Scarpa Women’s Moraine Mid GTX Hiking Shoe Reviews

You probably love the outdoors but your free time is limited. You then need to invest in hiking shoes that are great and durable but will also address your light hiking needs. The Scarpa Women's Moraine Mid GTX Hiking Shoe will help meet your key objectives. They will allow you to make the best of every moment you are out. This is because these hiking shoes are strong yet flexible, waterproof, as well as comfortable so you do not have to strain your feet. They are also breathable so your feet enjoy a cool and dry environment even when the weather is hot and the terrain is ensuring you are breaking a sweat.

Scarpa Women's Moraine Mid GTX Hiking Shoe

How to Choose Scarpa Women's Moraine Mid GTX Hiking Shoe

Functionality and performance

The Scarpa Women's Moraine Mid GTX Hiking Shoe is highly recommended for use with light hikers. This will meet your ideal needs and specifications. As long as they are used within their capacity, you will enjoy its benefits in the long-term. In reference to performance, you are bound to benefit from its waterproof feature. This aims at leaving the moisture out so your feet remain cool. It is evident that the Scarpa Women's Moraine Mid GTX Hiking Shoe delivers on functionality and performance to help meet the needs and likes or light hikers.

Durability and breathability

In an effort to boost breathability, this pair of hiking shoes is designed to keep your feet dry so that even when the environment is hot, you remain cool which plays a key role in preventing blisters. In reference to durability, it features strong materials that are also recycled so you do not waste them away after you feel like they have served their purpose. The materials are also easy to maintain and clean after use. The rubber sole is also durable as well as flexible.

Comfort and flexibility

With the Gore-Tex lining fabric, you will enjoy added comfort to sustain you through your sessions without feeling as if you are straining your feet. In this, you do not have to worry about undesired fatigue and even after you hike, the first thing you will not think of is removing them. It is not stiff thus ensuring that your feet remain flexible. The padding is not too much so that you do not feel choked but it is adequate to provide the right cushioning for your feet.

Overall design, appearance, and fit

It is evident that every woman would want to look deeper into a shoe's features only if it attracts her eye. This is not a problem with the Scarpa Women's Moraine Mid GTX Hiking Shoe thanks to its compact and beautiful design. Its overall design is compact and when going hiking on shorter trails, you can easily carry along light luggage as well. They offer a great fit and with the help of its lace closure, you can adjust it to your preference.

Key Features

  • They feature a structured toe and rand to provided added protection
  • It features a Gore-Tex membrane for added warmth and retains dryness
  • They are made with leather upper material and a synthetic sole for durability
  • Comes with a dual density compression moulded EVA midsole to help boost comfort
  • They are waterproof to help use on wet terrains
  • They feature a polyester mesh lining to boost breathability



  • They are very comfortable with a soft midsole
  • They are breathable thus keeping your feet dry and cool
  • They are waterproof which allows you to hike during different weather situations
    They offer great ankle support
  • They are durable thanks to their leather upper material and synthetic sole
  • It boosts versatility as you can use it in varying terrains such as the hills, mountains, or on level ground.
  • They offer great ankle support
  • For those with slimmer toes, you may feel a lot of roomy fit around the toe box though this does not affect its functionality.


  • Question 1. Are these shoes waterproof?
  • Answer: Yes, they are but the amount of water matters. However, they are not to be left in in pools of water, as they will not withstand.
  • Question 2. Is the shank stiff?
  • Answer: This pair of hiking shoe is light in weight and relatively flexible. However, they are firm to allow you get through varying terrains.
  • Question 3. Are they ideal for heavy frequent hiking?
  • Answer: These shoes are not great for heavy and frequent hiking. They are ideally designed to meet the needs and preferences of the light hiker.

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Final verdict

Looking at the Scarpa Women's Moraine Mid GTX Hiking Shoe, it is great for light hiking women. While they meet their purpose, you can also be sure that they will complement the rest of your hiking gear. You do not have to compromise on quality simply because your schedule will not allow you hike frequently. They are also strong and durable to help serve you in the long-term. You do not have to worry about fit because the lace closure makes it possible for you to adjust when need is thus also boosting comfort. Go ahead and try the Scarpa Moraine Mid GTX Women’s Hiking Shoe.

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