Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

Are you planning to begin jogging after months of taking care of your baby? Do you want to spend time with your baby as you take a walk or a run in the park?

The Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller is the perfect companion for any parent who is planning to jog or walk in the park with the baby close by. It is packed with the latest innovative features which makes your sporting experience a hoot.

The design allows the baby to enjoy nature and attractions on the selected track. From the beach to the park and the zoo, the Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller can travel in congested areas as well as tight corners. Thanks to the stroller, a parent can finally have the much needed exercise after spending months in the house taking care of the baby or at work earning an income to provide for the family.

Here are the Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller features you need to know about

Front swiveling wheel

It is common for joggers or runners to pass through the neighborhood side walk ending up in the park, passing through the town if possible and finally arriving home. The sidewalks and other road surfaces are made with cobble stones or concrete. To ensure better control, the unit is fitted with a swiveling front wheel. This makes it easy to maneuver in tight corners.

Suspension system

It is important to secure your child when jogging or walking with the stroller. This helps to ensure your baby is safe during the small stroller trip. The unit comes with an adjustable suspension system. This provides the baby with an exceptional smooth ride. It has two position shock absorbers designed for comfort and reliability.

Compact and easy to fold frame

The stroller is designed with a strong two step folding aluminum alloy frame for easy transportation especially for busy parents and caregivers. The lightweight frame is engineered to fold down into a compact size making it perfect to store and transport. It is fitted with a durable fabric that is easy to clean, stain resistant and is available in a wide range of colors.

Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller

Several adjustment options

As a parent, it is important to ensure that your baby has a smooth ride all the way. It is common for parents to pass over different surfaces for example concrete, cobble stones and grass. These surfaces are characterized by small bumps and cracks. When the wheels pass over, it would result into a bumpy ride. To eliminate this, the manufacturer has added a padded and adjustable reclining seat. It tilts backs up to 70 degrees. It also includes a multi position canopy for added protection against weather elements.


  • Front swiveling wheel
  • Three-wheeled design
  • Multi position canopy
  • Strong aluminum alloy frame
  • Reclining padded seat.
  • Pros


    • t has a three wheel design with a front swiveling wheel which is perfect for controlling in tight corners.
    • It is designed with an adjustable suspension system with two position shock absorbers designed for comfort and reliability.
    • Has a compact easy to fold frame made with a strong aluminum frame. This makes the stroller easy to fold thus saving space during transportation or storage.
    • Its backed by a limited 5 year warranty for the frame. A one year limited warranty is available for small parts and the fabric.

    • Has a multi position canopy beneficial to the baby as they are protected from weather elements during the ride.

    •  While the stroller comes with a multi adjustable canopy, the fabric is not highly waterproof.
    • It is very expensive compared with other models.
    • No accessories are included which means you will have to spend money.


    • Q: How much does the Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller weigh?
    • A: Thanks to the strong aluminum alloy frame, the unit weighs 25 pounds.
    • Q: For whom is the stroller designed?
    • A: The stroller is targeted towards the female gender.
    • Q: How much weight can the stroller support?
    • A: The recommended maximum weight the stroller can support is 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms).

    Final Verdict

    As a parent, it is important to spend more time with your baby not only indoors but outdoors too. Thanks to modern innovation, strollers are available that allow you to take long walks or a jog with your baby close by. To ensure comfort and safety, the stroller is fitted with a strong aluminum alloy frame, adjustable suspension system, reclining padded seat and a three-wheel design with swiveling front wheel. Looking for a high quality stroller that assures you of safety? I highly recommend the Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller.

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