Things you need to know before buying exercise bike

First thing when you're looking for the best exercise bike in the market is quality and benefit from them. Before buying Exercise Bike you need to know specification, How it work, How it's functionality, How it adjustability. Every people need the best result from them, they must help to burn calories and help improve your fitness health. That is the core things we need from exercise bike workout or stationary bike. As you know not every exercise bike is suited for everyone. You need to know which exercise bike is appropriate for you. Let’s look at buying guides below to help you better understand which exercise bike are you needed for your exercise equipment.

buying exercise bike

Things you should consider before buying exercise bike

How many money do you have to spend?

This is the most important things you need to know exactly before buying exercise bike because of your budget, it will determine your exercise bike look like and which type and feature will you get from your exercise bike. As you know the more you spend, the more you will get from if your budget is low or you use sit alone, It does not have to buy expensive but if you have many riders use it together. You have to consider buying an expensive bike, the more you spend you will receive more feature, more durable and more quality.

Which type of exercise bike you prefer?

Nowadays there are many types of exercise bike but the most popular are there three type. First, is upright exercise bike second is recumbent bike and the last is spinner bike. When you chose which type is you prefer, you must think about your style of workout and your safety first.

Upright Exercise Bike: This bike is like an old traditional outdoor bike. The rider will sit on the small seat above the pedals and the hand position is in front of you like a normal outdoor bike. This is the most popular exercise bike in the market now.

Recumbent Exercise Bike: This bike is designed for who do have a back pain problem or has more weight because it has more seat and padding space than other exercise bikes. It more comfortable with the extension of legs and helps to relieve the tension of your joints. Here you can also find my top 10 best recumbent bike reviews.

Spinner Exercise Bike: This bike is built for professional and advanced riders. Spinner bike is designed like a road bike. The seat is higher than other exercise bike and the handlebar is lower than the seat and you can adjustable seat position.

Space and Size of Exercise Bike

How many spaces and how many sizes of exercise bike you will buy and place in your home. It is important to know the space and size before buy because maybe you have a little space you need to buy a small or portable exercise bike that you can move around your home for a ride.

Stability of exercise bike (you must test before you buy)

When you are riding an exercise bike, the bike should not shake or wobble. You should know the more weight of bike the more stable you will get from. But it should not be more weight that you cannot move it. Some bike has built-in wheel system like pro scooters that helps you easily move exercise bike around.

The Warranty 

The exercise bike you buy should have a warranty at least one year, including labor. Labor warranty is important because most manufacturers normally guaranty all bikes’ part but the labor is not. But if you have labor warranty you will get the service from a technician at your home and you don’t repair your exercise bike by yourself.

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