Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight Stroller Review

Are you searching for a lightweight stroller that is packed with advanced features perfect for a jog or long walk with your baby? Are you a busy parent looking for a compact and easy to fold stroller perfect for storage during transportation?

Taking a stroll in the neighborhood or in the park provides a great opportunity for you and your baby to soak up the much needed Vitamin D from the rays of the sun. 

Furthermore, it provides a perfect moment for you and the baby to sight see and bond more. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight Stroller is designed to be traveler friendly thanks to the lightweight frame it is engineered with. It has an ultra compact mode perfect for traveling busy parents or caregivers.

How to Choose Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight Stroller

5 point safety harness

When controlling the stroller, it is common to encounter bumps, grass and cracks on the roads and in the park. This can result in a bumpy ride knocking the baby from side to side. To prevent injuries, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight Stroller has been fitted with a 5 point safety harness. This is designed to hold the baby in place ensuring a comfortable and safety ride at all times.

Parent and child tray

During a long walk or a jog, it is important to stay hydrated. The stroller comes with a parent tray located close to the handle bar. It is designed to hold two bottles of water separately. You can also have one holder hold a bottle of water while the other a smoothie bottle. The baby is not left out. The stroller has a child tray that can hold snacks and drinks for the baby to enjoy during the outdoor ride.

Multi position reclining seat

The ultimate goal for any parent during an outdoor walk is to keep the baby comfortable and safe. Apart from the 5 point safety harness, the stroller is engineered with a multi position reclining seat. This helps to keep the baby in place assuring the parent of safety. Imagine braking suddenly when jogging in the park or the side walk. Without the safety features i.e. multi position reclining seat, your baby would be thrown off the stroller.

Expandable canopy visor

While the rays of the sun provide the much needed Vitamin D for the parents and the baby, there are times it can be dangerous. This is the same with other weather elements like the rain and wind. Exposure to rain will not only result in your baby being soaked wet, it could result in a cold and other infections. The expandable canopy visor helps to protect the baby against weather elements.


  • Compact standing one hand fold
  • Four wheeled design
  • Multi position reclining seat
  • Expandable canopy visor
  • Parent and child tray.
  • Pros


    • It is cozy and cool. The expandable canopy visor has a peek-a-boo window that allows the parent to monitor the baby when walking. It also tucks away when not needed.
    • Has a parent and child tray. The parent tray is perfect for holding healthy drinks and water. The child’s tray is perfect for holding baby food and healthy drinks to keep the baby hydrated and satisfied
    • It has a large accessible basket designed to hold your little one’s needs.
    • Has the simple one-hand fold capability. The stroller is compact and stands after folding.

    • It is designed to have a maximum holding weight of 50 pounds (22.68 kilograms).

    • While the stroller is advertised to have a reclining seat, the feature that reclines it is a strap which can be made tight or loose.
    • The basket is open on the front allowing items to slide out.


    • Q: Is the stroller perfect for tall people?
    • A: The stroller does not come with an adjustable handle which means if you are too tall, you will have to bend a little when pushing it
    • Q: Is it perfect for traveling in a plane?
    • A: Yes, it has the compact one hand fold. At the airport, it has to be checked in by the officials and you will have it upon landing
    • Q: What is the warranty coverage?
    • A: The stroller comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

    Final Verdict

    Spending time with your baby is of utmost importance especially in the outdoors. There is so much you can experience together. You can both enjoy the sights, the birds, buildings, trees, flowers and friendly people. If you are planning an outdoor excursion with your baby, it is wise to equip yourself. With the Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight Stroller, you are assured of a comfortable and safe travel for your baby. I highly recommend the stroller to all parents.

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