Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike Review

For those not interested in programmed routines and only need a good manual riding exercise bike, then the Exerpeutic 900xl extended Capacity recumbent bike with Pulse is the best workout option for them. It is well constructed for very hard pedaling and makes up for the lack of technological features in performance and durability.

Exerpeutic 900XL

Recumbent design

The recumbent design makes this bike ideal for individuals with back injury and those that opt for more comfortable workout sessions. The design simply enables the user to keep their back upright during exercising in order to maintain comfort. The recumbent design also allows the user to easily get on and off whenever they please.


Most of everything about this bike is manual and solid except for this feature. The display is large with an easy to understand on board computer that will track your workout progress considering factors like speed, time, pulse, calories burned and the distance covered. It is a very important feature that will enable you to make the required adjustments to your workouts in order to best meet your fitness goals.

Heart rate sensors

Few recumbent exercise bikes come with built-in heart rate sensors and this bike is one of the few. It has the heart rate sensors at the handlebars. This is very useful because it will enable you to know your heart rate during workouts and will allow training while maintaining your desired heart rate. For people with health conditions maintaining the ideal heart rate while working out is very important.

Smooth Crank system and Ideal foot pedals

With a smooth torque cranking system together with a V-belt drive and a precision-balanced flywheel, the bike remains quiet even during the most intense of workouts, it also maintains consistency in performance and allows smooth pedaling motions. When working out with this bike you can also comfortably watch TV or listen to music with minimal distractions.

One of the best Recumbent Bike with unique features. The design makes it stand out from any other Recumbent Bikes available on the market." ]The 900xl bike has oversized foot pedals to ensure that there is no foot slippage. They offer a more comfortable workout experience and increased safety.

Bike dimensions

The Exerpeutic 900xl has dimensions of 22x 34 x 54 inches and will effectively carry a weight of up to 300 pounds. The bike weighs just 63 pounds, so can be moved around if required fairly easily.

Seat adjustment

The seat adjustment on the 900xl can sometimes be a bit fiddly as it tends to stick. It is a good idea to put some grease in this area while assembling the bike to make any seat adjustment smoother and easier. But with the different seating positions, you can achieve with the adjustment settings it makes the bike a good fit for people of all sizes.

Resistance and workout intensity

For the adjustment of workout intensity, the Exerpeutic 900XL comes with a magnetic resistance system. By this, one can manually adjust the distance of the magnets from the flywheel by the use of a simple hand knob.

By the fact that it has 8 levels of magnetic tension, it allows quick adjustment of workout intensities ranging from a light cycle to a more intense ride. The main and expected result of regular training with the bike will be aerobic fitness. It may also help in muscle building and weight loss while done in collaboration with a controlled feeding plan.


The 900xl comes with a warranty of three years. This shows you that the product will give you service for years without breaking down and hence assures you of its durability.


  • It’s very quiet in use.
  • Have extended leg stabilizers that are effective for preventing any unnecessary movements and thus increase stability.
  • The transport wheels make it easy to move or store the bike.
  • The smooth torque cranking system is meant to offer smooth and consistent pedaling motion.
  • It has simple and adjustable tension settings.
  • The bike comes pre-assembled and this makes it easy to setup.
  • It’s a low-cost bike as compared to other similar ranking designs.


  • It lacks workout programs found on higher ranked exercise bikes.
  • Has no shelf to hold a tablet or an MP3 player.
  • The seat adjustments can be a big hassle specifically if in use by more than one user.
  • The adjustment calls for releasing of several locking pins.


  • Heart rate monitoring panel in hand grips.
  • 8 different levels of magnetic resistance for different workout intensities.
  • Well, Padded and oversized seat cushion with backrest.
  • Comes with extended leg stabilizers to prevent unwanted movement.
  • Has a large pedal design with straps to prevent feet from slipping.
  • Has transport wheels mobility in case one wants to change position.
  • A maximum user weight of 300 pounds.
  • Computerized workout data interface that includes: distance, speed, calories burned and time.
  • Adjustable height.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the bike mobile such that I can move it from the store and back?

A: The bike is mobile and comes with wheels to allow easy movement from one place to another.

Q: My wife is 5ft tall, can she still use the bike?

A: The bike allows use for people ranging from 5ft and 3 inches to 6ft and 3 inches tall.

Q: How noisy is the bike?

A: The bike is designed to be very quiet while in use.

Final thoughts on the Exerpeutic 900XL

Despite the fact that the bike is relatively simple in design and is able to provide much fewer console functions as compared to higher rated and priced bikes, the Exerpeutic 900XL Bike still proves to be popular. This possibility has come true due to the high-quality materials used in its design and the smooth cycling motion that comes after setup. This allows the rider to keep more focused on getting the best out of the workout.

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