Maclaren Techno XT Stroller Review

With several brands and models of baby strollers out in the market, it can be difficult to pick one. While it gets easier to pick one as your baby grows, it is a bigger challenge when you have to select one for your newborn baby. This is because they come with so many different features and specifications.

 The Maclaren Techno XT Stroller is providing the ideal solution for parents looking for strollers that will help from right from when the baby is newborn.

 It meets on comfort, versatility, strength and offers a sturdy platform. In addition it comes with added benefits to ensure it protects your baby while at the same time makes it easier for parents to clean it.

How to Choose Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

Newborn safety system

Nothing beats safety when you are looking for a baby product. This is because babies, especially newborns are fragile and sensitive. With its newborn safety system, it comes with a protective head and foot barrier that plays the role of embracing newborns.

In addition, it lies in a flat position making it the ultimate position for the comfort of your baby. This safety system makes it possible for you to use it with your newborn without exposing them to the risk of exposing him or her to ailments or aches.

Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

Comfortable fully recline multi-position seat

This stroller grows with your baby as it has the ability to fully recline with the ability to make other necessary adjustments. This also helps to accommodate different positions for the comfort of your baby when you are on the move. While you can make the necessary adjustments, many parents worry about hitting themselves. This is addressed with the attached shoulder pads that provide adequate reinforcement. As the baby grows, you can also adjust the leg rest.

Height adjustable handles and four wheel suspension

In an effort to boost comfort and suit different individual preferences, it comes with height adjustable hands. This is an advantage for parents and guardians as they can make them taller. In reference to boosting your baby’s effort, it comes with four-wheel suspension, which makes the ride smooth and balanced. With a smoother ride comes a better experience for your baby. To meet this objective, alloy style wheels that boost maneuverability couples this in addition to the self-aligning front swivel.

Extendable sun visor with UPF +50 and waterproof hood

Depending on the surrounding environment, you can easily make the right hood adjustments to keep your baby comfortable. The hood is extendable so you can pull it all the way or leave some space so your baby can view the rest of the world. The hood comes with a UPF of +50 to help protect your baby from the harsh ultra violet rays from the sun. In addition, it is also waterproof preventing water from sipping through and reaching your baby.


  • It has a fully recline multi-position and machine washable seat
  • It has an extendable leg rest with height adjustable handles
  • It has a UPF of +50 hood to block UV rays
  • It comes with an added shopping basket to allow you shop with ease
  • It comes with an extendable sun visor accompanied by a tilting hood to protect your baby
  • It features a wind-resistant rain cover
  • Pros


    • t is strong, durable, and sturdy thanks to its construction.
    • It is comfortable for both baby (adequately padded) and guardian (ability to adjust handle height
    • t protects baby from harmful UV rays.
    • It allows for a smooth ride.

    • It easily folds when it is not in use.
    • Its hood is waterproof allowing you to use it in different conditions.

    • It would be amazing if it came with toys or accessories to keep your baby busy.
    • After folding it, the wheels and canopy touch which ends up dirtying the canopy.


    • Q: What is the weight capacity of this stroller?
    • A: Babies of up to 55 pounds can efficiently use this baby stroller without straining it.
    • Q: Can I use this stroller with my newborn baby?
    • A: Yes you can. With its ability to fully recline, your newborn will remain comfortable while eliminating the risk of affecting him or her negatively. This ensures that he or she does not seat upright before it is time.
    • Q: I live in a very sunny area. Is this baby stroller ideal for use here?
    • A: This stroller features a UPF +50 hood to help protect your baby from the harsh ultra violet rays especially since their skin is still very sensitive.

    Final Verdict

    If you are looking for a reliable and efficient baby stroller that will serve the purpose with your newborn, the Maclaren Techno XT Stroller is a great option. Not only does it meet on functionality but it also provides adequate provision for you to carry along some baby stuff in its attached basket. This makes it convenient for both parent and baby. Because babies can be messy, this stroller is easy to clean after. The brand also ensures that your baby’s skin is protected from the harsh ultra violet rays. When it is not in use, it folds up easily for easy storage. It is therefore and all-rounded stroller to meet your objectives for younger babies.

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