold up long being worn in a lumberyard.
  • The return on these boots are more difficult and there are some loops to go through first.


  • Q: A customer asked if the size in Oboz Men's Tamarack hiking shoes is a half size bigger than normal shoe size?
  • A: The answer is yes, normally customers need to purchase a half size bigger than normal shoe size.
  • Q: Does the Targhee II have a foot-bed that is removable to be able to replace with orthopedics?
  • A: Yes, the foot bed in the hiking shoe is removable. The foot-bed can be replaced with other types for convenience such as orthopedic.
  • Q: Can these shoes be a good choice for snow?
  • A: These hiking shoes are excellent in snow and ice. They are waterproof and have good traction in ice and snow.

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The hiking shoe is made for a great fit. It offers comfortable durability and can hold the ground when walking on slippery terrain. The shoes are lightweight and are made to withstand dampness and water. The leather material makes these shoes easy to clean and maintain. The bottom of the shoes will stick to the ground and can last for a long time with normal daily use. They are great for walking on trails, climbing up hills, and maneuvering on rocks. If you're curious about any other questions concerning the light hiking shoes; you can check out the reviews and guide.

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