KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe buying Guide-Review

Hiking is becoming a sport that is gaining popularity among many people. Everyone wants to hike for different reasons and this all leads to one thing only, the kind of shoes that you will wear. Having shoes that are not only comfortable but also safe is the most important thing to consider while hiking. The kind of place that one is hiking will also determine the kind of shoe that you will pick. There are people who hike in rough terrains, others in the rain, dry ground and others in light ground. It is always good to consider the pace, as there are people who walk, others run while others jog. KEEN hiking shoes are the best to buy.

keen hiking shoes

Factors to consider while looking for best KEEN hiking shoes

There are various factors to consider while looking for best KEEN hiking shoes. They include;


The KEEN hiking shoes sell at different prices in different shops. Knowing when to buy it is also important as you can get the same pair of shoe for the same price if you decide to buy it during a clearance sale. Getting a discount is a smart idea too or buying the same shoe online can be a cheaper option.


While hiking it is very important for you to be comfortable. The KEEN hiking shoes do not hurt your feet and they support your ankle. The right fit is a must as hiking with a shoe that does not fit you could cause a medical problem. Make sure you buy the shoe yourself and fit it before going out for a hike with them. Avoid a shoe that causes you any kind of pain as this can damage your chances of ever hiking again.

Type of hike

There are long and short hikes and they require different types of hiking shoes.The good thing about the KEEN hiking shoes is that they cover all types of hikes from mountains to snowy places not forgetting beaches. winter you can use closed boots and make sure they are waterproof to avoid getting wet inside.


There are different types of construction for hiking shoes and it is important to choose the best. Look for a shoe that has the best material that will last long and withstand any kind of terrain. Materials made of leather are the best as it lasts longer than nylon. The soles should be strong as you can find yourself hiking over rocks or snow. They should be able to withstand the rocks and the snow that can wear them out in time if used for long periods.

Key Features

  • Waterproof Seal
  • Nubuck Leather and Hydrophobic mesh Lining
  • Lugged Outsole
  • Metatomical Footbed
  • Dual Density Compression Molded EVA Midsole
  • The material that makes the shoe
  • The proper fit


  • The KEEN hiking shoes protect your feet from getting hurt or avoiding bites from different insects or animals.
  • They prevent one from falling down as the soles are well built
  • They are waterproof thus protect your feet from getting wet
  • They last long and save you money from buying different types of shoes every time.
  • Easy Pull-on Heel


  • They are very expensive to buy
  • They are heavy to walk in especially in kids
  • Are difficult to run in
  • When they get water in, it is difficult to get them to dry
  • They cause the feet to sweat
  • Tighter across tops of feet
  • Soles need constant care after a year of use


  • Q. Which shoe is right for me?
  • A. Find the kind of shoe that fits you well
  • Q. What’s my budget for buying the shoes
  • A. Find out how much money you have and how much you are willing to spend to get the shoes
  • Q. Where will I go hiking
  • A. Find out the distance and exact location that you will be trekking to make sure you buy the right shoe

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The KEEN hiking shoes last for a long period and most of the customers can testify they are the best in the market. It is easy to maintain them as you can buy a cleaner and make sure to clean after every hike. The soles are made of rubber, which gives them a tight grip. They are found in Amazon and they have different designs to choose. If you want the best experience while hiking, the KEEN hiking shoes are your best choice.

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