The North Face Men’s Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoe Review and Guide

The North Face Men's Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoe is the ideal shoe for men looking to purchase a shoe that will serve them in the long-term as they enjoy what nature has to offer during hikes. While there are several pairs of shoes designed for hiking, these shoes have gained popularity among men in the market. This is because there is an ideal balance between its overall design, performance, as well as functionality. It meets all these objectives with the help of its features and design. 

Below is the North Face Men's Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoe review and guide to help you understand why these pair of shoes stands out. It also outlines its pros, cons, and benefits so you can make your ultimate choice.

North Face Men's Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoe

How to Choose North Face Men's Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoe

Comfort and breathability

With the aim of helping you to wear them over longer hours, these shoes are designed to meet the aspect of comfort. To meet this objective, they feature a full-length mid-sole. To further boost on comfort, these shoes are well ventilated to boost on breath ability. In this, they have a leather material with the addition of mesh on its upper section. This makes it ideal for use even when you plan to be on your feet in the long-term through your day’s activities.

Durability and flexibility

These shoes aim at allowing you to move with ease without damaging them. This helps to ensure that your shoes serve you in the long-term while still in good condition. To further boost on durability, the top is made from leather material whereas it features a rubber sole. The rubber sole can get through different terrains while holding with ease to boost flexibility. Lastly, its waterproof nature helps to get through different environments without damaging the shoe.

Protection and support

In an effort to help protect your feet when getting through different activities, these shoes come with a rigid snake Plate TM as well as a mid-foot shank. These ensure that your toes and the bottom of your feet protected from injury in the event you run into an uneven terrain. In addition, the front comes with a toecap that adds to its protection capabilities. In an effort to boost support when in use, they feature a leather upper mid foot support system.


In reference to the overall design, this shoe will definitely complement you. Whereas the upper section is seamless, the sole is rugged to ensure you can get through wet as well as dry terrains. It features a lace closure, which not only adds to how it appears but also helps to provide a perfect fit for different individuals. It is rather obvious that before you settle for buying a shoe, you will first like its general appearance. This pair will definitely appeal to your taste.

Key Features

  • They feature a snake plate forefoot to help protect your feet
  • It features adequate padding to help boost on comfort
  • Its upper section is waterproof to withstand different environments
  • Lace them up to fasten them for a better fit
  • It features a breathable membrane to allow for adequate ventilation


  • They can withstand different weather thus being able to take on different environments
  • They offer comfort as long as you pick the right fit
  • They are waterproof making them ideal for use at any time
  • They are ideal for both hiking and jogging making them versatile
  • They protect your feet so you can keep going over long distances


  • Avoid using them on rough terrains. While they are good for use on both hiking, jogging, or for day-to-day activities, they are not designed to serve rugged terrains such as on rocky landscapes.


  • Are they waterproof?
  • Answer: These shoes will get through the rainy weather or snow effectively. However, they are not recommended for use if you will be hiking puddles where the water is stagnant and in large quantities.
  • Can I use them in muddy grounds?
  • Answer: Yes, you can. They are safe and functional in both muddy and dirty grounds thanks to their great sole that offer great traction.
  • Are these limited to just hiking?
  • Answer: No, they are not. They can take on right about any purpose. However, they are not recommended for professional running or training, as they can be a bit heavy to catch up.

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The North Face Men's Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoe review and guide above indicate that these pair of hiking shoes delivers on comfort, durability, flexibility, as well as breath-ability. They also offer a perfect fit for different people thanks to their lace closure where different people can fasten them to their satisfaction. In addition, you can trust the source, as they are part of a trusted brand. Designed for men, these shoes speak volumes on masculinity so they can complement you. Even better, they are very affordable so you have no reason not to own the very best shoes for hiking even when you are on a budget.

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