What to Look for in a Recumbent Exercise Bike

Of course, not all recumbent exercise bikes are manufactured equally. Each product basically has its own good and bad sides, but you can be a smart buyer if you really know what features to look for in a recumbent exercise bike.

1. Safety

Before you are looking for other features, the safety aspects should be the first things to put into the account. The bike is indeed designed to stay in its place even when you are pedaling, but it still has many moving parts such as the chain. It is important to make sure that you purchase a recumbent bike that safely covers the chain to avoid accidental injuries in case something goes wrong with the chain or when children are playing near the bike.

2. Display

There is usually a screen that displays heart rate, calories burned, revolutions per minute, weight resistance level, or other indicators. In some cases, those indicators are very important to prevent you from doing too heavy exercise. Please make sure that the screen displays clear numbers and is very easily readable under both dim and bright conditions. A clear display also makes it easier for you to check your progress, training time, and more information.

3. Heart-rate monitor

Although you can buy a stand-alone heart-rate monitor, a built-in one should be more convenient. Also, you will not have to wear a chest strap heart-rate monitor anytime you want to exercise on the bike. If it has this feature, the control should allow you to access it easily. Furthermore, if this is a built-in feature, you will not have to spend more money to make another purchase.

4. Programming

There should be some buttons located around the screen for you to control or adjust some options. You should be able to easily adjust the weight resistance suitable for your training routine. Adjustable tension level is helpful to keep you improving. As your muscle strength grows stronger, simply adds the tension level. Depending on the available features, you probably can adjust many other aspects of the training as well.

5. Resistance

An adjustable resistance level is a must. Some exercise bikes allow you to control it electronically, but other may require manual adjustment. The most important thing is that the bike allows you to adjust your training intensity, either by electronic or manual control.

6. Customer Reviews

Similar to purchasing any product, you need to read customers’ testimonials about any particular recumbent exercise bike you want to buy. Customers’ reviews are generally honest testimonials written to inform other buyers. Unlike product description has been written by manufacturers, reviews usually list both good and bad aspects. If a product receives too many negative reviews, you probably have to avoid it.

7. Warranty

In addition to the aforementioned features, it is best to purchase an exercise bike that offers long warranty coverage. A fully-featured exercise bike is excellent, but it does not usually come cheap. You will want the bike to be fully functional and stay in its perfect shape for a long period. Some manufacturers give a specific warranty period for frame, labor, mechanical parts, and electrical parts. The length of warranty can be different from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you can always check it on the product details before purchasing.


  • Updated March 20, 2020
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