Best Umbrella Stroller Reviews For Toddler & Infant 2016

Umbrella Strollers are a “must have” item for most parents, not only do they free up the hands of a frazzled adult, but they provide a safe, comfortable spot for curious little ones. The light weight, easily folding designs of umbrella strollers make them among the most convenient item to bring along in a trunk. On any given day, you will see sidewalks, stores, amusement parks, and playgrounds swarming with these compact little means of transportation for families. Though they are usually a frugal option compared to heavy duty off-roading strollers, you must consider the quality of your purchase when deciding which is one the best umbrella stroller.

best umbrella stroller

How to Choose the Best Umbrella Stroller

The simplicity of these strollers makes it easy to avoid research, however for the safety of your children, and sanity of your spouses, you must consider certain points.


Umbrella Strollers that recline fully are considered a safe option for newborns and babies who are still not at the age of mobility. The umbrella strollers that only offer a seated position are for toddlers, and often aren’t recommended to those under 4 years of age. Brakes are important because the liglightweight structure of the stroller allows it to roll away easily. Straps should always be included, fitted appropriately and soft. Check more best lightweight stroller


You’re buying an umbrella stroller because you need something you can pick up and go with, right? Some best umbrella stroller focuses on the weight but can still be too big. Consider the space you will need to store it, for example, if you have a small vehicle or need to bring it along on a bus ride, make sure it fits those spaces. To the contrary, don’t make the mistake of buying a stroller that is too small, you may be looking for one that meets the size for your infant and your toddler, or possibly your child is already tall for their age. Pay attention to weight limits, the length of your child and the height of the stroller before making your purchase. When you get the right size, a good umbrella stroller can last you from infancy to preschool age.


Take a look at your lifestyle and think about the versatility you’ll require to get the most use out of the stroller. It’s a myth that umbrella strollers always come with a canopy to shade the sun; they’re named umbrella strollers because the handles are usually “J” shaped like an umbrella, not because they have covered. To get started, ask yourself these questions:


This is a question many people don’t ask themselves when buying a stroller, how much will we be using it? This is one of the most important factors in your investment. If you will be using the stroller every single day, it’s wise to think about all the average and unexpected places it will go, research the life expectancy of it, and spring for some of the “extra” conveniences, like a spot for your cell phone. If this stroller is strictly for a trip to a theme park, a cheaper option with extra storage may be your winner.


Brakes get a separate section than safety because this isn’t just about the safety involved, it’s about how easily you can throw the brakes on or release them. My friend recently flew to Disney with her 3-year-old and rented a stroller through Disney; this was convenient until it came to the brakes factor. She had to manually put the brakes off and on with her hand, and it was located half way down the stroller. She was used to a foot break she can easily kick, so this was wildly annoying and difficult compared to what she prefers. 

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Let’s see How the Top Contenders Compare

ZOE XL1 Xtra Lightweight Travel & Everyday Best Umbrella Stroller System (Yellow)


Do 9 pounds sound pretty convenient? If you’re used to lugging around a 20-pound baby and a 10-pound diaper bag, then the weight of the ZOE XL1 umbrella stroller can be a walk in the park for you. The sleek design and classic appearance of this stroller make it a high demand item at most stroller retailers.


This stroller holds two major titles of safety including the JPMA certification and baby safety zone approval. The JPMA Certification means the stroller has met all testing requirements done by the United States. The Baby Safety Zone approval is one that considers the feedback of real consumers, parents and caregivers. Not only did this stroller pass the tests but it was equally raved about for its design.


The ZOE XL1 is versatile as it can recline for younger children or sleeping kids, and sit upright for the older toddlers. As discussed in the safety portion, this will last through multiple stages of childhood and remain age appropriate. The bar handle makes steering this stroller much easier than having the standard umbrella stroller separated handles, with a bar, you can rest your arm. Unfolding is easy with a one latch system. A full canopy covers every angle of your child’s face, protecting them from the sun.


ZOE is a trusted brand name in the world of reliable childhood products, but it is known for its style as well. The stroller itself has some noticeable appearance differences, like a smaller kick pad for the child and a ribbed seat backing. The canopy extends far beyond normal stroller shades which make it fashion forward and covered.

The travel purpose of this stroller makes it unique and well thought out for the average busy parents who are on-the-go a majority of the time. It is designed for both the children and their caretakers in mind, making it comfortable and simple without complications.


  • The details are designed for travel convenience which makes it stand apart from other basic models; it was made to be the perfect stroller to get through a busy airport and on a flight.
  • Clip-on accessories include cup holders, a snack bowl and small tray. The removability is even better.
  • There’s a convenient cover included to put on when the stroller is folded.


  • If you want to use the snap on cup holders and snack tray you must remove the restraint bar in front of the child.
  • There is not a large tray area for the child to keep items.
  • It is a bit too big to fit as a carry-on item at an airport.

SUMMER INFANT 3Dlite Convenience Best Umbrella Stroller

best umbrella stroller

Another award-winning stroller, with convenience and weight being the top priority. The Summer Infant 3Dlite is considered a “Best Buy” item from consumer’s digest, among two other top reigning titles. The aluminium metal frame and black fabric make it as stylish as it is sleek.


An oversized storage section below the seat is considered “Extra Large” for carrying accessories and bags. The canopy is removable by unclipping, so it can easily be unattached if you aren’t using it. An additional rear storage pouch close to your hands keeps personal items such as keys, and wallet safe and out of sight.


This stroller runs at 11 pounds; the weight is considered light due to the additional features it has. An aluminium frame makes up most of the weight; aluminium is dense. However, it is also among the most durable and rugged materials that can be used on a stroller.


The Summer Infant 3Dlite stroller is larger but includes an option to recline or sit up; this makes it suitable for babies and even school aged children. Each wheel is a double wheel, totalling eight wheels which mean it’s a bit larger when folded up but also drives more smoothly.

The Summer Infant 3Dlite convenience stroller has a basic umbrella stroller feel, but a few inconveniences for the pickup and go, families. The lack of an adult cup holder makes storage within reach impossible. The pricing is in the middle ground but lacking on key features.


  • A strap to carry this on your shoulder when it’s folded makes it even easier to tote around.
  • The seat is considered large for growing kids and has soft, 5-point safety straps.
  • The strong materials, including aluminium, makes it durable and easy to clean.


  • At 11 to 12 pounds, this is heavier than some umbrella strollers.
  • Two umbrella handles make steering and storage a bit more complicated.
  • With so many wheels, you are at more risk of needing maintenance or replacement of one.

Kolcraft Cloud Best Umbrella Stroller (Scarlet Red)

best umbrella stroller

This basic beauty has great ratings and a classic, gender-neutral appearance. Among the three strollers we’re looking at, it has the lowest price. At right over 11 pounds, it is not the lightest, but also not as bulky as some of the others on the market.


The climate control fabric roll-up portion of the Kolcraft allows it to circulate air better and even puts a headrest in place for the child. With high temperatures, children who are strapped into a stroller often experience sweating and stickiness, the climate control detail makes this unique.


360-degree turns make the spinning, and tight corners easily manoeuvrable. The umbrella shaped handles are turned inward to mimic a more natural human hold, for your comfort. Double wheels contribute to smooth rides even in rough terrain. The size is smaller than most for easy storage.


The color of the stroller is perfect for boys or girls, making it a stroller you can pass down or reuse with each child. The additional leg support strap makes it appear more sturdy and solid than traditional umbrella strollers, and a shallow storage compartment gives it a sporty feel.

For the price, the Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller is a bargain. If you’re looking for more durability and storage options, this stroller is not a good fit. One click opening and folding is simple for a busy parent with their hands full.


  • With a wide range of unisex colors it stylish and sporty while appealing to a variety of people.
  • It’s a no fuss design for a minimalistic lifestyle, nothing but the bare essentials.
  • Climate control is a very valuable feature, and not many strollers have that option.


  • The stroller is too basic for most people; it is not an everyday use style.
  • Storage is minimal, not suitable for most families who are packing snacks, drinks, etc.
  • There are not enough cup holders, and there are no trays.

The Bottom Line

When comparing each of these to determine which is the best umbrella stroller, one clearly exceeds expectations above the rest. The ZOE XL1 Xtra Lightweight Travel & Everyday Umbrella stroller system has everything most of us are searching for. You can’t beat the weight, at only 9 pounds, making it just 2 pounds above the lightest stroller on the market today. The award-winning structure blows safety questioning out of the water, not only does it meet the strict United States safety requirements, but real people, like you and I, agree with the safety features. The extended canopy and adult armrest are truly the cherry on top of this amazing piece making it the best umbrella stroller for nearly all lifestyles. Read more about best double stroller