BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

If you are in the market for a durable and reliable stroller for your child, then the BOB Revolution SE single stroller may be your best bet. It has basic components and features that will meet your high standards, so you will never have to worry about your little one’s safety and comfort while in the stroller. Read along this BOB Revolution SE single stroller review to learn more about key features of this product.

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller


The BOB Revolution SE single stroller is among the most powerful and sturdy strollers you can find in the market. It is suitable for babies about 8 weeks old and kids who do not exceed 70 pounds. Parents of young kids can also use this amazing stroller to jog or run around the park and other trails designated for jogging. Indeed, this product is just what you need to keep your kids comfortable for longer hours while you continue doing your regular tasks conveniently. With its intuitive features and benefits, you can expect total satisfaction and no regrets in buying this product for your little one.

Features and Benefits of the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

One of the best things about the stroller is its ultra strong and manoeuvrable wheel in front. This wheel is considered as the most significant part of the stroller since it affects the simplicity and ease in turning the stroller around or keeping it stable as you jog. In addition to the outstanding front wheel portion of this stroller, it has a remarkable rear wheel system that lets you experience hassle-free movement mechanism for the baby stroller. Hence, you can expect the finest pair of rear wheels that allow you to roll the stroller effortlessly over a number of surfaces.

What’s more, it comes with a lock-off feature for the front wheel to allow its smooth movement in a forward direction. This means you can expect the stroller’s stability even when you jog over rough and challenging terrains. When you need to go on a terrain that is flat, or you opt to jog around areas that are a bit rough, then this brilliant wheeling system is just what you need.

Lightweight Frame and Superb Suspension System

The stroller’s frame is an essential part because it serves as the skeleton, which holds everything that makes up this product. Moreover, it comes with the finest suspension system that works by absorbing that amount of force caused by humps and bumps as you run.

In addition to these features, the frame is made of durable and lightweight aluminium frame. You can easily fold or unfolded the stroller in a few steps, just the way you need it. Thus, you will never encounter any problems when using or storing this stroller.

As for the shock absorbers, this product offers remarkable features such as the five-point harness that are padded and fastened for total comfort. Your kids can stay protected and at ease as you give them a relaxing ride each time you workout and jog.


  • Front Wheel Pivots Fully for Easy Maneuvering
  • Suspension System for Smooth Ride
  • Compact, Easy-to-Fold Frame
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Multiple Adjustment and Storage Options


  • No one-hand fold
  • No Automatic lock
  • No adjustable handle bar

Reclining Seats

The BOB Revolution single stroller comes with reclining seats that you can adjust backwards up to 70 degrees. It also features a canopy with several positions, as well as a viewing window that is large enough to allow you to check your little one once in a while.

With the stroller’s reclining seat that is stress-free to adjust, you can experience efficiency in seating your child this high-quality product. By purchasing this item, you can give your child the experience of being in a highly comfortable and safe stroller no matter what the conditions are.

Further Details About the Stroller

There are several other features and components that you will like about the stroller such as a seat-back pocket, two interior pockets, and an extra hanging basket found underneath for storing any items as you roll the stroller around.

The item is also available in various colour options that let you express your personal style in choosing the right one that meets your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this product is an outstanding investment for parents who have babies and toddlers. The stroller is easy to manoeuvre because of its high-tech wheeling system, and your child remains safe with the help of the reliable suspension and harness system. Lastly, the product comes with a durable and lightweight frame that adds to the convenience in bringing along this product on your trips.

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