Baby Jogger POD Chassis Review

Many parents want to keep their body fit. However, they will find this harder when they have infants as they cannot leave it at home alone. If you want to jog and still be closer to the baby, consider purchasing the Baby Jogger stroller POD Chassis. The product fits your needs. For the caregivers, they get different features that make it flexible. To know more read this baby jogger pod review.

Baby jogger pod review

The Features

The Baby Jogger POD Chassis comes with several features. First, it is designed using the quick fold technology. It means you will fold it down with a single step. To make it fold easily, it comes with a folding strap for securing the POD and allows easy storage.

The POD Chassis comes with an adjustable handlebar. It is an ideal feature because depending on your height, you can fold it to the perfect height you love. An additional external feature is the storage area at the back. There are small side pockets for keeping small items such as house keys.

baby jogger pod review

Though it is not a large item, it is flexible because it accommodates two kids. It is designed using 5 point adjustable harness. If a parent has two kids, it becomes more comfortable to use. In addition, it is strong to accommodate at least 100 pounds. It comes with padded bench style seats to give comfort.

Versatility is something every user needs. The POD comes with other accessories bought as extra conversion kits. The conversion kits allow customization for a client to use it during leisure walks, jogging and riding with the child. Conversion is very easy.

Additionally, you get the 20 rear wheels. They are operated by hand rear drum braking system. It allows the user to control the POD either in strolling or jogging modes.


  • The Baby jogger POD Chassis allows a parent with more than one child to jog and stroll.
  • The hand braking systems allows easy control when jogging with the kids.
  • Flexibility design that allows maneuvering.
  • Designed is a small size making storage inside the vehicle easily.
  • During hot weather, the outside covers can be removed to allow the child also enjoy the weather


  • Though perfect, you have to spend more to get extra attachments
  • The storage space, though available are not spacious enough for riders.
  • It is known that the POD Chassis is not idea for kids below on year


If you want an all in one product, go for the Baby Jogger POD Chassis. Though you can buy the other attachment kits, it becomes more flexible. The jogger allows one to jog with two kids getting good company. And finally, it is sold at a good price. 

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