Salomon Men’s X Ultra 2 GTX Hiking Shoe review and Guide

Have you ever wanted to go right from hiking to a social event with your friends because your hiking shoes look good with everything? Increasingly, more and more shoe manufacturer are recognizing how stylish hiking shoes are become as well as functional. This has lead to many hiking shoe designers to create multi-functional hiking shoes that go beyond just letting you commune with nature. They are excellent at other types of physical activity as well.

Finding a new replacement pair of hiking shoes that serve multiple purposes may prove daunting as there are tonnes of options at your disposal. Luckily, Salomon's men's X Ultra 2 GTX hiking shoe are not only excellent hiking shoes, but their multipurpose design makes them appropriate for almost any setting.

salomon hiking boots

How to choose salomon hiking boots

Multi-functional Design 

These shoes are not only excellent for hiking, as the feature listed and described below will attest, but they are available in fashionable colour designs that make them go with more items from your closet than the typical brown and grey shoe design available from most hiking shoe manufacturers. In either black/grey or a beetle green, asphalt and oxide style, they can accentuate any casual or social ensemble. And their durability and lugged outsoles make them great for grass-based sports and even mild jogging.


 One reason hiking shoes fail their owners is a severe lack of comfort. Many designers of hiking shoes are primarily concerned with shielding you from the elements or ensuring your stability over any kinds of terrain. This usually translates to increased pressure and strain on your ankles and footbed. The come with Sensifit design which provides a fitted design that fits snugly around your feet, making it much easier to hike for increasingly extended periods of time without losing your footing by providing a secure, precise fit.

2D Chassis and Lugged Outsole

The main important feature of any pair of hiking shoes is stability over rough terrain. If your outsole doesn't have enough gripping power over dirt, rocks and undergrowth, most of the energy you expend while hiking is used for stabilising your feet underneath you. This always cuts down on the distances you're able to traverse while hiking. These shoes come with a 2D chassis and aggressively lugged outsole that gives you extra grip on virtually any variety of terrain and stabilises your feet underneath you while in motion. This translates to longer hiking distances. To those for whom hiking is their primary form of exercise this is vital.

Durable Synthetic Exterior and Gore-Tex Lining

Finally, having the ability to seal out moisture is useless if the material used cannot breathe. This only encourages additional moisture to gather from trapped heat inside the shoe. Salomon has made the X Ultra 2 GTX shoes with both waterproof and durable synthetic outer material and a Gore-Tex lining that both prevents any moisture from penetrating the outside lining while allows air to flow inside and allow trapped heat to escape. It keeps feet dry and free from blisters while maintaining a regulated temperature inside.

Key Features

  • Gore-Tex Mesh Lining
  • Sensifit design
  • 2D Chassis for added stability
  • Quicklace system with plastic tightener
  • Strong Outsole


  • Breathable Gore-Tex material
  • 2D chassis adds stability while hiking over variety of terrain
  • Waterproof construction
  • Multi-functional colour availability
  • Comfortable and precise fit due to Sensifit feature


  • Plastic shoe lace tightener may lose ability to maintain desire fit after extended periods of use
  • May not fit as comfortably for those with wide feet
  • Uneven terrain while hiking may cause secure fit to be compromised


  • Q1. Are these shoes good for walking in the rain?
  • A1. Yes, they can prevent moisture from entering while having good traction over water, ice and snow.
  • Q2. Can you put in new insoles and is the foot-bed removable?
  • A2. Yes on both counts.
  • Q3. Are they easy to put on?
  • A3. The Quicklace design makes securing and removing these foots much more simplified

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Though the fitting components of these shoes may be vulnerable to wear and tear after extended use, this can easily be prevented with regular maintenance measure. Take extra care to not overburden the plastic tightener used to fit these to your feet. Other preventative measures can help to add to the life of these shoes. Such measures include storing these shoes in a dry, well-ventilated place and not using them for any type of sporting activity that can put too much strain on the seams of the soles and laces. As long as you use them primarily for hiking, these X Ultra 2 GTX salomon hiking boots should last you a good while.

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