Lowa Men’s Renegade II GTX LO Hiking Shoe review

It was my first time descending the hiking trail of the Colorado foothills and my feet were killing me. I wanted to enjoy the crisp mountain air and marvel at the elks and tundra around me, yet I couldn't stop fidgeting with the ankles of the cheap hiking shoes I had that keep blistering the skin above my heel. My Colorado vacation almost ruined, I decided that the only way fix this problem to toss those old hiking shoes away and buy a new pair. 

Finding a new replacement pair of hiking shoes proved daunting later on, as there were too many of options at my disposal to choose from. Luckily, Lowa Men's Renegade II GTX LO lightweight hiking shoes came across my radar and revealed themselves to be an attractive option.

lightweight hiking shoes

How to Choose Lowa Men's Renegade II GTX LO lightweight hiking shoes

Nubuck, PU Monowrap Frame

Using a new patented technique that works to reduce the overall weight of these shoes while still giving you plenty of stability, these hiking shoes giving you both lateral control while hiking without feeling heavy on your feet as you move. So you can walk longer distances due to the increased stability and lighter construction of these shoes.

Cushion Footbed with Comfort Perforations

Also, the ability to prevent water from seeping into your shoes is useless if trapped head creates moisture all on it's own. This extra moisture is what often causes odour and makes feet more susceptible to blistering the longer you walk. With these shoes cushioned and perforated footbed, not only are the soles of your feet cushioned from the shock of hiking, but they also have increased breathability to prevent trapped heat creating uncomfortable moisture inside.

Key Features

  • Waterproof leather Seal
  • Nubuck PU Monowrap Frame
  • Vibram Renovo Lugged Outsole
  • Cushioned and perforated Footbed for breathability


  • Breathable material
  • Supportive arch
  • Waterproof leather Gore-Tex construction
  • Lightweight
  • Removable insoles


  • Some leather seams may rip if not fitted properly and overused for long periods of time
  • Back heel cushion may slip for some if not fitted tightly
  • Lack of customer support if shoes break down


  • Q1. Are these shoes easy to lace up?
  • A1. The metal lacing hardware makes lacing these quicker than normal shoes.

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Though these shoes may not be as seamless and therefore waterproof as advertise, this is often due to them fitting too tightly and causing the seams to weaken over time. Getting these in a size slightly larger than you're used to while still providing a secure fit can prevent this type of wear and tear along with other preventative measures. Store these shoes in a dry, well-ventilated place and not using them for any type of sporting activity that can put too much strain on the seams of the soles and laces. Properly maintained, the Renegade II shoes are highly recommended.

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