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Don't you agree it is hard to travel with small children? Especially with a child still in a stroller. My toddler wants to walk while my infant needs to be secure and comfortable in his stroller. I wish I had a lightweight stroller that didn't take up so much room in the trunk of my car.

I need a stroller that is easy to maneuver. I need to be able to move it along quickly being that I am traveling with a toddler as well as a baby. 

The stroller must have enough storage space yet still be safe for my little one. Most of all, I need a stroller that I can travel with. I fly constantly for work and take my kids with me most of the time. Finally, I found the perfect stroller, the Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller. This stroller is truly the best travel companion I have ever had.

How to choose Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Folding System

This Stroller has an easy two-step fold system. Press two buttons and it folds simply in two steps. The sun hood drops, you rip the middle frame and fold the Nano down. The frame then automatically locks. It is now easy to store and has easy portability. It weighs only 13 pounds so it's exceptionally lightweight. Plus, it comes with its very own custom fit satchel. The satchel has an exposed handle or you can pull the shoulder strap through to easily take it wherever you go.

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Smooth Ride

The Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller is engineered to evenly distribute the weight of the stroller enabling it to have enhanced performance possible. The curb pop technology allows you to easily tilt the stroller back to go over curbs and not slow you down or make the baby be unsafe It has a 30% deeper incline than the original Nano and uses ultra slim line wheels ensuring that the stroller ride is easier to maneuver and overcome obstacles. Allowing you and your child to have the safest smoothest ride ever.

Infant Approved

Nano is made to accommodate any infant car seat with the belt style adaptors. Your baby's car seat will securely lock into the frame and seat. The sunroof provides more protection than ever so your baby will not have to deal with harsh sun rays and also includes a flip out sun visor for even more protection. Separately you can purchase a soft shell cocoon carry out so your newborn can lie flat and stretch out getting the rest and relaxation a new baby needs.

Travel Ready

Due to Nano's two-step folding system. When the Nano stroller is folding, compact, in its own satchel you can travel anywhere. Once int its ultimate travel form, it can easily store in overhead carry-on compartments on a plane so you can take the Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller with you as you and your family travel around the world. With the infant safety innovations, there is truly nowhere that this stroller can't go. Easy to push and maneuver, you can virtually travel anywhere.


  • The seat is adjustable to recline and sit upright.
  • The Nano is designed to “pop” up, making it easy to push over curbs and such.
  • The sun canopy is large to completely shield the child from the sun.
  • Stroller accommodates any infant car seat.
  • Two step folding system with carry satchel and handle for easy to storage and portability.



  • The seat reclines.
  • Small enough to take onboard the plane so no waiting for the stroller.

  • A very large sun canopy.

  • It is sturdy and safe.
  • Can easily be pushed with one hand.

  • The wheels can be replaced if they wear down.

  • No cup holders.
  • No basket or compartment near the handle bars.
  • Needs to have mores places for storage.

  • You can’t fold it one handed, you have to put your child down to fold the stroller up.


  • Are both the front and back wheels able to be removed?
  • Yes, the front wheels are easy to remove. The back wheels do come off. Although, it is harder because the buttons you have to push are recessed.
  • Is the footrest adjustable?
  • Yes, the footrest can be adjusted and be moved up more to make nap time even more comfortable for you little one.
  • What’s the difference between this Nano and the original Nano stroller?
  • First, the sunroof was mesh before and now it’s solid. It also extends more, enabling the visor to completely shield your child. Plus, the wheels are slimmer allowing for easier storage and an overall smaller footprint.

Final Verdict

The Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller is overall the best stroller for traveling or a parent and child constantly on the move. The Nano is simple and fast to fold up making it easy to take with you anywhere. Add the lightweight and the carrying satchel this is the ultimate travel stroller. It accommodates newborns and children with the sun visor, adjustable seat, and footrest. Plus, you can buy a cocoon bassinet separately to make it perfect for a newborn. For parents who love to stay moving, the Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller is the perfect stroller for you.


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